Michael J. Fox hopeful on Obama’s commitment to stem cell research

January 22, 2009

At an inauguration event at the Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C., actor Michael J. Fox spoke with Reuters reporter John McCrank about his hopes for the Obama administration.

Fox, afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease, expects a very productive “four-to-eight years”, saying Obama “is a fan of science and intellectual curiosity” and is committed to moving forward with research.

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Michael J. Fox, there’s a man of real integrity. He lied on camera in 2004 by speaking out against Michael Steele as having been against stem cell research, when in fact Steele supported it and his opponent opposed it.

So, in the end, as usual, the media helped perpetrate this lie because it was for the sake of getting a democrat elected. Just another Hollywood hypocrite lying to voters and not being held accountable by the leftist press. Surprise, surprise.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

Stem cell research has never stopped. Intellectual integrity is often an oxymoron. Adult stem cell research and use is having excellent results. Embryonic cell lines require as much or more proving than drugs destined to market. MJ Fox and others should separate science from politics and research from the abortion protection issue. Medicine can’t use 50 million aborted fetuses; they are having trouble establishing less than 100 cell lines. It is also good to remember that 1/2 of all research is below average.

Posted by Ron | Report as abusive

Contrary to popular belief, Bush invested more money on stem cell research than any president. He also spent more in Africa to battle AIDS than any president saving precious lives. The last eight years were the most productive ever, so Fox really isn’t being honest, again…

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

While stem cell research has not stopped, it certainly has not advanced at the rate it should. Research that could be helping people like Fox and others with problems that stem cell research could correct are now 8 years behind. Alsheimers is a good example, I have also heard that cancer and diabetes are other examples of areas where this research could be of significant benefit. I may be afraid of some of Obama’s ideas, but stem cell research is not one of them.

Posted by Randy | Report as abusive

Yea right TC, more like CONTRARY TO REALITY, Bush is the worst President we ever had so stop rewriting history.

Posted by Tarro | Report as abusive

Tarro, what did your answer have to do with anything but the usual liberal diatribe. As usual, it resorts to name calling and ranting when you have no objective answer to the truth.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

Michael J Fox is not a lier. He wants to find a cure for Parkinsons (because he has it) and I’m 11 and I know more then you do about him. I’m also reading his book.

Posted by Katie | Report as abusive

are we seeing a slight change of direction from our delusive friends tc? obamas religious mentor said bush was responsible for the epidemic. or are we going to see them with a fetus in one hand and a packet of condoms in the other. all part of obamas bailout plan.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Christopher Reeves, Michael J Fox and a host of other pioneers are my heros. I am a 48 year old female and was diagnosed with MS in Dec 2005. My Neurologist noted that I had likely had MS for the prior 7-8 years. My most sincere faith, prayer and hope is knowing that the reversal of MS symptoms and damage will come thru stem cell research. Please keep moving forward Mr. President and allow the talended researchers move farward. Charleston, WV

Posted by Carol Kisamore | Report as abusive

Hundreds of frozen embryos literally get thrown in the trash every year, for some reason or another. It is not unethical to use those embryonic stem cell lines if they’re just going in the garbage. While a lot of this depends on each individual’s definition of when “life” begins, I think we can all agree that it is more ethical to use an embryo to potentially find cures for diseases than it is to throw an embryo away.

Posted by HR | Report as abusive

Michael you go boy!! I love your courage. You didn’t give up we THANK YOU. We need more people but I know GOD is good. I really enjoy watching you speak. With no pain I can’t wait to meet you.

Posted by Kita | Report as abusive

Wow. Wrong approach. I think Michael J. Fox is an amazing person. Maybe he did lie but why attack his integrity? Is there anyone that is better than him that can judge? He may be misguided and not seeing life for what it is but we should love him not attack him.

Posted by Mandy | Report as abusive