Red team, blue team? Bush, Obama officials hold security drill

January 13, 2009

Officials from the Bush and Obama administrations crossed paths at the White House Tuesday to participate in a homeland security exercise.

BUSHThe scary hypothetical scenario was how the federal government should respond to a terrorist attack using improvised explosive devices on the transportation infrastructure and other economic targets in major U.S. cities.

They also looked at responses to other disasters like pandemic flu and hurricanes during briefings, including time spent in the White House basement “Situation Room” where  national security crises are handled.

“As Republicans and Democrats, we disagree on a lot of policy issues, but we agree completely that we want this new team to be as successful as they possibly can be, especially in the areas of national and homeland security,” Josh Bolten, Bush’s chief of staff , said before the exercise began.  “And this morning’s activities, I think, will be an important contributor to that. ”

Both sides were definitely playing nice.

“I’ve now been over with Josh one way or another four separate times.  I’m going miss you,” Rahm Emanuel, who will be Obama’s chief of staff, said standing next to Bolten before reporters at the White House.

Reporters were assured that the security drill did not involve any kind of competition between the Bush and Obama teams. 

And so it goes in the post-election era, where each side is patting the other on the back for a smooth transition.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Jason Reed (Emanuel, left, and Bolten outside the White House Tuesday)


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Posted by Alex Jones’ Because there is a war on for your mind! | Report as abusive

I hope Rahm was kidding, we don’t show respect to interventionist little tools!

This is what worries me and keeps a hyper realist like myself awake at night.

Posted by darkness | Report as abusive

This is worrying because they tested the 9/11 situations before September 11th.

Is a new “terrorist” (inside job) attack being planned?

Posted by Belle | Report as abusive