The First Draft: Wednesday, Jan. 7

January 7, 2009

USA-OBAMABarack Obama can expect questions about his plans to stimulate the flagging economy, his controversial choice of Leon Panetta for CIA chief and the war in Gaza at a mid-morning news conference.

Later, the president-elect lunches with President George W. Bush and all three living former presidents: Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter. A planned photo op in the White House Rose Garden before lunch seems likely to be a damp affair — cold rain expected for most of the day. Still, it’s better than weather elsewhere in the United States: reports of snow in the Northwest and ice in the Northeast led morning TV newscasts today.

On Capitol Hill, more wrangling over whether to seat Illinois’ Roland Burris, who was spectacularly turned away from the Senate floor on Tuesday. Already, a couple Democrats — Dianne Feinstein of California and reportedly Jim Clyburn of South Carolina — are breaking ranks and saying Burris should be allowed to take over Obama’s former seat. The fact that Burris was appointed by Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who is charged with earlier trying to sell the Senate seat, is at the heart of the controversy.

The Congressional Budget Office releases a new outlook for the economy and the budget deficit just before Obama’s news conference.

Reports that CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta — practicing neurosurgeon, former White House fellow and globe-trotting TV doc — is Obama’s choice for surgeon general prompted some ribbing from The Washington Post’s Style section, which suggested a whole “television cabinet.” The newspaper offered TV financial guru Suze Orman for Office of Management and Budget, mother-of-six Angelina Jolie as labor secretary, disaster correspondent Anderson Cooper to head the Federal Emergency Management Agency and talk empress Oprah Winfrey to helm the “Dept. of Oprah.”

REUTERS/Jason Reed (Obama perpares to speak to the press)
REUTERS/Tami Chappell (Sanjay Gupta file photo from 2003)


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The leftist media is already trying to make it sound like the end of the world by shouting up the economy and the financial crisis.
Wonder where they were when Bush inherited Clinton’s mess (not a deficit) the mess he had to straighten out with the terriost organizations Clinton refused to take out when he had the chance.

Posted by Big Don | Report as abusive

Another misguided and misinformed Clinton basher has spoken. Don, do a little research on what the Clinton administration did to fight terrorists. Find out what really happened at Tora Bora and how Clinton was hobbled by NATO and indeed by our own intel forces.
Then look up what the Bush administration did with the warnings and briefings they were given by the outgoing admin. It may change your Fox News informed mind.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

Democrats always need to shout up a “crisis” to push their leftist agenda on the rest of us.

Clinton didn’t do anything “literally” about the terrorist threat, so President Bush was forced to show true leadership to keep this country safe after 9/11. For that I am eternally grateful. Go ahead Bush bashers, you are good at demonizing someone who kept you safe and free so you can continue to bash him. Not one attack on our soil since 9/11, you should say “thank you”.

Also, President Bush showed another example of his graciousness when he invited all the living former presidents and president-elect to the White House. He is a good and decent man who has endured endless partisan attacks by the three democrats, but as usual he obviously shrugged it off and very graciously gave the president-elect kind words.

In fact, because of him, this will be the smoothest transition in history. Unlike what his administration experienced when the Clinton gang left town. BTW, that was destruction of government property they destroyed.

The democrats are fun to watch, they are so misaligned and fight with each other. Happens every time they have power.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive