Palin open to idea of Senate run

November 12, 2008

WASHINGTON – In yet another television interview, former Republican vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin revealed on Wednesday that while she was focused on her job as Alaska’s governor she was open to the idea of a Senate bid.

While at first saying it was “not necessarily” the kind of post she would like some day, she was open to the idea.

“I’m not going to close any doors that perhaps would be in front of me and would allow me to put to good use executive experience and a world view that I think is good for our nation,” she said in an interview with CNN’s “Larry King Live.” “I’m not going to close any door there in terms of opportunity that may be there in the future.”

Just a day ago, in an interview on NBC the 44-year-old first-term governor said she wasn’t planning on seeking a Senate seat. “I’m not planning on it because I think the people of Alaska will best be served with me as their governor,” Palin said.

In the CNN interview, Palin said she did not believe she cost presidential hopeful John McCain any votes because of her performance or other incidents along the campaign trail, but if that was the case she was sorry about it.

“If I hurt the ticket at all, and cost John McCain even one vote, I am sorry about it because John McCain is a true American hero,” she said.

Palin has blanketed the television airwaves since she and McCain lost last week, and is planning to talk again with reporters at the Republican Governors Association annual conference in Miami on Thursday.

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Mike Blake (Palin and McCain on election night.)


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Please, please, please publish what she says at the RGA conference – I feel kind of bad, but I gotta keep watching this continuous train wreck.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

Sarah wants everybody to be fair to her. What fairness has she given to the wolves that she likes to shoot out of airplanes. There is no sport there. That is just killing for the joy of killing. She does like to kill. She is not the brightest and thinks she is above everyone else, as she will stay above their ridiculing. Defenders of Wildlife tried and we all sent contributions to try to stop this murder of wolves from airplanes, but she pushed it through. She really makes me sick. I wish people would just forget about her. At least for now the awful threat of her being v.p. is over. Let’s hope that chance never returns again.

Posted by Kathie | Report as abusive

[…] Sarah Palin exclusive: The Sarah Palin exclusives. So many exclusives, the word has lost all meaning, and I do not think it means what she thinks it […]

Posted by Either Relevant or True » You Keep Using That Word… | Report as abusive

I think she should run. She’s brilliant, and she’ll work really hard as Senator. I know being a Senator opens a doors for the White House.

Posted by Sang | Report as abusive

Good grief. Are you EVER going to stop swamping the news with this disaster?

Enough is enough!

Posted by cany | Report as abusive

1st, the Washington Post wrote an article yesterday saying that the thinning of the wolf poulation has helped the caribou population grow back from the brink of disaster and since beef is very expensive in Alaska, this caribou is a staple of thier diet.

2nd, if she is such a joke, why does the left keep bashing her 9 days after the election? Maybe because they are afraid of her and she will be a force to be reconed with in a few years. (with the correct coaching and guidance).

Please stop bashing this woman and start to consider that we are already starting to see some promises that are going to be reneged on with the next administration.

Mr. Obama is my president now and I stand behind him 100% (at least for the 1st 100 days) and I hope he delivers on 25% of the promises he made.

Posted by SEC FAN | Report as abusive

SEC Fan: Thank you so much for actually posting facts. And in regards to Obama, he has made several campaign promises which he has conviently removed from his website and is now saying that he never promised those things. And for those that like to say what a threat Palin would be as a vice president, consider this: Less than a week after becoming the President-Elect Barack Obama caused a breach of security by revealing the contents of a private conversation between himself and President Bush to a plane full of his staff AND reporters. Normally such a breach would result in the loss of a job for the person that caused it.

Posted by Jordan | Report as abusive

Give her a chance. If she is good for Alaska, maybe she can contribute something to America and the world.

