Obama’s Kenyan grandmother to attend inauguration

January 6, 2009

There will be hundreds of thousands of revelers in Washington to celebrate Barack Obama‘s inauguration, but only one person whom the president-elect calls “Granny.”

KENYASarah Obama, 86, will fly from her native Kenya to attend the inaugural festivities, the Kenyan government announced on Tuesday.

Sarah Hussein Onyango Obama isn’t actually related to the next president by blood — she was the third wife of Barack Obama’s paternal grandfather. The two must speak through an interpreter as she knows only a few words of English.

But they formed a close bond when he first visited Kenya in 1988.

Her face was “smooth and big-boned, with sparkling, laughing eyes,” Obama wrote in his autobiography, Dreams From My Father.

Sarah Obama will attend a pan-African celebration the night of the inauguration. It’s not the first time she’s been to Washington: she came in 2004 to celebrate her step-grandson’s inauguration into the U.S. Senate.

Obama saw a lot more of his otherĀ grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, when he was growing up in Hawaii. She diedĀ on Nov. 3, the day before he was elected president.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Thomas Mukoya (Sarah Obama at a news conference in November)


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I read that Barck Obama detested the apartheid system in South Arica and has high regard for the moral position leaders like Tutu took against the eveil system. The Israel position now is no different from the eveil regime in South Africa. We expect Obama to condemn eveil practices if he is to have any moral standing. The US government position is certainly immoral. Can we hear Obama take the moral high ground!

Posted by redge | Report as abusive

I wonder if Granny will continue to say she was there, in Kenya, when Barack was born….

Posted by Susan | Report as abusive

Following “redge”‘s comment, I hope Obama will condemn the indiscrimate shelling of civilians in Israel aimed solely at the murder of innocents. I’m not sure where s/he got the idea of apartheid as applying to Israel, where Christian and Muslim civizens vote, even elect members of the Knesset–don’t recall anything like that in South Africa.

Posted by JAF | Report as abusive

I wonder why the kenyan government and Sarah Obama are too keen to attend to Obama inauguration given the fact that
1. Sarah Onyango is not even the mother of Obama’s father – womeniser Obama
2. When the president elect was born, the real father has left mother and child both
3. Not a single Kenyan Obama clan supported the child grew under the shade of late Madalyn & Stanly
4. Obama’s Indonician step father’s family supported the president-elect more than the Kenyan Obama clan, but they do not make a fun of the forthcoming inauguration
5. This old woman (Sarah Onyango) and the president elect do not speak the same language – so who knows whether the interpretor is accurately translating the content.
Kenyan show off and Kenyan Obama clan turn up seems a disgrace because those who have supported the president elect should feel his accomplishments more that those who have’t supported at all – Just stay in Kenya and let the American voters celebrate their success instead of humiliating the president-elect. Life goes on! Amy

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

Obama has his roots in Kenya. That is a fact that cannot change. Therefore Kenyans have a reason to celebrate.

Posted by Brown | Report as abusive

Great. The Usurper in Chief’s step-granny is coming to “celebrate” his inauguration! Yay! It’s so disgusting that Obama might be sworn in and he has not met Constitutional requirements of even running for the presidency! Why would any honest person, like Obama claims to be, refuse to produce his original vault birth certificate, even after two lower courts ordered him to do so?!? He has spent MILLIONS of USD to fight the nearly two dozen lawsuits filed in the US. These are NOT the actions of an honest man. He’s hiding the fact that he was born in Mombasa, KENYA!!! He is a FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by April | Report as abusive

Great — step granny is coming to witness the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people. The Usurper in Chief being sworn in as the president. Americans will not tolerate this and will continue to fight to prove Obama to be the fraud that he is. He was born in Mombasa, KENYA and step granny has stated this verbally and on camera. See www.obamacrimes.com

Posted by April | Report as abusive

I am happy that atleast an Obama clan rep is coming to the inauguration. Most of these cynics still can’t believe that an African-American can be elected President. Obama was not born in Kenya!His birth mother has never traveled to Kenya, check the records.

Posted by Adam | Report as abusive

If you keep repeating a lie…ie. Obama is kenyan not american, if does not make it true. Go to fightthesmears.com and you will see a copy of Obama’s Hawaian birth certificate. Only the ignorant ignore facts because their tiny minds can’t accept a black president. He must be a foreigner! Yeah right.

