Hawaiian ‘shaka’ greeting comes natural to Obama

December 27, 2008

USA-OBAMA/KAILUA, HI – Barack Obama may be the first U.S. president who can successfully pull off the shaka, a Hawaiian greeting Hawaiians say has various meanings, from “hang loose” and “cool” to “thanks.”
The hand gesture, also a common greeting in surfer culture, consists of curling the three middle fingers and extending the thumb and little finger.
The president-elect, looking uber-cool with his White Sox baseball cap on backwards, flipped the shaka to a crowd of about 30 people as he left a gym on a Marine Corps base on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, where he is vacationing.
Obama, born and largely raised on Oahu, then walked over to greet the crowd, which had waited through a brief cloudburst to see him. Righting his baseball cap as he walked, he shook hands before posing with four babies.

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You silly commentators. Get Hipped, like the Main Scream Media. The hat just means that while, the economy is in the dumps, (and he has no idea how it got there and how to revive it), Russia and China are plotting, Iran is Nuclear, Castro and Chavez will have the same system that Europe is acquiring, to defend, (attack), the Imperialist invasion, Israel is in a real war with Hammas, (Iran), Imigration has not been resolved, and his part in the Blago case is still unclear, Lame Duck President-Elect is looking the other way and trying to look cool. Looking cool is not going to cut it, he will have to get down and dirty before the term is over, or it will be the USA that will be over.

Posted by Your Cousin Vinnie | Report as abusive

johnd, that’s an interesting post… considering that the left (and probably you, too) has been squealing about G.W. Bush since the 2000 election. The Left and their trite little “bumper sticker” sayings: I can clearly recall “Bush was Selected, Not Elected” (only because I’ve seen and heard it for eight danged years). Now it’s OUR turn. Deal with it!

As for Obama, he’s a socialist (and his citizenship has yet to be conclusively proven — a matter for another debate) who not only bought the election, but will think nothing of disarming this country’s citizenry, curtailing freedom of speech, re-writing or completely disposing of the Constitution, reducing our defenses to next to nothing and leaving our country open to her enemies. Have you not heard him say how he wants to create a “civilian defense force?” You have to ask: Why do we need this? To defend against the citizens of our country? Is what he has planned so sinister that, after we’re all disarmed through “gun control,” he’ll need a “civilian defense force” to keep us all in line?

Jeez! Give it some thought and do some research, will ya? Mainstream media isn’t going to report it because, like the author of the article above, they’re too busy worshiping at the altar of The One.

Only no-brainers who can’t think past the next episode of American Idol or America’s Next Top Model or America’s Got Talent voted for this man. If you’d cared enough to look beyond the rock star image (or maybe now it’s the rap star image), you’d see just how corrupt this man and those around him really are.

Finally with regard to “Change We Can Believe In…” another “bumper sticker” catch phrase (that ends in a preposition, by the way). What does it mean? No one really knows, but it SOUNDS good, doesn’t it? I suspect that the reality will more likely be something like “Change Like You Won’t Believe!”

Posted by Neil | Report as abusive

I don’t have a dog in this fight, but the picture used for this story makes Obama look like a punk. It reminds me of how much Dukakis looked like a dolt when he wore that oversized helmet in the tank during the 1988 presidential election.

Besides it is very unpresidential. Remember when Carter tried to wear a shirt with no tie and blue jeans during the first few years of his term? That was unpresidential also.

Democrats always do stuff like this. I don’t know why.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

The president whose from Hawaii uses the shaka!! Horrors!! He must be a secret, chicago machine funded, socialst, Gangsta!!! Eeek! Those preschoolers and grandmas (and every other Hawaian and every tourist whose spent more than two minutes in Hawaii) who use the shaka greeting…Also secret, chicago machine funded, socialist, Gangsta’s!
A backwards hat!!!! What in tarnation has come of this here country?!? Why pretty soon wimmens will be a’wearin’ pants.

Posted by Em | Report as abusive

Why are people offended by a Hawaiian acting like a Hawaiian, but not by a fake cowboy doing a bad imitation of a good ole boy?

Posted by Em | Report as abusive

Wow, I didn’t know “über-cool” was wearing a hat backwards! By the way, Reuters, if you took your journalists/typists heads out of Obama’s butt long enough, you’d realize that, Mr. Bowling isn’t that cool. Maybe it’s the stuttering when not in front of a teleprompter or how he seems to stumble on basic facts (57 states, anyone?), but “cool” ain’t it. He can deliver a speech, though. And he’s Hawaiian. And uh, umm, uh, he’s about as qualified as Princess Kennedy-Schlossberg. How many times did she say “ya know” in a TWO AND A HALF MINUTE INTERVIEW? ONE HUNDRED FORTY-TWO TIMES, ya know. If that was Palin, Reuters would have that as a lead story for weeks. Here’s what AMERICA thinks is cool, Reuters, a woman that can shoot a gun, change local and state politics for the better, raise her kids, look hot and not give a damn about what stupid, self-serving typists in the very liberal media say about her. You liberal “journalists” (just typists, really) have no integrity to report hard news stories with damaging implications about your precious Democrats, going so low as to refuse to indicate party affiliation (D) just because you idiots WANT TO LEAVE IT OUT! That’s why your services are not going to be needed soon. REAL journalists, not the typists at Reuters, don’t care who gets caught in a story and report the facts. You may now return your heads to Uhbama’s butt where you feel safe.

Posted by Tider1701 | Report as abusive

People here are missing the point. We’re arguing that the media is not being the media. Have they even analyzed Obama’s plans or how he’s going to lead? What about what Obama has done for Illinois? You know, like a journalist for Reuters is supposed to do?

Journalistic integrity is dead in this country.

Posted by Jethro | Report as abusive