Obama won because he succeeded to make the right promises and was able to demolish Clinton on “the lie about being under fire” and then McCain on the “another FOUR YEARS OF BUSH as McCain was made to be a BUSH clone by the Democrat campaign machinery, and both McCain and the Republican Party were never able to answer firmly with a negative “NO”. McCain should have said, “I am John McCain, NOT BUSH, give me and yourself a chance to bring back AMERICA less Government into your private enterprises. ….” and the Conservatives should have said “we did make a mistake and we want McCain to correct it and bring us back to the REAGAN years…..”. Divisions amongst Republicans made Obama the President. Of course, failure of both McCain and Republicans to come up with a solid proposals for the Economic Crises sank the boat.

Maybe Sarah Palin can provide answers? She must have something between her ears to get elected as Alaska Governor.

Posted by siburpat | Report as abusive

Sarah I hope you do run for the Alaska Senate Seat.,, getin Washington,and give them “heck” I was at your rally on Nov 3rd, in JC< MO I am a deer/turkey hunter, and 52 years old. You Go Girl!!!!

Posted by L. alexander | Report as abusive

I cant stand that backwards woman. Anyone that thinks abortion should be controlled by anyone other than the person having it is the wrong person for any elected office. While I personally would like to think I would never have an abortion if I was a woman, I am not and could never know what turmoil one goes through making that decision. That being said no one has the right to impose their beliefs around this issue and make something illegal regarding what someone wants to do with “their” body. All this aside the woman is dishonest, abuses power and who gives a rats a** how hot she is. What does that have to do with anything other than America’s Next Top Model. All Republicans care about is the “American Dream” which is only attainable to about 1% of the population so basically you might as well play the lottery-your chances might be better there, gay marriage (who cares, if its going to destroy your marriage you’re already heading for divorce court somewhere down the line), God..and we all know what your God thinks…you’re right and everybody else is wrong wrong wrong. Get over it Repubs are a thing of the past unless they rethink their positions or better yet get rid of all the right wing fanatical Christians and let them form their own party….the Godly Ignorant Party.

Posted by C | Report as abusive

C: You’re right. It shouldn’t matter what Palin looks like. Just like it shouldn’t have mattered about what Obama’s skin color is. And yet everyone is making a big deal about one half of his heritage. Stop the hypocrisy.

Posted by Jordan | Report as abusive

Hey C,

I saw someone last night who made a very good point. For women, it is all about the right to choose. If she was for it, she would have been your perfect candidate, but since she is against it, she is you worst enemy and you ridicule her relentlessly.

It is not all about the right to choose, there are many issues and she has done very well for the State of Alaska and her constituents.

As a loyal republican, let’s all get behind our new 1/2 white president and hope he does such a good job over the next 4 years that we don’t even have to discuss Governor Palin and her run for president and he can have my vote in the next election.

Posted by SEC FAN | Report as abusive

This is a person who thinks she has expertise in foreign policy because Alaska is across the straits from Russia. Additionally, she rejects global warming science because the oil executives she deals with have rejected it. She wants to develop Pebble Mine to pull copper ore out of the earth, which will probably lead to more damage to the ever-more-fragile northwest Pacific fishery, due to polluting runoff from the processig of ore. She has rejected the findings that the Beluga whales are nearly extinct, so she can increase the exploitation of Cook Inlet, where Pebble Mine would be located. Etc. This is not a person who seeks knowledge, cannot answer simple and direct questions without circumlocution, cannot think on her feet (refer to the Katie Couric interviews), and represents the lunatic/religious right wing more than even the center right. Her reasoning tends to be faulty; for example, she claimed that “spreading the wealth” was a socialist idea when Obama proposed it, in spite of her own record of imposing huge taxes on the Alaskan oil drillers, in order to spread the wealth to Alaskan residents.

While she may be an effective cheerleader for the right wing of the right-of-the-aisle party, and appeals to the ignorance of many Americans, she isn’t right for a job beyond the Alaskan frontiers, and I would suggest, will do more damage up there than good, in the long run.

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

The only top-shelf Republicans who have lower public likability ratings than Sarah Palin are George Bush and Dick Cheney.

The shrinking Republican base loves her, but even the McCain camp admitted she was a drag on the ticket. Independents can’t stand her.

In other words: Run Sarah, run! Please!

Posted by jvill | Report as abusive