Palin charts future of interviews, governors’ shindig

November 10, 2008

WASHINGTON – Is Sarah Palin going through a catharsis, some sort of political rehabilitation or is she now a permanent fixture on the national political scene?
The former Republican vice presidential hopeful returned home after the election to her job as Alaska governor where she promptly held a news conference and conducted several television interviews. She’s lined up for NBC’s “Today” show Tuesday.
In addition, later this week she will head to sunny Miami to attend the Republican Governors Association annual conference where she will again meet with reporters on Thursday.
She is to speak during a session entitled “Looking Toward the Future.”  That wouldn’t have anything to do with 2012 would it?  Nevermind that last week she avoided talking about her political future.

Also on the panel was another name that bubbled up for the 2008 Republican vice presidential nomination, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who is expected to be a national player as the Republican Party regroups after losing the White House.

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Rick Wilking (Palin on election night)


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ugh, shall she be winking there too?

Posted by robert | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is really kidding herself if she thinks she has future presidential goals. It was a huge mistake that cost McCain many votes. And when she opened her mouth when interviewed you could immediately tell that this is a person who knows nothing about what is going on in the world around her. She became a laughing stock and that’s how she will remain. She is of no political value!

Posted by Les | Report as abusive

this is news?

Posted by Nathan | Report as abusive

Right, she mentally can’t handle “Meet the Press” because when she’s off script she babbles in incoherent non-sentences… but she wants to be President?

Sarah Palin sees politics as an unlimited, easy money, gravy train for her, her large family and close friends.

She’s playing everyone for a sucker, like Joe “the unlicensed” plumber.

Fortunately, when her looks are gone, so is she… it’s all about style over substance.

But I really hope Republicans stick with her, because she’s a complete dead-end.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin ROCKS! Go Sarah – all the way to the White House!

Posted by Colby’s Wifeg | Report as abusive

I hope Sarah Palin continues her drive for national office. Her vapid responses to questions. Her enormous ego causing her to attempt to answer questions about which she knows nothing will only guarantee more Democrat victories.

And I also hope Tim Pawlenty, governor from Minnesota, is thrust on to the national stage. The national media will give him a much tougher going over than the sycophantic Twin Cities press. Americans will learn that Pawlenty is a snakeoil salesman of the worst kind. The only way Pawlenty would be prevented from talking out of both sides of his mouth is if he were to suffer a stroke.

Posted by Conor Liam | Report as abusive

I love the American way. I am American. It has empowered many people and has been the foundation for personal freedom from government oppression that the world has ever seen (at least prior to Bush and ‘Homeland’ security). However, sometimes really stupid people make headway. Palin is one of them. She’s just plain dumb and has no common sense. Her ambitions and bias are the only forces that propel her. She must be forgotten, and her bizarre campaign with Senator McCain relegated to annuls of the past. Obama is intelligent. Let’s focus on the future and forget these two bit players of the past.

Posted by Russ | Report as abusive

Thank you Sarah for all your hard work. If the chickens can’t deal with their own failures don’t let it side track you from continuing your leadership in Alaska and the nation. It will come home to roost on them and end their political careers.
You and your family have invigorated many women and men. We look forward to supporting your efforts (whatever you decide) in the future.

Posted by Jeff Fischer | Report as abusive

Thank you Sarah, for giving inspiration to every native-born, (but not native-heritage) American. You have set the bar so low, you have proven that yes, *anyone* can almost be president. It doesn’t matter if you are corrupt, completely ignorant of national and international matters, self-serving and egotistical. All that matters is that you appeal to the lowest common denominator. “The Wal-Mart of Politicians” is how history will remember you.

Posted by First Dude | Report as abusive

I hope the Republicans keep Gov. Palin right up front. With her in the lead the GOP will never get back into the White House.
Sarah Palin can help the Republicans be the “minority” party as they should be.

Posted by Gregg Pearson | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin, at once both vapid and bombastic, amusing and disturbing, provocative and obtuse, is a political figure that only America could produce. If nothing else, she certainly provided added interest to the already historic 2008 Presidential campaign. It will be interesting to see, in the short-term at least, what becomes of her political career. I admit, however, that I find even the remotest possibility of her having a future in national politics to be a rather disquieting notion.

