Bush contemplates how he’d like to be remembered

November 28, 2008

President George W. Bush, nearing the end of his final term in office, says he most wants to be remembered as someone who came to Washington and didn’t lose his values.
Someone who didn’t sell his soul to the political process.
Somebody who liberated 50 million people and helped achieve peace.
So he told his sister, Dorothy Bush Koch, in an interview for StoryCorps, the national oral history initiative. An excerpt of the interview aired on National Public Radio on Thanksgiving Day and the White House released excerpts on Friday. The entire interview will be archived at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.

“I would like to be a person remembered as a person who, first and foremost, did not sell his soul in order to accommodate the political process,” Bush said in the interview. “I came to Washington with a set of values, and I’m leaving with the same set of values.  And I darn sure wasn’t going to sacrifice those values.”
“I’d like to be a president (known) as somebody who liberated 50 million people and helped achieve peace; that focused on individuals rather than process; that rallied people to serve their neighbor,” the president added.
He mentions his HIV/AIDS and malaria initiatives in Africa, and the Medicare prescription drug benefit as two programs he is proud of.
Asked about his “No Child Left Behind” education law, Bush called it one of the “significant achievements of my administration.”
“We said loud and clear to educators, parents, and children that we expect the best for every child, that we believe every child can learn, and that in return for federal money we expect there to be an accountability system in place to determine whether every child is learning to read, write and add and subtract,” Bush said.

Bush hands over power to President-elect Barack Obama on Jan. 20, 2009.
As he heads into the final weeks of his presidency, Bush’s job approval ratings remain low. Only about 26 percent approve of his performance, while some 70 percent disapprove.
Bush’s decision to take the United States to war in Iraq is widely unpopular. A Quinnipiac University poll in early November found that 58 percent disagreed with decision.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Ho New (Bush talks by phone to troops in remote locations on Thanksgiving); Reuters/Jason Reed (Bush pardons national Thanksgiving turkey, Pumpkin)


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Looks like we have two turkeys in the picture. Bush wants to be remembered….. but most of us just want to forget him!

Posted by Karolyn | Report as abusive

You’ve got to be kidding!

Posted by David Chamberlain | Report as abusive

If this country dispensed any justice at all, this worm of a man would be serving a life sentence for war crimes. As it is, he remains as consistently delusional today as he was eight years ago. He may fantasize that he’ll be remembered as a “liberator”, when, in fact, he’ll go down in history as the worst president the US has ever elected, whose major “successes” include instituting barbarism, torture, and coersion as our diplomatic tools of choice, and completely diminishing any moral authority we once enjoyed as a nation. His reliance on a henchman like Cheney to run his government and trample the liberties of his countryman is another important legacy that will linger long after Bush is rotting in the barren earth of Crawford, Texas. “Good riddance”, rather than “rest in peace”, should be engraved on his tombstone.

Posted by James Jones | Report as abusive

OMG!!! the man is delusional. He says he didn’t sell his soul when he took office because he had no soul to sell. Disgusting

Posted by susan | Report as abusive

Let’s remember him and put him in prison where he and his fellow criminals belong.

Posted by Brad Erlwein | Report as abusive

It takes a interview done by his SISTER to have something positive published about him. Ha!

Posted by Rachel Thomas | Report as abusive

How about the President that advanced torture, secret prisons and breaking the Constitution?

Posted by Missy | Report as abusive

Bush will be known for being one of the most dishonest and foolish men that ever occupied the office of the president. He is an embarrassment to all Americans.

Posted by Matt Miller | Report as abusive

Dear Mr. GW Bush,
Your legacy is that of being the worst President ever in the history of the USA with the lowest approval rating. You have done the world much harm and responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and 5,000 American soldiers dead and 50,000 wounded, many severely. And you pretend to call yourself the “liberator” of the Iraqi people? From the very beginning you were delusional and you remain so. If it wasn’t so sad that the whole world had to suffer for your ineptness and stupidity you would be the laughing stock of the world.
Too bad you didn’t stay in Texas cutting brush.
An American

Posted by edie | Report as abusive

This Bush will be remembered for being the WORST president and administration of the United States in history and why the world today is in such terrible shape. Bush’s ideology is fatally flawed, inhumane and simply wrong for the human family. The fact that Bush is in total denial over the problems they have created says much about who this failure really is.

Posted by rupunzel | Report as abusive

i think he will be remembered as the worst preisdent, libirator what a joke

Posted by PAM | Report as abusive

I suspect that all people have an image of themselves and feel this is “me.” But in reality, others, outside observers have an image of us too. And the image isn’t always what we think it might be. It is the disillusionment of self, a false impression of who we are that people carry into the world perhaps as a self protective mechanism. Mr. Bush has a terrible legacy, and he did sell out to the very rich of this country. Iraq is not liberated, and the world is in greater chaos instead of less. There is no peace and the forces of the world are scrambling for wars they know are coming. But this is the self deception of man, “Surely, I am not the person they say I am?” Yes, you are, and yes this is your legacy. But in fairness, you had one of the toughest jobs in the world, and perhaps I could have done no better.

Posted by barrett hays | Report as abusive

Bush will be the greatest president of all time. You will all agree in about 5 years.

Posted by Justin Thomas | Report as abusive

I wonder how President Bush would respond to the many news reports that his Presidency will go now in history as the worst this country has ever had.

He believes he did not lose his values, then again no body he knew died in Iraq or Afghanistan. The man has been and is a hopeless failure as a leader, while Dick Cheney and Haliburton squandered American funds for the war.

Posted by Dale Moore | Report as abusive

I would guess he will be remembered as the unelected war criminal who murdered countless people in his lust for oil and power…

Just a guess.

Posted by Watchful Fox | Report as abusive

It wqill require at least 50 years before politicians aand historians will recognize the magnificent work that Bush did to preserve our ver existance in the face of the 21st century plague:terrorism and religius opression.The world is facing an unprecedent danger created by maniacs that have no qualms to kill innocent people for the sake of their derranged ideals.Thank you Mr.Bush.

Posted by isaac Gielchinsky | Report as abusive

This is a joke, yes? What another wonderful example of how far Bush’s head is located up his own butt. Unfortunately for the world, it looks like Bush’s presidency will live in our memories forever. He will be remembered as a foolish, self-centered, greedy brat (and I’m assuming those are the values he refers to). The world will remember him as a disaster and his legacy will be the downfall of the American empire. Thanks, Bush. XOXO, Canada!

Posted by Canada | Report as abusive

You gotta be kidding right? Liberated 50 million people? He is the worst villian on this planet since Adolf Hitler. His mislead America into going to war and in the process destroying and sacrificing countless lives. For those who have not read this book, please read Vincent Bugliosi’s book on Bush titled “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder” …it will certainly open your eyes.

Posted by Clement | Report as abusive

So many things to say, so little space, so I think I will just say…
So long, George…don’t let the door hit you on the a** on the way out.

Posted by steve | Report as abusive

Is this satire, or is he this truly dilusional?
Values of letting the religious right run the country?

If this was found on The Onion, I’d laugh and say they did a great gag… but ….

Posted by Mitch | Report as abusive

the closest he is going to get is being remembered for liberating 50 million jobs…

Posted by andreas | Report as abusive

I give him a + on 75%.
I give him a minus – on the two border patrolmen, border security, nafta and the nafta highway also the north american union. Had I known he had these things in mind I’d never have voted for him. Another vote – george, do’nt let the door hit you in the A@# on the way out!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Jim Anderson | Report as abusive

President Bush will be remembered as the best President in modern times after President Ronald Reagan. President Reagan like President Bush made this Country the best and it I salute the President as he departs. Thanks President Bush

Posted by Jesus Torres | Report as abusive

the president for being the biggest warmonger & for destroying the world economy

Posted by pete | Report as abusive

Bush was an awful president, just like any Democrat or Republican would be. They take in their bribes (campaign contributions) and listen to their henchman (lobbyists) and then act with the biases accordingly. We’ll never again have a good president or Congress because our country is no longer run by slimeball bureaucrats. It’s worse, we have slimeball billionaires using the slimeball bureaucrats as puppets.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

Just how big a bead of opium is he smoking? In what alternate universe is he a builder and restorer? He’s got a niche in history between President Grant And Herbert Hoover.

Posted by Gill Avila | Report as abusive

…it is my sincere hope that my kids, ages 6, 2 & 1, will never have to live through another age of such disastrous American leadership. If nothing else, I can take comfort in the fact that they won’t remember any of it.

Posted by Matt Friar | Report as abusive

I believe that George Bush will be remembered for supporting the exploitation of the American people by energy and financial industry giants. He was elected to serve the American people, and he chose not to do it.

Posted by Katie Bee | Report as abusive

Well he might be remembered as liberater of Iraqies. But within this country, a person especially who has lost the job, would rather remember as the person whos failed adminstration took away his job.

Posted by Temp worker | Report as abusive

Amen, barrett hays. your comment was quite lucid and poignant, and I thank you for being one of the few people writing on the internet who has a grasp of language and grammar. And yes, Bush is decidedly delusional. His legacy will be that of complete failure to accomplish anything positive for this country or the world. He is a shameful embarrassment to all Americans.

