Details for Obama White House tour on Monday emerge

November 8, 2008

WASHINGTON – President George W. Bush and wife Laura will greet their successors Barack and Michelle Obama at the South Portico of the White House at 2 p.m. EST on Monday before giving them a tour of their new home.

They will tour the White House and Bush and the president-elect will stroll over to the Oval Office along the Colonnade between the White House residence and the West Wing. Their wives will have their own private meeting in the White House Residence.

“We are gratified by the invitation. I’m sure that, in addition to taking a tour of the White House, there’s going to be a substantive conversation between myself and the president,” Obama said during his first news conference as president-elect.

Bush this week expressed his excitement at the prospect of welcoming the first African-American president elect to the White House. “It will be a stirring sight to watch President Obama, his wife, Michelle, and their beautiful girls step through the doors of the White House,” he said on Wednesday. (However the daughters Sasha and Malia are not expected on Monday.)

Both the greeting and walk will be seen by the small group of reporters, photographers and a television crew who are nearby the president at all times. No word yet on whether any of the four plan to speak to reporters during their visit.

– Photo credit: Reuters/Larry Downing (Mrs. Bush’s dog Miss Beazley walks along the White House Colonnade of the West Wing near the Oval Office of the White House.)


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Great I hope they enjoy the visit while it’s still the honeymoon period. They are going to take over a mess of a country and I hope the first thing they do is stablize the housing market. It keeps going down and down some more each month. I can’t bear to see my home get taken away, but at this current rate, i’d be out of a home in a year!
Sucks to buy a place in Los angeles in 05′


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Great, Let the new president show his ability in governance. We hope even the Republicans will help him achieve his goals

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Hi, everyone! I’m from China. First, I would like to congratulate Mr. Obama for becoming President of United States of America on behalf of the People’s Republic of China. Moreover, I hope Mr. Obama will do something helpful to improve the relationship between USA and China. I believe you are the second Mather Luther King Junior, Mr. Obama! Many thanks!

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My only concern is that an unrealistic expectation for sudden and immediate change hangs over Obama’s head. There won’t be any quick fixes and I don’t think he can emphasize that enough to the American people. Change takes time. Certainly, the mess that the country is in took a long time to fix and I sincerely hope that nobody expects the new president to fix it simply by the flick of his wrist and the signing of a new bailout plan. Obviously I realize that the vast majority of people are intelligent enough to realize that this is not realistic. At the same time, I hear comments from others that makes me worry. Obama is not Jesus. He’s just a man. He’s not a miracle worker. He was not born in a manger. He, alone, can’t fix this mess. And even with a battalion of geniuses and experts, CHANGE IS GOING TO TAKE TIME…But then again, everybody knows that, right?

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The economy won’t improve until housing prices reach their true economic value, without interference from government programs. I don’t understand your statement, “can’t bear to see my home get taken away, but at this current rate, i’d be out of a home in a year!” Does that mean your mortgage balance will be higher than your home value? If so, it doesn’t mean you can or should stop paying your mortgage. If the payments are increasing, did you bother to understand the terms before you signed? Were you just a stupid speculator? Did you think prices could continue to escalate 20% per year? You are probably one of the naive younger voters who put Oblahblah in office. This will all be a very big, painful lesson for you, but in another 10 years or so you should be OK. It will suck for you in the meantime, however.

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I wish I could be a fly on the wall to witness the Obama’s tour of the white house. An historic moment to be sure. I wonder if President Lincoln could have even imagined such a day as he worked for the freedom of slaves in this country.
As a nation, we should be very proud!

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