President-elect Obama keeping low profile in Chicago

November 13, 2008

CHICAGO – Anybody seen President-elect Barack Obama lately?

The press pool covering him sure hasn’t.

As he delves deeply into planning his transition to the White House, Obama has been keeping a low-profile in Chicago, after his high-profile visit to the White House on Monday.

He was seen publicly on Tuesday when he laid a Veteran’s Day wreath with disabled Iraq war veteran Tammy Duckworth.

But that’s been about it. On Thursday morning, Obama dropped his two daughters off at their school in the morning. They hopped out of the vehicle, but Obama did not.

He went to his fitness center for a workout. Photographers sprinted to try to get his picture as he walked into the place, to little avail. 

What about his arrival at his transition office? Nope, the motorcade took him to an underground garage.

It has been like that all week. On Tuesday, to avoid attracting a crowd at his barber shop, the barber was brought to him and he got his hair cut at a friend’s apartment.

What to make of this? Nothing really, except that photographers are getting a workout running to get in place for a brief glimpse of him, and having nothing to show for it.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque (Obama sign hands outside his transition office in Chicago)


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Good for you Mr. President Elect.
I wish you well in your efforts to live a normal life while you still can.
As for me, since the election, i have experienced a peace that i havn’t known for eight years.
I sleep peacefully, smile a lot during the day and don’t lose my cool over minor issues.
Life is worth living again, even if i do lose my home.
At least the devil’s days are numbered!

Posted by Richard Daly | Report as abusive

I watched all that I could of the President Elect throughout his entire campaign and learned so little about him. He seems like a man of tremendous integrity, but how do we know. What exactly does he stand for? Is he going to push for universal health care or not? Is he going to raise our capital gains taxes or not? Does he have a plan to get us out of Iraq or not? How about small business taxes or NCLB? I realize that he had to follow the advice of his campaign managers and appear non-controversial on the major issues, but now that he has the election is it too much to ask for to have this guy come out of hiding and finally share his vision with us?

I am a high school teacher in Delaware County in Pennsylvania. My colleagues there love him. I am also a partner in a roofing company in New Castle County in Delaware. Most of my business contacts there love Biden but are very apprehensive about the vagueness of Obama. Mr. Obama please come forth and let us all know what your plans are.

I didn’t vote for you, but I am rooting for you. We need you to be great.

Posted by Mike Hudecheck | Report as abusive

His campaign was not about him but about the people so he is not looking for the cameras either.

Posted by maz hess | Report as abusive

Obama paces himself, working, thinking and growing all the while. He motivates us to do the same.

Posted by Marchion | Report as abusive