Posted by Zak Lee | Report as abusive

I’m sure the millions of people who lost their jobs will remember him, and the people who watched all their money blow away in the stock market will remember, and every citizen who now watched his or her tax dollars given away to the wealthiest on Wall Street while they lost their jobs, savings and homes, and the family members of the Iraqis that were slaughtered will also remember him, and while the oil companies where making record profits and people had to pay $5.00 for a gallon of gas will remember him, all of us that watched our health insurance increase by 78% will also remember him, exactly how should history remember G.W. Bush, I have really tried to think of anything positive about Bush and can’t come up with anything

Posted by Sailingwindward | Report as abusive

I hate to say it but I actually backed this guy early on. However he isn’t the worst President. Clinton with his fornication in the Oval office takes the lead. Bush second. I will however make a prediction. The worst President of all history, the one to declare the Constitution null and void, the one to take us from a free market system into socialism and eventual tyranny will be Obama. With the recent terrorist attacks and questions as to Obamas allegiance we may be worse off. Only time will tell. All I can allude to is my youth, when the world was for the most part, safe, secure and fun…. Now it generally just sucks. Welcome to the 3rd world.

Posted by Erskine Zimbalist | Report as abusive

[…] “I would like to be a person remembered as a person who, first and foremost, did not sell his soul in order to accommodate the political process. I came to Washington with a set of values, and I’m leaving with the same set of values. And I darn sure wasn’t going to sacrifice those values.” […]

Posted by Hot Air » Blog Archive » Quote of the day | Report as abusive

Look, I thought from the start that the war was a mistake. A BIG mistake. But, then again, I really don’t know all the facts. And neither do you. Let’s see if St. Obama pulls the troops out as quickly as he promised. Maybe once he knows the facts, things will change. In fact, I am already quite convinced that they will. We’ll all see, soon enough.

Posted by Howard | Report as abusive

What a sad deluded pile of incompetence.

Posted by ErnestPayne | Report as abusive

Well, I’ve finally learned what a compassionat conservitave is. While I’m glad Pres. Bush was at the helm when Sept. 11 happened, and dear Lord what a catastrophe it was. I’ve come to the conculsion that most Americans are lazy. You’ve got the President whom you want with Obama, wait and see. Palin 2012!

Posted by Alex Martinez | Report as abusive

History will remember Bush for the utter failure that he is. FAIL. The people who voted twice for this idiot owe the rest of the world an apology for what they have put us through.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

President Bush is a good man. He wasn’t perfect President, but, like he said, he led the country according to his values, and he never wavered.
It’s absolutely terrible the way many people talk so hatefully about the President.
He led the country during a very difficult time, and he should be praised for his efforts.

Posted by DFP | Report as abusive

I never voted for Bush (i vote lib because I disagree with his social policies) but instead of the Hooray Henry I expected -and being brainwashed by reuters et al – I found a man who was brave enough to withstand terrorists, backstabbing opportunistic members of Congress and most of all, a bunch of thankless, whiny and spoiled Americans who will NEVER know the real meaning of suffering is – unless they give up their satellite tvs, then whooaa are they.

Just remember…they thought the same of Truman and Lincoln.

Posted by Rachel | Report as abusive

Sadly, as ”Sailingwindward” suggests, Bush will be remembered for all the worst reasons. While he may not be Jesus, he’s certainly not Satan. Most of America could care less about learning the truth. It wasn’t the Democrats on recorded TV taking money from Fannie/Freddie, pushing the CRA down banks’ throats that killed the economy, it was Bush. It wasn’t the Democrats blocking drilling for our own oil, or thieves in OPEC, or supply and demand that increased gas prices, it was Bush. It wasn’t the Democrats failing America with the mortgage crisis that caused job losses, somehow it was Bush and each year he was in office was terrible, though the facts say it’s only been bad since Democrats took control of Congress. It wasn’t the terrorists who’ve killed thousands of Iraqi’s, it was Bush. Of course, Clinton didn’t oversee a recession, Clinton didn’t oversee a similar stock market bubble that lead to a financial collapse, and Clinton didn’t push banks to lend to people that didn’t pay their bills. Search the liberal newspaper, The New York Times, for an article on Fannie Mae in 1999 that even predicted the bailout!

Someone needs to step up and turn the Democratic Party away from the welfare-state self destruction, or step into the Republican Party with a little charisma! America voted for a continuation of bad policies, but we have yet to see the Republicans step up and do something about their rival party’s utter failures!

Posted by Jeremy | Report as abusive

Quite often the big picture gets blurred by the small details, its a trick the left has used with some efficiency over the past 7 years and continues to use going forward. In context the Middle Eastern policy of the United States was always at arms length, every President prior to Bush took the easy way out either using the USSR as an excuse or priority and more often than not the alliances of European nations ~ coddling their lack of resolve for conflict.

If 9/11 had never occurred I am confident President Bush would have followed suit with all former presidents however this was not the case, and for the first time in recent history our nation was challenged by a cadre of militants who did what Iran, Iraq, Syria and a host of other nations supported but wouldn’t declare. The militants knew, either by direct communication or infer, that Islamic regimes would support them but would not take an active public role.

Fighting Terrorists is not the same as fighting nations, there is no homeland and no clear structure to attack. Against nations our defenses were at their least on par or better than any other nation prior to 9/11, an open society welcoming visitors with open arms. The militants saw this as a weakness worth exploiting in order to set the wheels in motion for what they claim is an ideological struggle of existence.

Civil courts are not capable of solving military conflicts, a nations military has that task. Rather than shrink back as had been done before and most likely expected by the militants our generals and the President decided to create a front in the heart of the Middle East. In a country we had already fought a war in (experience) and which is relatively easier to fight in than the mountains of Afghanistan. This front was purposely created to attract any and all would-be “vest-bombers” to test the metal of our military rather than the cement of our malls and businesses here at home. It did just that, perhaps far better than our leaders expected.

The Iraq front also contained the interests of our long-time enemy Iran from projecting its influence deeper into Southern Iraq and it forced the hubris reaction of A. Q. to declare it the groups priority; sucking their efforts and resources. At every turn A.Q. failed miserably, ownership of an ideological war against Western powers has proved far beyond their means. Their only hope was to turn the public opinion of the war in their favor ~ by attacking helpless civilians.

In my view the left here in the United States used the war to also turn public opinion in their favor, at every chance they played the strings of failure to derail the administrations war efforts.

I am not entirely sure but to my recollection only three Presidents in the history of the United States were commanding Generals, G. Washington, U. Grant and D. Eisenhower. Every other President in our history has always relied on the advice of others with military credentials, G. Bush was no exception. To blame him for the advice and choices of our professional Generals is pathetic to say the least…should we lay all the deaths of the Civil War at the feet of A. Lincoln? Do we? No we blame the Generals and claim Lincoln as a savior for sticking it out when times got tough. I have no doubt that Barack Obama as “Commander and Chief” will default to the advice and choices of his Generals in the same scenario.

It’s easy to blame one man for all of the nations problems, Democrats are quite good at it, but history will judge George Bush as a President who in the face of difficult times stuck to his policies and never reacted to the pathetic behavior of our nations Media and the Democratic leadership, which has always relied on failure in Iraq in order to gain more power.

Posted by Grunt | Report as abusive

[…] Though I’ve not liked a lot of what President Bush has done, this statement endears me to him greatly. “I would like to be a person remembered as a person who, first and foremost, did not sell his soul in order to accommodate the political process. I came to Washington with a set of values, and I’m leaving with the same set of values. And I darn sure wasn’t going to sacrifice those values.” […]

Posted by Thank You, Mr. President, for Holding Fast to Your Values | The Sundries Shack | Report as abusive

Most of you are deluded by the constant media blitz on our sitting president and the strident screaming of all of the liberal offal.

Think for a couple minutes, are you still alive? Parents? I lost friends on 9/11. We have not had another successful attack since. There have been several planned attacks that were detected and neutralized before they happened. You may hate the fact that W was responsible for this outcome but he is. Google it.

His Legacy was that he did not panic. He thought it out and responded correctly and with force. BTW we won in Iraq. What??? You didn’t know? Shame on you for your Ignorance!

God Bless America, and our Military.

Posted by marc | Report as abusive

Worst President in history.

Embarrassing at best and a war criminal at worst.

Posted by Suze | Report as abusive

[…] serious, folks. “I would like to be a person remembered as a person who, first and foremost, did not sell […]

Posted by Bush tells us how he’d like to be remembered | Patriot Missive | Report as abusive

http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/2008 0318_bushs_legacy_of_failure/

Posted by Suze | Report as abusive

Left opinion, right opinion. Everyone who comments on stories like this are quick to point out what they think the opposite side thinks. Here is what I think. Prior to george bush jr our government was smaller. Prior to george bush jr my individual rights where better protected. Prior to george bush jr I did not have to have a passport to travel to mexico to vacation in mazatlan. Do I feel safer now than I did prior to his having taken office? No I don’t. Is Iraq better off than it was under Saddam? No it is not. Women have less rights, Iraqis go weeks without power, after 3 years of fighting we can’t even secure 1 road from the heavily fortified green zone to the airport…etc

Now as to who is winning this big war. For aprox 1 million dollars osama bin laden did something no other nation has ever successfully done in modern times. He launched an attack on the continental United States. He destroyed Several buildings worth billions of dollars. He killed thousands of US citizens. The cost to our economy was in the hundreds of billions. The entire nation changed after this one attack. Hundreds of laws where written, hundreds of polocies where changed. In response to this attack the entire might of our nation was unleashed. We destroyed the taliban, we destroyed the 4th largest military(iraq). We spent hundreds of billions of dollars in doing this and continue to spend hundreds of billions more every year. Osama lost less than a dozen soldiers on sept 11, hes lost less than a hundred since then. How many soldiers have we lost? Now do the math. Who is winning this war? Sept 11th wasnt the first time osama attacked americans and it probably wont be the last. But even if he never attacks again he still won, period.

