Facebook becomes posterboard for inaugural festivities

January 20, 2009

WASHINGTON – For those not among the throngs in the U.S. capital for the inaugural festivities for Barack Obama, many have turned to Facebook to describe how they were watching the ceremonies or their state of excitement about the new president.

And yes, it even became a spot for soon-to-be former aides to outgoing President George W. Bush to describe their future after their tenure at the White House.

One Bush staffer described being “employed for only 1hr and 28 more minutes” while another told his friends he was on his way to Andrews Air Force Base to attend a closed-door departure ceremony before Bush flies back to Texas on the 747 airplane used as Air Force One (it’s only called that when the current president is aboard).

Another Republican offered his appreciation for the outgoing Bush team, saying “THANK YOU President Bush and Vice President Cheney for your service to our nation.”

Others declared their excitement for Obama’s inauguration and his upcoming presidency.  As Mercedes Grandin from Portland, Maine described it, “bring on our new President!!”  Heather Morrow, from Overland Park, Kansas, said on Facebook she “cannot tear herself away from the television. this is amazing!”

Others griped about stalled subway or buses to the National Mall or the U.S. Capitol while some described the ease with which they cleared the numerous security checkpoints.

Photo credit: Reuters/Jason Reed (the US Capitol before sunrise hours before the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States)

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I followed both Facebook and Twitter this morning and thought it was such a neat way to experience not only the history we were watching as Obama was inaugurated, but the history of social media itself.

Posted by Kristen (DineandDish) | Report as abusive

Is it just me or there are alot of balls, galas, and party going on when I thought this country is in a recession. Obviously, people still have money to dished out and it’s certainly not the middle class.

Posted by Aeldas | Report as abusive

Just another clue that Social Media is making its way into mainstream media.

Posted by Ryan | Report as abusive

Finally I found an actual website that was thanking George W. and Laura Bush for their service to our country! I am truly grateful for their service. George W. Bush served with class as did Laura Bush. I was seriously annoyed to hear that someone actually boo’d Laura Bush. Say what you want but that is just outright wrong. The unsilent nay sayers are just demonstrating their ignorance by classlessly demonizing the previous Presidency instead of looking forward to a Unified States of America. I didn’t vote for President Obama but I am accepting him as my President and hope he succeeds in office. Let’s stop this nonesense and stop just talking about equity and actually do something unified for a change. Thank you President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush, your sacrificies are appreciated. Welcome President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and tell us what we need to succeed and let’s all get to work to ensure we succeed as a nation. Negativity is tired and pointless. America, you want change, we need change, so make some and start with your atttitude.

Posted by Lisa Molina | Report as abusive