Obama settles into military role

December 26, 2008

U.S. President-elect Barack Obama is not yet commander in chief of the armed forces, but he appears to be warming up to the role as he prepares to take office on Jan. 20 and begin withdrawing troops from Iraq and sending more to Afghanistan.
First, he used his Christmas message to pay tribute to the “selfless sacrifice” of the men and women in uniform, and then on Christmas Day, in his only public outing, he visited a Marine Corps base in Hawaii, where he is holidaying, to thank the Marines and sailors stationed there for their service.
He spent 75 minutes shaking hands, chatting with the servicemen and posing for photographs at their cafeteria, where they had been enjoying a traditional Christmas dinner before his surprise arrival.
Obama is no stranger to the base. He has been visiting it every day since his arrival to work out at the gym there. He broke that routine on Christmas Day, resetting the clock on the seven-day-a-week workout regimen that he religiously follows when at home in Chicago.
Some of the servicemen appeared bemused to see him, while others whipped out their camera phones to snap pictures after he walked into the cafeteria with a bellowed “Hi everybody, Merry Christmas.”
Local media reported that a Marine stationed at the base, Lance Corporal Thomas Reilly Jr, 19, had been killed in an attack in Iraq’s western Anbar province on Sunday.


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Good for President-elect Obama. As we move forward with the transition I am more and more impressed by this man. He is demonstrating both the respect and appreciation for our servicemen and women that they deserve. From the amount of work he is putting in on the selection of his appointed officials, he too understands the understanding of the word duty.

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Next time you tack my friend’s death on the end of some Obama puff piece, you might want to at least take the time to get that whole sentence you took the time to type right. Thomas “TJ” Reilly was a Lance Corporal not a Corporal. While you at least made the error towards a higher rank, I’m sure you could have spent five minutes to get the details of his death right. I mean, his rank isn’t exactly that hard to uncover. In fact, you should have just left your little sentence out of this article and saved the coverage of his death to those who actually cared more about how he died rather than Obama’s visit to the base. There’s plenty of news sources out there that got this right.

Please be more careful in tacking on American deaths to your news stories in the future…

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I see Obama as God sent to the entire World and not only America, he is a caring man, haven visited the marine base in Hawaii, he has demonstrated love beyond every reasonable doubt, he has shown that it’s good to appreciate people and not just that alone, its good to show love to everyone around us! Please Obama, Keept it up!

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Since when does shooting basketball at a Marine base constitute “settling into a military role”? This is the same person who said American troops were killing civilians and air-raiding villages in Afghanistan. May God bless and keep Obama…far away from us.

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trough out the campaign obama had the answer to every international problem ,to talk to them,i naively thought this was to simplistic but i could be wrong.then he has the solution to the latest conflict between hamas and isreal,let us see if the chosen one can prevail.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

I didn’t know the man that died, but I agree that appending his death as an afterthought to the end of this article was a bit tacky. Perhaps you intended to honor his name -but that’s where good intentions may go.

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