Posted by rick | Report as abusive

“Think for a couple minutes, are you still alive? Parents? I lost friends on 9/11. We have not had another successful attack since. There have been several planned attacks that were detected and neutralized before they happened. You may hate the fact that W was responsible for this outcome but he is. Google it.”

Google how many years there were between the next most recent Islamic fundamentalist terror attack on the US and 9/11. Get back to me on how this proves W improved our security apparatus.

The false sense of security imparted by this half-logic and the fact you can’t carry nail clippers onto airplanes is the most dangerous thing to come out of 9/11. We haven’t been attacked again because the terrorists are blithering idiots. In five minutes I could come up with vulnerabilities to events that would have this country withering in fear for decades, and I’m not even looking hard. Our border and port security is a disgrace; you’re either deluding yourself or not paying attention if you think otherwise.

Of course “not paying attention” is what I believe explains the frankly astonishing 28% of Americans who still indicate that they approve of Bush’s job performance so perhaps it’s no surprise that you believe we’re safer now.

This isn’t even a right/left issue. Any halfway competent strategist has to be doing a face-palm at the administration’s handling of this war.

Posted by Scott | Report as abusive

[…] wants to be remembered as a guy who liberated 50 million people and who helped bring peace to the world. Well, sure, I […]

Posted by Recent dawdlings and thoughts… « a fnersh rambling | Report as abusive

[…] Trust, But Verify « Michael Steele on the “Death” of the GOP George W. Bush November 29, 2008 “I would like to be a person remembered as a person who, first and foremost, did not sell his soul in order to accommodate the political process. I came to Washington with a set of values, and I’m leaving with the same set of values. And I darn sure wasn’t going to sacrifice those values.” […]

Posted by George W. Bush « Trust, But Verify | Report as abusive

Bush deserves high praise for one simple thing — he never said a negative word about Bill Clinton.

In the 1990’s Al Qaeda was the fastest growing organization in the history of man. They hit us over and over and we did NOTHING. Our amazing non-response was the perfect recruiting tool. “God was on their side.”

On 9/11/01 they executed a plan that had OBVIOUSLY been in the works for years. Bush hit back, HARD and Al Qaeda has been on the run ever since.

But a US President should never criticize another President. It hurts America when any President does this but it isn’t easy to resist the temptation especially when the criticism is so obvious. Bush resisted. For 8 years. While Pelosi and others constantly snipped at him. It reminds me of Rudyard Kipling’s “If.”

And Jimmy Carter did the exact opposite.

Posted by Frederick Michael | Report as abusive

thank god that gore or kerry the two talking heads were not in office during the last eight years.hope obama has as much backbone,but i doubt it.thanks for leadership in difficult times.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

[…] are just so many reasons why i love president bush. i already miss him. he said this in an interview today: “I would like to be a person remembered as a person who, first and […]

Posted by president bush: how he wants to be remembered | Blatherings Blog | Report as abusive

as i read through the comments here, it seems like half of you are delusional, still want to be scared of terrorists, etc.

bush only did 2 things in 8 years. partial birth abortion ban in 2001, which never happens FYI and the no child thing which was never funded and didnt work.

8 long years he muddled through a job, just doing the bare minimum.

bye republicans. see you in 20 years, maybe

Posted by bruin | Report as abusive

He’ll be remembered as the man who took down his own party just to be stubborn.

Posted by seth | Report as abusive

Worst president ever. Stole US citizens rights. Got revenge for daddy. W and Cheney should be brought up on war crime charges. And ‘Gitmo’? What happened to habeas corpus? Is that gone too??? Overall, a 100 monkeys could have done a better job!

Posted by Dam | Report as abusive

[…] assume the presidency with his principles already shattered, Bush as attributed by David Alexander, Reuters: “I would like to be a person remembered as a person who, first and foremost, did not sell his […]

Posted by Legacy and prophecy | BitsBlog | Report as abusive

I believe that President Bush has always striven to do what he thought was best for America. It took great courage and determination and he was second guessed by media and enemies at home and abroad. He stayed the course at great political cost to himself. The stories we here from the press do not reflect what I hear from a network of returning and serving marines and army friends. Iraq ia a victory and the people are living safer, freer lives with opportunities they have not had before. They are self governing and have a good start on school, water facility, hospital facility and road building. The hope and freedom we have brought though hard won in lives, war related injuries and money has succeeded in jump starting a democracy. A democracy that will give the new generation of Iraqi young people lots more options that jihad.

Posted by JGalt | Report as abusive

[…] me kindly, as the pure savior of millions Jump to Comments With 26% approval, W is giving interviews to his sister. His sense of proportions doesn’t seem to have been diminished by months of being ignored […]

Posted by W: Remember me kindly, as the pure savior of millions « Not Your Sweetie | Report as abusive

I didn’t vote for G W Bush, either time he ran, but I believe in giving credit where it’s due. We haven’t been attacked since 9/11/2001, and this administration, despite their other failures, should be appreciated for this.

Posted by A_Lewis | Report as abusive

[…] the world slides into a financial sinkhole, George W. Bush wants us to know he’s a good president. “I would like to be a person remembered as a person who, first and foremost, did not sell his […]

Posted by The Mahablog » Gobble, Gobble | Report as abusive

The sad thing is Bush now seems to be hated for the financial downturn, instead of the decision to invent silly stories to invade other countries.

The only way I figure makes the invasion make sense is to make the US government more unpredictable – Invading Iraq, which had nothing to do with the Twin Towers attacks (if you wanted to invade a country, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia would have made more sense).

I guess the signal is, if you say, bomb the Washington monument, we will nuke your desert into a giant glass fruit bowl.

Posted by Mama Jones | Report as abusive

bush did not cause the financial problems we’re now experiencing. the dims set up the whole thing by encouraging, promoting, even mandating loans to folks who are unable to repay then, he has kept us safe fron terrorist attacts for 7+ years, and freed over fifty million people. now it’s obvious that he’s had his low points, too. but in this era, an approval rating in the 20s is not bad if your viewed by a public that gets the bulk of their news from biased sources. give it a few years and even bush won’t look so bad.

Posted by s. boliviar | Report as abusive

[…] Bush considers his legacy. […]

Posted by Did not sell his soul » Caput Sterci | Report as abusive

Worst President Ever!!!

WMD = Dubbya of Mass Destruction

There have been known tyrants that seem better than Bush. After all Saddam never killed as many Iraqis as W. Every U.S. soldier I know says that the Iraq war is a clear cut case of PROFIT over PEOPLE. That being the case I hope that we never have another fake conservative in the office again. I hope that we never have another false Christian in office again. I hope we never have another anti-humanitarian in office again. W was never an Adolf Hitler, but he is the closest thing that America has to one.

NYTs seems to have the same article as this one but does not allow for commenting. In every peer reviewed article GWB gets hammered with discontent by the majority. “Mission Accomplished.”

Please world, don’t let this one go. Do what must be done.

Posted by Kilroy | Report as abusive

George Bush will be remembered as a heroic man who led a pack of yapping-at-the-heels dog Democrats to victory in spite of their vicious selves.

Posted by Donald Kingsbury | Report as abusive

kilroy, this assertion that President Bush killed more Iraqis then Saddam reveals the true extent of your hatred and ignorance. President Bush is a good man who kept us safe, his first responsibility as CIC-There is not a whit of reason to list the accomplishments of this man because you have totally bought into the 8 years of hate the left dominated MSM has been feeding you.

Posted by MM | Report as abusive

Mama Jones,

Think out of the left wing box for a minute. Pakistan has nukes. If we had invaded them, our troops would have been vaporized. How quickly would we have abandoned the war on terror after that? As it is, Bush has achieved victory in Iraq and a new democracy with a progressive constitution has been planted in the middle east. Will that help make them a more peaceful people? Let’s hope so.

Saudi Arabia is a country on whom we depend for oil. We can’t invade them because that would be biting the hand that feeds you.

If we want to take them on, and I agree we need to, then the first thing we need to do is end our dependence on their oil. We do that by getting other sources of oil while we develop alternative energy technology. Only when we do that will we be in a position to tell the Saudis to kiss our ass and stop building madrassas around the world. Unfortunately, Dear Leader Obama would have us put on a sweater and shiver in the dark rather than put up an oil derrick next to a caribou. I guess we’ll have to wait for Sarah Palin to be elected in 2012 for that to happen.

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Bush was Clinton, 2. Obama is Clinton 3. Some of the most corrupt politicians in American history. Probably spokesmen for the same rich, elite, power mongers. Expect hyperinflation, soon. Maybe nukes from IRAN, in a few years. mensunion.org would strike to force them to be replaced, but the movement hasn’t geared up. Too many addlebrains, too many people on the dole, the economy has to crash first. I’ve got my mountain cabin outfitted with solar panels, woodstove, spring, well, greenhouse, solar rooms, gas, silver. I’m insulated from the coming hard times. Best regards, Sportacus wolfpack@swcp.com

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Bush = bad.

Just Say No! 2 Sara Palin in 012.

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sorry obamainics even with all the media swooning ,after seeing the people he is choosing for his cabinet the only change you can guarantee is the movies coming out of hollywood, the terrorists will again be the bad guys and the president will be guess who?the hero.and the nasty mr bush will be hiding in the swamp from the peach activists .

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perhaps should have contemplated that 8 years ago. He may have a short memory span, but history’s is REALLLLY long

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[…] Measure Success? By Morse Driving to Philadelphia Thursday morning, I heard an excerpt from this interview with Bush on how he’d like to be remembered. In between barbs at his wife for her apparent inability to […]

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This man has no legacy. He’s been a failure in almost every venture he pursued. He set the Republican party back 30 years. His legacy will be turning the house, senate and Presidency over the the opposing party.

He can spend his leisure time hunting with Dick Cheney.

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Bush will be remembered as a liar and and stupid. The only reason he was not impeached is that Cheny is worse. That twosome has left this contry in shambles and we will be a long time in shamables. Shame on them for the the rest of their lives.

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George W Bush will remembered as the President who so politicized every department of the Federal government, it nearly brought the Nation to collapse — Just think, the Justice Department, FEMA, Labor, SEC, the failure to separate church and state. Please add to that the war in Iraq, which was totally unnecessary when the Nation had one war going already. I think that he has already started writing his legacy and Obama’s too for that matter. I just hope that SMU has enough storage space and deodorizer for his mess.

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Mr. Bush had the Midas touch in reverse – everything he touched fell apart.

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Isn’t a little late for that?

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Looking at personal finances…I seem to remember Bush having a net worth of a few million when he took office.
Yet surprise, surprise…even with presidents supposedly having to put their affairs into trusts during their terms, it turns out Bush exits office with 20 plus million net worth. Interestingly…most of it seems to be in cash now (what did he know that the rest of us didn’t). Furthermore…if he’s in cash, how did that initial 2-3 million grow into 20 + million. Ah yes, American, home of the brave, the free…and the corrupt.

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I seem to remember Bush having a net worth of a few million when he took office.”
You remember wrong.
Bush had 15-20 million of net worth in 2000, thanks largely to the Texas Rangers team.
He has been personally generous to charities, more so than Gore or Obama.

I also like this comment: “George Bush will be remembered as a heroic man who led a pack of yapping-at-the-heels dog Democrats to victory in spite of their vicious selves.”

It’s funny how all those who in 2002 voted for war, including Clinton, Biden, Hagel, and many others … became turncoats against their own position. The Democrats were wrong about the surge, were wrong to protect fannie mae, and are wrong today in trying to shovel money into failures like the big 3 bailout.
But the Dems got away with it because they could always blame Bush no matter how irresponsible or wrong they were!

Had President Bush been a weaker man, we’d have lost in Iraq.
Thank you, President Bush for persisting and WINNING in Iraq. I think his inner core values are sound and his policies will proved to be sound over time as well.

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“George W Bush will remembered as the President who so politicized every department of the Federal government, it nearly brought the Nation to collapse — Just think, the Justice Department, FEMA, Labor, SEC, the failure to separate church and state.”

George Bush will be remembered as the President who sent liberals in frothy rage and caused them to lie and demean and smear and make up absurd and insane nonsense that didnt have an ounce of truth in them.
Just think – Bush was less political than Clinton admin (who fired *every* DoJ attorney in 1993), DoJ is standing, church and state as separate as ever and athiests more outspoken than ever, FEMA helped in dozens of storms, including Ike this year.
Oh yeah, and Bush won the war in Iraq. we can thank him for finishing the job there so obama doesnt have to.

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[…] would you remember this guy? Front Row Washington

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How should W be remembered? The worst American President ever! He wasn’t even a real president he had whined and stole it away from Gore and Kerry (voter fraud and civil rights violations). I will remember him as the eunuch that sat as our towers burns and New Orleans flooded. People did not have to die in their attics waiting weeks and up to a year in one case before help arrived. How many innocent Iraqis died somewhere between 400 to 900 thousand so he could again steal a pearl handled revolver from a former US ally who fought against the fundamentalist Mujahedeen that his daddy created and armed in the 80s. I will remember a tyrannt, a miscreant, a nightmare who divided the world. He should be remembered as a criminal who was tried in the world court at the hague and found guilty and placed in jail for the rest of his days. Crimes against humanity, genocide in Iraq, Incompetence in Katrina Rescue that lead to even more deaths. Couldnt this guy do anything correct or noble? Go to Hell W!

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I think W. will be remembered as a man who did what he thought was right, a man of action who refused to back down or see America’s greatness compromised. History will record him as the first president to stand and fight the evil of Islamic terrorism even though it cost him dearly politically.

Thank you for your courageous leadership, President Bush.

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Bush will be remembered as a liar and and stupid. The only reason he was not impeached is that Cheny is worse. That twosome has left this contry in shambles and we will be a long time in shamables. Shame on them for the the rest of their lives.

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Bush is stupid? Please explain to me what a shamable is.

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If a CEO ran a corporation like GW Bush ran the country, would the stockholders keep him for 8 years?

The current administration has demonstrated a complete disregard for the legal system, US Constitution, established international agreements and treaties, without any meaningful supervision by the House or Senate.

The Administration has engaged in personal slander, propaganda campaigns, double-speak and unmitigated fraud for anyone in disagreement with their warped agenda.

a. The House and Senate negated their assigned duties as representatives of the electorate when they handed the Administrative Branch a carte blanch ticket to start wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

b. The House and Senate have stood idly by while the administration carried out illegal wiretaps, refused to provide testimony required to ascertain the extent of the abuses and then passed laws to protect the culpable from due process/prosecution.

c. To allow the President and Vice-president to usurp the power designated to them by the electorate, the House and the Senate can only be recognized as complacent supporters of Totalitarianism and Fascism.

d. I urge Congress to restore court oversight of the government spying program and hold accountable the corporations that knowingly broke the law. I urge full judicial oversight of the responsible parties, removal from elected office or corporate position and, if so adjudicated, incarceration.

e. The non-sanctioned, preemptive wars against the sovereign nations of Afghanistan and Iraq were undertaken in violation of laws governing international aggression. The pretext for starting the wars was done with known deception of elected officials and the people. No matter how big your flag is, it is not big enough to wrap around the bodies of innocent men, women and children killed in battle.

f. I urge the immediate impeachment and trail for war crimes and misdemeanors of the President, Vice-president, Secretary of State, former Secretary of Defense per the petitions that were submitted to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees by popular petitions. This has remained in committee too long already.

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President Bush is a great man and will be remembered as one in spite of the main stream media’s own candidate – bambi (who will fall on his face withing the 1st year).

2008 – the year the media DIED

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Reuters, why such a pathetic lack of journalistic integrity?

You leave out many conservative quotes of substance, while giving your lefty pals a free pass on outright distortions:

Google how many years there were between the next most recent Islamic fundamentalist terror attack on the US and 9/11. Get back to me on how this proves W improved our security apparatus.


Ok: 1993 – World Trade Center bombed by Islamic fundamentalists, 6 killed, 1,000 injured : No response from Clinton Administration

1995 – Islamic fundamentalists bomb Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, killing many US Military personnel housed there: No response from Clinton Administration

1998 – US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania bombed, 200+ killed: No response from Clinton Administration

2000 – USS Cole bombed by Islamic fundamentalists – 17 sailors killed, many more injured: No response from Clinton Administration.

At some point in there, he lobbed a sinlge missle at an aspirin factory, taking out the major threat that was the one janitor killed there, most admit in order to take attention away from his misuse of the oval office and an intern.

So Scott, thats four in seven years if you don’t count the embassies separately, leaving you with an average of one major terrorist attack on the US every 1.75 years under a president who did everything in his might not only to not use the military correctly, but to demean and dismantle it at every opportunity.

On the other hand, within a month of the only major terrorist attack on the US under Bush, we responded militarily. There hasn’t been one since. So, 1 in 7 years compared to 4 in 7 years tells me he’s slowed the rate to one quarter of the rate of attacks under Clinton.

Let me know if you need any more help with math.

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Bush sacrificed the American public in order to protect his own “values”. He has done everything possible to undermine our country and has done so with a smile and a glib “stay the course” on his lips. He has left the country in an absolutely preventable recession, with unemployment rates higher than they’ve been in 15 years, simply because he could and because he didn’t care. He spent 8 years using America as a disposable playtoy and has never once thought of taking responsibility for his own actions and attitudes.

“I think W. will be remembered as a man who did what he thought was right, a man of action who refused to back down or see America’s greatness compromised. ” — Posted by Mark

What someone thinks is right is not always the right thing to do. Politics can NOT be governed by personal values, especially not in a country as large and diverse as ours is. The President must put what’s best for the people at the forefront of his office. What’s best for himself comes last.

We didn’t need other countries to compromise America, he was happily doing it from within. Did you ever stop to wonder why Americans in other countries constantly felt the need to apologize for Bush, or were you too busy swallowing his “everything is fine” idiocy to look past your front lawn?

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