On new White House website, Iraq policy has old feel

January 21, 2009

In its desire to get a new White House website up and running quickly (see our original post here), President Barack Obama’s administration does not appear to have had time to get all its policy OBAMA/statements up to date, at least when it comes to Iraq.

The section on Iraq says that Obama and Vice President Joe Biden “believe it is vital that a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) be reached so our troops have the legal protections and immunities they need.” In fact, U.S. and Iraqi negotiators agreed the draft of just such a pact back in October last year and the final text was ratified by Iraq’s presidency council in early December. The agreement came into force at the start of this year.

The statement on Iraq seems to draw heavily on material from Obama’s presidential campaign. But Obama will have the chance to outline his latest thinking personally when he meets with his national security team on Wednesday, his first full day in office.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst (Obama’s motorcade en route to White House)


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I am one among those who are enjoying today. Enjoying for the hope that you have given, enjoying the moment and preying that “Oh GOD!, pl help Obama and all of us to make it true. Inshallah we will and as u say “YES WE CAN”. I am your biggest fan, not because you are an American but because you sound so human when u talk. You are humble, so normal but still charismatic, your honest speeches forced me to like you and look upto u.

You are my fifth roles model. My Mom, Gandhiji, Shah Rukh Khan, my hubby Nadeem and you are now on the list. Why you? Becz of ur achievements that u could reach at such a height. I am sure u must have faced N number of hurdles but u r THERE NOW.

I was awake lastnite to hear your historical speech. I loved every bit of it except this line “We remain the most prosperous, powerful nation on Earth”. I don’t know what u meant by saying that. However, how I, as a layman understand this, is that America wants to be and needs to be the MOST powerful nation on the earth? Please clarify.

May I ask you why MOST powerful? With who are comparing urself with? Why American needs to be the most powerful? Is it a some sort of inferiority complex, American carry? Why u did not say that you want to be the most loved nation on the earth? Do u want all the nations to bow down in front of America?

This is what two Bush’s wished for, and u can see today the world is at its worst economic crisis today. OIL and WAR, blood and orphans, tears and miseries, injustice and yet denial these are the gifts we have received from America. I had a dream to visit America once and trust I started hating the idea of visiting such a place where citizens are so ignorant that they had not elected Bush once but twice. Pity and anger, I had two feelings for Americans.

Then u emerged as a HOPE. Hope for the world who is shattered with food crisis and somehow trying to sustain infront of the tremendous challenges imposed upon us by America. I am sure you know that what America means to the rest of the world. For us America is AMERICAN PRSIDENT. He is deciding the fate of the world. A dummy god. Please don’t try to be our god. We have ONE up there and he will take care of us..

Please bring shift from your wish to be the most powerful nation on the earth. People do not want this. We all want to live with prosperity, peace and respect. We do not wish to be overpowered by any nation.

Please clarify ur statement to the world as we all have TOO many expectations from you.

Roopa Sharma Hasan

Posted by roopa sharma hasan | Report as abusive

With the current Obama Administration, whether we like it or not, people expect immediate changes. People expect noticeable changes. People want to see the economy soar. People want foreign issues resolved. What they don’t get is that Obama will just be the beacon of change, the leader, the guiding light. America needs to work together to bring the country back to its former glory. A change in the administration does not entail problems get any easier.

To quote the President, “And this WE CAN do. And this WE WILL do.” The administration promises that the dreams and hope to do the impossible can be done if Americans come together and act on the catchphrase, “YES WE CAN”.

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I don’t expect to see much of a meaningful difference in this administration. To diminish American sovereignty, increase the size of government and illusively generate legitimacy for themselves. I think that sums up the majority of our elected officials. I have no reason to believe Obama is any different.

Posted by jason | Report as abusive

For heavens sake, the man has been in office less than 24 hours and he couldn’t even get his entire staff into the White House — give him a break!

Posted by kate | Report as abusive