Obama losing track of all his things with moves

January 16, 2009

USA-POLITICS/OBAMABarack Obama started out the year at home in Chicago, moved to a Washington hotel for 10 days and is now at Blair House for the last few days before he moves into the White House on Tuesday.

All that moving around has left the president-elect unable to find some of his things.

Future White House press secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters on Obama’s flight from Washington to Cleveland, Ohio, that his recent move to Blair House had left him “a little discombobulated.”

“He just can’t find where all his stuff is,” Gibbs said.

As long as he hasn’t misplaced his inauguration address…


REUTERS/Jason Reed (Obama on the campaign trail in La Crosse)


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Probably not a good thing to advertise. It might turn out to be prophetic when he is making policy that will affect all of us.

I hope he is successful, I really do, but with only 52 percent of the vote, there are a lot of people who aren’t enamored by his brand of politics, regardless of what the media tries to portray to us.

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This is typical of your posts TC, you’ve mentioned several times that Obama only won 52% of the vote and yet it’s a bigger margin than Bush won by. In 2004 these were the numbers, Bush 50.7 Kerry 48.3 and don’t even get me started on the 2000 mess. There were plenty of people who were not excited about Bush’s policies either but that just doesn’t seem to matter to you. A good neo-con soldier to the end.

While this may seem like an attack I am merely pointing out your one sided statement.
As far as the media, why don’t you check out what George Will, David Brooks and William Kristol had to say after their dinner with Obama.

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I am commenting on the article. Also 52 percent is 52 percent. It isn’t a comparison of the elections of Bush and Obama.

Commenting on facts of the 2000 election. Please don’t cherry pick and ignore this again, but the democrats, led by democratic majority leader Richard Gephardt, did a full recount of Florida six months after the recount ended. Bush still won the election. It had nothing to do with Katherine Harris or the Supreme Court. Bush won, he did not steal the election.

There was a book written by someone in Gore’s camp and he said Gore knew the odds were against him in the recount, but chose to come at it from all sides. So, Once again, the fact is Bush won. It is a fact, go look up the record in Florida, go to Richard Gephardt and talk to him, but Bush did win.

As for being one sided, you are one to talk. Give me a break you hypocrite.

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