D.C. drinking hours expanded during Obama inauguration

December 2, 2008

(UPDATED to include legislation passage)

WASHINGTON – Unable to snag a hotel room for President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration? Fear not, bars will be open late so you might not need one.

The U.S. capital has a bit of a reputation for being an “early to bed” city full of government bureaucrats, but for a few days surrounding Obama’s Jan. 20 inauguration they could carouse a little bit later if they wanted to do so.

D.C. City Council member Jim Graham offered legislation that would enable restaurants, bars and other places that serve alcohol to do so until 5 a.m. between Jan. 17 and Jan. 21. That’s three hours longer than current rules allow for weekdays and two hours for weekends.

The legislation was approved after council members debated whether to also permit nightclubs to serve those extra hours amid concerns by Mayor Adrian Fenty. Nightclubs were ultimately included.

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Jason Reed (Construction workers begin building the reviewing stand for the 2009 inauguration of Obama.)


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Keeping the bars open until 5am for the inauguration sounds like a terrible idea. Wouldn’t that increase the chances of an accident or unruly behavior?

Posted by Fargo Momma | Report as abusive

Like Bill Clinton when dancing “La macarena” in his moment. Democrats…

Posted by morochos.net | Report as abusive

There is going to be a very hush-hush ball in NOVA, and from what I am learning it will be near Dulles so a lot of Hollywood types can jet in, party and jet out. The week of Dec 15 the tickets will become available in batches and only minimum singles will be sold for about $2500/couple. I can’t say who I work for but I also hear Obama will show and a lot of “A” list actors and major players will be there for short spurts. I also hear security is over the top. Will post more when avail.

Posted by Paul Harrison | Report as abusive

remember this is a liberal america now. no more morals or values.

Posted by dan | Report as abusive

How kind of them to allow people longer hours in which to drown their sorrows.

Posted by Jordan | Report as abusive

Finally, “change we needed”

Posted by U.N. Known | Report as abusive

So many people in one place at one time, sounds like a terrorists dream.

Posted by Patty | Report as abusive

Yep, good to know that any locals who celebrate will be able to get ripple during the wee hours of the morning

Posted by ben | Report as abusive

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we should have different laws for the government. But Right wing, christian, conservative republicans are such hypocrites. I se this article being used on many of their websites and blogs. Meanwhile, they did exactly the same thing for the Republican convention in Minnesota.

Posted by Eric Bischoff | Report as abusive