Bush family cat India, 18, dies

January 5, 2009

BUSH PETSWASHINGTON – President George W. Bush’s family cat, India, has died, the White House said on Monday. 

The 18-year-old female Shorthair was named after the former Texas Ranger baseball player, Ruben Sierra, who was called “El India.” She was given the name by Bush’s daughter Barbara. When Barbara and her twin sister, Jenna, went away to college, the cat stayed at the White House. 

The cat had two nicknames: “Willie” and “Kitty.” 

The Bushes were “deeply saddened” by the passing of the cat on Sunday. 

The family has two other pets, Barney and Miss Beasley, both Scottish terrier dogs.

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-Photo credit: Reuters/Jason Reed (India and Miss Beasley)



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This is another example of how there is nothing private in the life of a president.

Obama, like it or not, better stop whining and get used to the microscopic invasion of everything and anything that goes on in his life. He gave up a private life when he asked for and received the presidency. No exceptions just because it is Obama.

No, this story doesn’t matter, but it a presidential cat, so it is a reportable story. Just the way it goes.

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The bushy family naming a cat India makes one think what the pommie royal family might have done in the good ole union jack days. Moreover, a president naming a cat India…a little out of place….but ofcourse the bushs have been inappropriate and out of place everywhere. Maybe the death of the cat can be construed in a prophetic manner: of the changing world order, where American presidents will respect these very countries, even if they cant somehow seem to place the aforementioned country on the map. Imagine the Indian premier naming his dog America, coz it reminds him of some old friend…

Posted by Meow | Report as abusive

It is uncalled for the make mean comments about anyone losing a love one. I understand how devastating the loss of a pet is. My condolences to the Bush family. India was a beautiful girl and I am sorry she has left this earth. She had a long life but there is never enough time to have with a loved one. I have an 18-12 year old cat who is the love of my life.

Posted by Elphaba Thropp | Report as abusive

I fully agree with Ms. Thropp’s comments.

Posted by PRS | Report as abusive

Just Awful news- I am a BUSH hater but this Makes Even ME an Ardent BUSH HATER- feel AWFUL for him and his whole Family- There is nothing worse than losing your PET-as a person who has two cats and has Always had cats- I know the PAIN- Just horrific- I am a animal lover to the extreme- I feel that Animals give u such unconditional Love and I really like Animals Better than People most of the time So REST IN PEACE INDIA

Posted by Laurie Glick | Report as abusive

India was named for a baseball player…not the country

Posted by cat lover | Report as abusive

I am so sorry to hear of India’s death. My condolences to the entire Bush family. It’s so hard to lose a much loved pet. I’m sure she enjoyed her last years in the White House.

Posted by catsby3 | Report as abusive

Very sad. No matter what the Bushes are human beings and they loved and cared for their cat for 18 years. They are in pain now and I am sorry for them.

Posted by DD | Report as abusive

A loving pet’s death is a horrible loss. Our sympathies are with the President and his family.

Posted by Wendy | Report as abusive

My apologies in advance if the following posting appears to be for commercial gain. But I am sure that all cat and pet lovers, in general, share the Bush family’s sorrow on the loss of their long-time member of the family. Therefore, they and other pet owners who have suffered a recent loss may take comfort in the book written by my clients, (The Rev.) Dr. Rayner W. Hesse, Jr. and Anthony F. Chiffolo: “We Thank You, God, for These, Blessings and Prayers for Family Pets” (Paulist Press). The recent box office hit movie, “Marley & Me,” with its heart-wrenching final scene of the burial of the long-time family pet, Marley, serves to underscore how much pets contribute to a family’s makeup. Finding the right words for paying a worthy tribute to their deceased pet may be too difficult, for some, and this book will surely inspire them to say good-bye to their always faithful companion.

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