Posted by stacey | Report as abusive

For those of you fools who still think PRESIDENT Barack Obama is not a U.S. citizen, please check this website:

http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/bir thcertificate.asp

And don’t believe all the propaganda your right wing hate mongering contacts tell you.

Posted by donnajean | Report as abusive

It’s nice to see all of those who supported Dubya, the idiot, for the past eight years are out already, have their knives sharpened and their lies ready. They are exactly what’s wrong with our society!

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

I ABSOLUTELY didn’t support Bush/McCain/Cheney or other neocons. But Obama is a usurper. Congrats. You have witnessed history. America has inaugurated its first Constitutionally ineligible president – a usurper. I wish the idiots would stop quoting snopes, factcheck (which is run by the same group for which Obama and Ayers were on the board), and others showing a Certification of Live Birth and pretending it is the same as a Certificate of Live Birth (long form). Anyone born in any country can register in the US and get a Certification of Live Birth. It doesn’t prove he/she was born in the US.
By the way, even if Obama was born in Hawaii (which he obviously wasn’t because he has ordered the record sealed), he still isn’t a natural-born citizen. He claimed Indonesian citizenship when he went to school there. There was no dual citizenship allowed. At best he is a NATURALIZED citizen.

The one you call “president” is really just a usurper, which is SO obvious, and is not my president. We do not have to obey any “laws” passed by his administration.

Posted by Majority is Stupid | Report as abusive

He’s an American suck it up and get over it.’your’ president gotus in a fine mess with a failing economy and a war that’s gonna be hell to get out of. At least he won it and didn’t steal it.

Posted by dee | Report as abusive

When there are certain postings/comments on this site that are very disrespectful to President Obama’s Kenyan family, be it free speech or not, you are in every since of the word, direspecting The President Himself.I’m sure that President Obama doesn’t disrespect either side of his family(maternal nor paternal). He’s been speaking throughout his entire campaign up until he was sworn in that we should come together as one.

Posted by Brenette | Report as abusive

I am not for DISRESPECT, however when one side dishes it out, how can the other side not be hurt.

I think everyone out there should be mindful of what is said and actions taken.

Like take yesterday, January 20, 2009…..In all honesty, Which side was disrespectful?

Anyone who will honestly answer that question knows the real answer.

Me for one, have total respect for President George W. Bush and I believe all in our land should have respect for that office.

Just remember, what goes around comes around.

Posted by Barb | Report as abusive

To all of you making those idiotic comments that President Obama is not american you are jus plane dumb. so wat if he is or isnt which he is all that means is we would have a kenyan as president america is a land of all races, colors, and nationalities where anybody can be anything. We welcome all. he is the descendant of kenyans he himself was born in hawaii. Just as im sure some of you are descendants of other places somwhere down tha line. So before u place your stupid comments try picking up a book and getting sum real information and stop watching Bill O’reilly and Sean Hannity!!!!!

Posted by terrenca | Report as abusive

I believe each of us have our root from somewhere whether Sarah is not President Obama biological grandmother has nothing to do with her visit to the inauguration; my believe is that she is here to represent Preident Obama late father. I am very proud of our President for not forgeting his root depite the fact that his father left him at tender age, everyone know that men are very strong hearted when it comes to situation like this but he prove to us that the “Holy Spirit” is guiding him and instructing him on what to do do.

Posted by Rachael Bee | Report as abusive

Amy’s comments contain a lot of bitterness(?). Well, its not an accident that events led to the Sr. Obama not taking responsibility for his side of the American family, (though regretably sad that he proved himself irresponsible). Otherwise, who knows whether the president would’ve chosen Kenya and wasted there a nonentity or mediocre when his destiny lied here in USA. I believe that God, in His infinite wisdom, allowed the Sr. Obama to cross an ocean to meet the president’s mother – knowing that their union was going to produce a special child that will lead America in these trying times. On the other hand, the President himself wrote in his book, “Dreams from My Father” that his crisis of identity were only fully resolved when he discovered his inheritance and came to terms with it. He only did so when he forgave his father and wept at his grave. Mama Sarah deserves “granny” because she took care of the Sr. Obama like her own. There is nothing like inheritance.


Posted by Delano | Report as abusive