Some countries sad to say good-bye to Bush

January 13, 2009

WASHINGTON – President George W. Bush may be deeply unpopular at home and reviled abroad but in some places people, apparently, are sorry to see him go.

The BBC reports  that Dubya has approval ratings of around 80 percent in Africa where his BUSH/administration increased aid funding and raised the alarm over the Darfur crisis. In fact, children born in the Sudanese region are routinely named George Bush, the BBC reports. And in Kosovo a main street was named after him to thank him for supporting Kosovo’s independence.

Israelis will miss Bush too. Bush has been a staunch supporter of Israel and some analysts believe Israel’s current offensive in Gaza was timed to coincide with the final days of his administration because the Jewish state knew it could count on his support. “Israel is probably the only place on earth where Bush can still get a standing ovation,” Peter Berkowitz of the Hoover Institution told the BBC.

Colombia, India, Ukraine and Georgia are also sorry to say good-bye to 43 for various political, economic and trade reasons. President-elect Barack Obama takes office next week and has been embraced abroad as the man who can repair America’s soured relations with the world.

But leaders like Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, Cuba’s Fidel Castro and Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may come to miss the man they loved to hate when they have to start dealing with his successor, the man that the world loves to love, the BBC says.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Jason Reed (Bush awards Presidential Medal of Freedom to Colombian President Alvaro Uribe on Tuesday)


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You know, this type of coverage makes me want to spew. bush was hog-tied and trashed by the media for years. Now what/ we’re supposed to buy this bactracking by the press because maybe just maybe Obama’s not gonna come thru with his outrageous promises? Oh good luck.

Posted by Kathy | Report as abusive

I completely agree with you Kathy. From day one George Bush has endured the diatribes by the democratic left. A president will be criticized (as well as applauded) for any decision he makes. However, he has been run through the mill regardless of the decision he made on anything.

However, he also never let their rantings change who he was. He governed on what he believed rather than what was politically expedient, regardless of that his detractors say. That just made them madder and they piled on.

This is the smoothest transition ever to take place in our country and Barak Obama and the nation has George Bush to thank for it. He has been too kind, as far as I am concerned. But he will not leave town trashing up the place like the Clinton administration did when they left town.

President George Bush is a class act all around.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

As a young Kosovar I can tell you that President Bush is part of our spirit. We feel him everywhere and he always will be honored by our nation. Fact that the main street in Prishtina is named Gorge W BUSH to thank him for supporting Kosovo’s independence is only a small respect shown by our institutions the rest will come in the following years. I also want to add to that what Peter Berkowitz says regardless getting standing ovation that apart from Israelis people, President BUSH will get always standing ovations from Albanians. We always will pray for him and for United States.
Good bless America


Posted by Beni | Report as abusive

Here’s my 2 cents: while Pres. Bush may be lauded by certain regimes for his strong views on terrorism, spying and torture it must be remembered that he took an oath (twice) to protect and defend the Constitution… Not America, but the Constitution.
No defender of the president will even bother to argue that he has defended the Constitution; most will readily admit that he has either disregarded it or all but shredded it.

The Constitution is america’s most basic rubric of law. every law made can be judged as being lawful by discovering if it is allowed under the Constitution or not… Above all other things it is our Constitution that has made America great.

Torture of our ‘enemies’. Spying on Americans. Freedom of the Press. Habeas Corpus. Federal wiretapping mandates. These are all things that run counter to the notion of a free society.

Add to this the financial ruin that is now upon us and ‘Mission Accomplished’ and the trillions in illegal military contracts and illegal wars and the FEMA debacle and the 35 articles of impeachment (Thank you Dennis Kucinich – 1 Congressman with real cojones) and you have to come to one overwhelming conclusion. Pres. Bush has left America in much worse shape than when he took office 8 years ago. Any trashing he receives in the media is a mere shadow of what he truly deserves for doing to this country.

Posted by Robert Fernando | Report as abusive

Robert, when you mentioned Kucinich, that said it all. You are an ultra liberal. You mentioned alot of opinions about what Bush did wrong, but it is only an opinion and not based on fact.

If you are worried about the Constitution, you haven’t seen anything yet. Our Constitution is coming under attack from the liberals about to take office. Mark my words.

Also, not one member of the liberal democratic members of congress said anything about the problems the media told you about until it became politically expedient to do so.

Just remember this as you sit on your high horse shooting more bullets at Bush. He has kept you safe for eight years with no attack on this country. As a result, you are free to spew out the media driven diatribes like you just did.

You should just say thank you Mr. President. Thank you for keeping me safe and free for eight years.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

Yeah TC, we were all really safe during 9/11 and the Anthrax attacks, both of which happened DURING Bush’s presidency. I’m sure our brave Men and Women serving in Iraq these past 5 years are really safe too. Yeah, a big thanks to the current president for keeping us safe and free these past 8 years…right!

As for the constitution, Bush of course has run rampant over it these pat 8 years, a fact which you do not deny but instead chose to shoot the messenger. (Call a commentator a “liberal” if you must, but keep in mind that Bush has dirtied the term “conservative” so much that it too is now a word of dishonor.) I must say that Robert is quite correct in calling Mr. Kucinich a man with cojones; the only other congressman with such qualities has to be his political opposite, Mr. Ron Paul. At any rate, labels are not what is important, but the fact that both these men are willing to stand up for our Constitution certainly is!

Like 80% of the world, I will not so much be celebrating Obama’s ingratiation on the 20th of January, but rejoicing that the man-child puppet of Cheney is headed for retirement. Now please get out of here and let the adults run things!

Posted by Damned Architect | Report as abusive

“Yeah TC, we were all really safe during 9/11 and the Anthrax attacks, both of which happened DURING Bush’s presidency. I’m sure our brave Men and Women serving in Iraq these past 5 years are really safe too. Yeah, a big thanks to the current president for keeping us safe and free these past 8 years…right!”

During whose presidency was the attack on the USS Cole and the US Embassy in Yemen? If you’re going to make such a statement as that, you must lump Clinton into that. Otherwise, you are proving just how much of a useless idiot liberal you are.

Posted by Tim | Report as abusive

Don’t forget to mention the first World Trade Center bombing occured during Clinton’s presidency. Also, there was the Oklahoma bombing (Timothy McVeigh).

9/11 took over a year to plan. Started during the Clinton administration.

In the meantime, our nation has not been attacked again during President Bush’s term. Again, thank you President Bush.

As for the military, I know for a fact the military is honored to serve under President Bush. They know the Iraq and Afghanistan are just wars and are making the world a safer place. Although the media only told of the problems in Iraq, the fact of the matter is Iraq is more free and safer than it has ever been. Democracy is taking hold day by day. Don’t worry, we will hear of the positives once Obama is in office and everyone gives him credit for it.

The best part of this is the critics are free to say what they want because we still live in a free and safe America. With things like the “fairness doctrine” coming, freedom of speech will be severely curtailed.

Thank you President Bush, we will miss your leadership.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive