Thinking about the U.S. economy? It helps to be a stool maker

January 29, 2009

WASHINGTON – Trying to figure out where the Obama team is going on the economy? It probably helps to be a stool maker.
The $825 billion stimulus bill moving through Congress “is just one leg in a multi-legged stool,” the president said during a visit to Congress this week.
Reporters have been trying ever since to figure out exactly how many legs are on the economic recovery stool.
“Is it a three-legged or a four-legged stool?” one reporter asked White House spokesman Robert Gibbs during a briefing Thursday. And, “What are those legs specifically?”
“I think roughly you have, whether you’re talking about stools or pillars or what have you, three main areas,” Gibbs said. “You have a Recovery and Reinvestment Plan, which is moving through Congress. You have a financial stability package. And you have financial re-regulation.”
“I don’t know that it’s tremendously pertinent to get caught up in whether there are three stools, three legs on this stool or four, or rungs, or what have you,” he said.
“I think the American people understand that we have to deal with … each of these in order to move the economy forward.”
Then Gibbs added a complication: “I’m not sure … which leg housing is.”
But he sought to reassure the American people.
“You may not understand which leg of the stool you’re on, but you understand it’s a problem that has to be dealt with.”
What about the “international leg of the stool that was discussed by the G20 here … people say that it’s not moving anywhere,” asked a reporter, referring to a group of industrialized and major developing nations.
Gibbs said more detail on the international leg would be forthcoming as the G20 meeting in London in April draws near.
Reporters were not entirely satisfied with the level of detail coming from the White House spokesman.
“I’m wondering,” said one, “when you’re going to show us a little more leg.”
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Photo credit: Reuters/Jim Young (Gibbs at a briefing Tuesday)


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tc did you see gibb conducting the press core philharmonic?they were all singing wonderfully in tune.the harmonization was would thought they had been practicing for years, well two years.the only instance of disharmony was when that old chick who sits in the front row,who must have fell a sleep at rehearsal she blurted out”,more troops in afganistan ,i thought you were going to bring them out”.credit to the choir they sang on, but i bet she got a pounding when the cameras were turned off.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

The solution to the financial problems in our country are simple. Give the money back to the people! Give each legal citizen $200,000. This money would be deposited into the banks, people would have money to invest, buy cars, bring mortgage up to date and have money to buy products. It would cost less than the $825 billion package and put the money where it should go to the people.. Not to the corporation and wall street that cause the problem.

Posted by Sharon McKown | Report as abusive

tc ,friday,the flexibility of gibbs and the press core are unbelievably.totally changed was more than a sitting around the camp fire deal. no” cum by are”boy scouts( not politically correct)”but just a lovely warm serene of the admirers asked gibbs if obama ever got mad, and gibbs assured him .”no but he is like a father figure at the mall’,”he waits till he gets home”i am sure i heard some swoons. incidentally the old chick was still sitting there totally confused.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive