Bush twins offer advice to Sasha & Malia Obama

January 23, 2009

In the White House, it’s tradition for the outgoing president to leave a note for his successor.

This year, President George W. Bush’s twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara, decided to leave their own letter for President Barack Obama’s daughters Sasha and Malia.

Entitled “Playing House in the White House,” the letter is full of the Bush daughters’ memories of first coming to the White House when they were 7 years old when their grandfather – George H.W. Bush – was sworn in as president.

“Sasha and Malia, here is some advice to you from two sisters who have stood where you will stand and who have lived where you will live,” Barbara and Jenna said in the letter, which they read aloud on NBC’s “Today Show”.

“Surround yourselves with loyal friends. They’ll protect and calm you and join in on some of the fun and appreciate the history.”

Knowing that Obama has promised his daughters a puppy, the Bush twins talked about the fun of having a pet in the White House. “Cherish your animals because sometimes you’ll need the quiet comfort that only animals can provide.”

Noting that “it isn’t always easy being a member of the club you are about to join”, the twins urged the Obama girls to have some fun. They even offered a few tips.

“Slide down the banister of the solarium. Go to T-ball games, have swimming parties and play sardines on the White House lawn.”

“Have fun and enjoy your childhood in such a magical place to live and play.”

“Go to anything and everything you possibly can.”

“Sasha and Malia, it is your turn now to fill the White House with laughter.”

But most of all, the Bush twins urged Sasha and Malia to remember that though their father is the president, he is most importantly their dad.

“Here is our most important piece of advice: Remember who your dad really is.”

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Photo credit: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque (Barbara Bush and Jenna Bush Hager leave Obama’s inaguration); Reuters/Jim Young (Malia and Sasha Obama at the inagauguration)


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Pathetic (Bush legacy damage-control) propaganda, similar to the cheesy Bush XMAS video… they were not role models, and do not merit being associated with these children, much less giving them advice.

Posted by Duane | Report as abusive

I agree. How dare the Bush daughters think THEY can give advice! They were a disgrace, a laughing stock and their fathers administration did nothing but give the world a reason to hate America. Malia and Sacha have more grace and intelligence than the entire Bush clan. I look forward to seeing the girls and Michelle enjoy life in the White House and I know President Obama and his administration will bring more optimism during these tough times. Deirdre, FL (a blue state again)

Posted by Deirdre | Report as abusive

Oh stop it. Leave the kids alone. None of them did anything to you. This is not a republican or democrat issue. All the kids of the presidents are good people. Malia and Sasha appear to be wonderful children. The Bush twins are good people too. Same goes for Chelsea Clinton and Amy Carter when they were kids in the White House.

Just leave them all alone, they did nothing to you.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

I think it is wonderful that Bush’s daughters are reaching out to the Obama children!

Posted by Jean Martinez | Report as abusive

I can not stand Bush, and maybe his girl made some mistakes but they were kids. I haven’t met a prefect one yet. They are just giving advise to Malia and Sasha. Leave kids out of it. The bush girls grew up into fine adults and i am sure Obama’s kids will as well.

Posted by Joanna | Report as abusive

To bad some of you can’t take the advise from the Bush twins for what it was meant. To help calm in a time when things don’t go smoothly and things are being said about the new President that is hurtful to his family. It will come because one can not please everyone!! No matter one’s polital preference, I’m sure the the Obama family will appreciate kind words coming from those who have been in their situation. The Obama girls will appreciate the advise along the way. I didn’t vote for President Obama, but I do wish him a safe and successful term!

Posted by Katina | Report as abusive

Duane, Deirdre. Get a life. I’d like to hear some about your children.. Are they good role models? How about you?
The Bush daughters, the presidents daughters should be off the table in political comments. Why you want to be haters? The display of people like you at the inauguaration singing and taunting President Bush is a example of the decay of society in this country. NO dignity. You talk about bigots and racist, but you act just like them. America is gonna get what it deserves because of idiots who voted for a socialist. And socialist congress. later commrade.

Posted by CAL | Report as abusive

These are young people who are nice enough to write a note to Obama’s children. They know what it is like to live in the White House and had wonderful advice when they said, “it’s now your turn to fill the White House with laughter”.

The President will be under a lot of pressure and children can provide relief in many ways and laughter of innocent children can certainly help.

This isn’t about partician politics but about people helping people.

I wish Obama tremendous success and sincerely hope the apparent hatred of some writers does not poison the good will of people who care.

Posted by buffalojump | Report as abusive

Bush may have nearly destroyed the American dream and basically annihilated the pride of her people, but in all fairness, his daughters were nowhere near the high table. In Africa, an incoming president is regarded ENEMY NUMBER ONE by the outgoing president. So it is such small gracious and symbolic gestures that make America a truly mighty nation.-Nyagaka

Posted by gilbert mogire | Report as abusive

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Posted by washington post letter to obama daughters | Report as abusive