Posted by daniel mueller | Report as abusive

Jingoistic talk show host, maybe… President, I’m afraid not – please, just fade away, Sarah!

Posted by Jason R | Report as abusive

heaven forbid she spend a little bit of time re-directing her attention to governing her state or anything.

Posted by ol cranky | Report as abusive

Governor Palin will be the moose-tied-to-the-stake in the 2012 election, if she decides to run, and if the Republican voters are that dim-witted to actually nominate her. The Republican standard bearer to watch in 2016 will be Bobby Jindel, Governor of Louisiana

Posted by John H | Report as abusive

Jesus. Sarah Palin was probably not the right choice for VP for this election. Okay! But must we be so unkind? I mean, my god, after all, she did re-invigorate the McCain hearst for about a month. So, please, can we just give her that much credit? I mean, she wasn’t a complete and utter, total and plenary disaster. Tell the truth?

by Marion TD Lewis, Esq.

Posted by Marion TD Lewis | Report as abusive

I think you should add to your list of Repubs to watch, Shirley Bair FDIC Chair and FL governor Charlie Crist. It is sad that some of you must engage in your own ignorance of Palin and your own bombast in demeaning her. I think she gave amazing excitement to the McCain campaign. She certainly made no more frequent or profound misstatements than Biden did despite a long gap between them in experience. You take offense at her not being urbane and witty about the global urban village. Many people looked at that, observed that and found it amazingly refreshing. As a lifelong Dem of over 50 years, I thought Gov. Palin was a great new face for Republicans and I hope she continues as a leader—not because I want her to fail and Republicans to fail but because I think it is important to this nation that we have to viable political parties.

Posted by jangles | Report as abusive

Style without substance! My God Sarah Palin is perfect poster child for all the Jerry Springer watching, rag mag reading folks out there. Let them have her, just please keep her where she belongs – in a tiny backwater town in Alaska.

Posted by Marla Taylor | Report as abusive

I once was all Republican. I now vote mostly Democrat, and in between, I voted Perot. So, in my dreams, could Palin be the start of a legitimate third party by dismantling the GOP?
Go Sarah!!

Posted by BobH | Report as abusive

SP was fun to have around, the Republican laughingstock, the joke of ’08. Her comments and tortured language were amusing, if not frightening. Her sneery pokes at “spreading the wealth” as “socialism” were contradicted by her “taking on the oil companies” and taxing them to redistribute their wealth to Alaskan residents.

Hopefully she will stick around in politics long enough to bring about more defeats for the conservative, know-nothing movement in the USA. In this way, she provides a valuable service to humankind.

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is exactly what this country needs. I do not understand why or how people in this country can be so cruel. She was asked to join McCain, she accepted and worked hard for 2 months for the campaign. People are so threatened by her and what she stands for. Do not give up Sarah…… God bless you and your family

Posted by Becky A | Report as abusive

Every time I read comments from those who do not like Sarah Palin, all I see is hatred. There once was a time when those who served our country in Washington were not lawyers or elitists. They were regular people who wanted to effect change. Now, all I see in these hate filled comments is fear. Fear that someone who doesn’t fit their mold of a politician can actually become President and bring about REAL change not rhetorical “change.” How sad that you people are so lopsided and blind to reality that you think only those who can give a emotionally rousing speech are qualified for President. How sad that you don’t have the courage to think for yourselves.

Posted by Sherri | Report as abusive

In response to the comment before mine, of course people are filled with fear in regard to Sarah Palin. I am honestly afraid of the change she would effect as President. She will abandon the country’s most basic principles in favor of right wing and evangelical beliefs. In her first address to the nation at the RNC she mocked Obama for wanted to read terrorists their rights. Well guess what? That’s the American thing to do. If you don’t read them their rights then you’re acting in opposition to core values of American society.

Beyond that, her conduct on the campaign trail was not at all befitting a presidential candidate. From troopergate to spending sprees to temper tantrums to being unaware that Africa is a continent, it’s become clear that this women has no place in national politics. The infighting that plagued the McCain campaign is the direct result of Palin’s underpreparation and ill-suitedness for the position.

Posted by Jordan | Report as abusive

“How sad that people are so lopsided and blind to reality that you think” someone could be qualified to be VP who does not have the knowledge base of national or foreign affairs could lead our county even as second in command (and God forbid as the Commander in Chief), cannot speak two coherent sentences in a row if you really take the time to try to listen to her, and winks and flirts to get votes (which, as a woman, I find it offensive and degrading to our gender and disrepectful to the battle we’ve had for equal rights based on our job skills and education), and is dishonest, not forthcoming when asked legitimate questions and shows vengeful tendancies even in the small quasi-political office she holds now. I’m not hating or fearing; Palin just does not represent an intelligent woman who would have good judgement to run our country. It appears that she is now willing to give more interviews to legitimate news sources than she was before the election. But then I guess being on SNL every week pretty much fills up your schedule. Thank goodness at least a small majority (the popular vote) was smart enough to NOT vote for Palin, or to vote for Obama, which ever way you want to look at it.

Posted by Coco | Report as abusive

It’s really interesting that we are all here still discussing Sarah. I would have thought that once the election was over, all the hype over her would be silenced. I personally didn’t take her all that seriously once I saw the interviews where she side stepped most of the questions ( easy ones at that ) and double talked her way through the debate. How can she even begin to think of running in 2012? Wasn’t she humiliated enough this time around? I doubt that she will be any smarter in four years. She has time to brush up and become more informed but book learning and memorizing still doesn’t take the place of intelligence,common sense,and good judgement. I shudder to think that there may be a slim chance that she would be in charge of the most powerful nation in the world.I cannot imagine her having access to the nuclear code or attending meetings with world leaders.
If the Republican Party is dumb enough to select her in 2012 to run in any capacity then the Democrats will most certainly be celebrating another victory. She should do what she does best stay away from big time politics and concentrate on Alaska. They seem to have faith in her there and the rest of the world will not miss her.

Posted by dorothy | Report as abusive

I don’t see any hatred in these comments. A lot of people don’t trust Palin to be vice president based on our own opinions of what we saw in her interviews and the debate.If we just listened to her patriotic rhetoric and didn’r really pay attention to the rest of her actions and words we would be fooling ourselves. If you think that she was a good choice,that’s your decision and you are entitled to it. I have to wonder what makes you believe that she is qualified. When I say that she is not smart I am getting that impression by the interviews I watched. She didn’t strike me as someone who is capable of running the nation. Her sarcasm certainly wasn’t conduct becoming of a person running in an election. The whole way she has handled herself made me believe that she is an opportunitist and a very shallow person. This is not hate. I am actually afraid that she may get into the 2012 race and if enough people just look at her on the surface without really seeing what a phony materialistic,power hungry person that she is…..the US will be in big trouble. I honestly don’t understand WHY McCain chose her. There are so many smarter people he could have chosen. I honestly don’t think that she really would make it in another race but the thought that there is any slight chance that she might… is enough to give me nightmares because that would say an awful lot about the way that the majority of the people are thinking and THAT would be lopsided.

Posted by dorothy | Report as abusive

All Democrats should read the excellent articles on written by Camille Paglia, a left-wing pro-choice Obama supporter who is intelligent enough to recognize that SP is not stupid. The Democratic Party really showed its intolerant, misogynist side during this election. For example, no one blinked an eye when Edwards ran for office in 2004. No one. He had far less experience. Sebelius has an identical record to Palin’s, and no one questioned that potential VP pick. The woman is smart, and is running the largest state in the union while mothering five children. She doesn’t let her Christian beliefs get into her admin. She voted to keep domestic partner rights for Alaskan employees; she’s frugal – she sold the governor’s jet on ebay; she is extremely environmentally conscious; just because she has a hokey accent (um, Bill Clinton, anyone? Jesse Jackson? Al Sharpton?) does not mean she is stupid. Democrats were elitist and closed-minded during this election. Read instead of listening to sound bites. Don’t let yourself be spoonfed by the liberal pundits. Open your minds a bit, and do your research before going on the attack.

Posted by Kara | Report as abusive

…and Jordan, the terrorists in question are not American, and thus are not subject to the legal privileges of being a citizen. We don’t have to read them their rights, as we only have to follow the Geneva Convention rules when it comes to prisoners of war.

Posted by Kara | Report as abusive