Palin Strikes Back

February 5, 2009

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is firing back in a war of words with the the environmental group, Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund, over the group’s new national ad campaign which attacks her for promoting aerial hunting.

Actress, Ashley Judd, narrates the group’s You Tube video which takes direct aim at Palin and the controversial practice of  shooting wolves and other animals from low-flying planes or helicopters.

Palin, the failed Republican vice presidential nominee, blasts the ad campaign as attacks by an “extreme fringe group.” She accuses the group of misrepresenting Alaska’s wildlife management programs, which  aim to protect vulnerable wildlife from predators.

“It is reprehensible and hypocritical that the Defenders of Wildlife would use Alaska and my administration as a fundraising tool,” Palin says in a statement.

“Shame on the Defenders of Wildlife for twisting the truth in an effort to raise funds from innocent and hard-pressed Americans struggling with these rough economic times.”

Defenders of Wildlife, a Washington-based conservation group, first took on Palin during the presidential race, running television ads in battleground states.

In a statement, the group’s president Rodger Schlickeisen said: “By calling us ‘extremists’ she is suggesting that our opposition to her policies and actions is out of step with the way the majority of Americans view her brutal, unethical wildlife slaughter. But it is she who is the extremist in this case.”


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She should be very familiar with extremist fringe groups; her party has become one and she’s its next leader.

Posted by jimbo | Report as abusive

people are shocked as the democratic termites in congress are appearing from the woodwork.the reality is it is so obvious that people are now seeing how incredibly deficient the average democatic congress member they step from behind “the bushes fault”banner, and are now in public view,they pose another major problem for obama as if his hands are not already full.the criticism of palin wears thin when the public compare her to the mediocre perlosi and harry reed etc.her approval on will increase by the minute as the democratic congress push them selves in front of the cameras to try to appear relevant.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

I think it’s silly the way that people think wild predators are like their household pets and need to be saved from the meanies. If their numbers go unchecked, everything goes out of balance. In Colorado cities we’ve got foxes and coyotes eating our pets and attacking us on bike paths. Geez, when are you all going to grow up. And since when did Ashley Judd become an expert on wildlife management? Brutal, unethical wildlife slaughter? Unethical? Who are you kidding? Grow up!

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

idiot …. she’s an idiot

Posted by tom | Report as abusive

Ethical or not, this type of killing is not sport hunting it’s eradication. Now, before the usual crowd here lumps this comment in with typical left wing objection to hunting, I am a hunter and have been since I was a kid. There is no sport in shooting wolfs from a plane in winter. As far as I know there is not huge overpopulation of wolfs in AK. Dave is right in that around cities there are problems with coyotes and such but this is NOT due to overpopulation of a species but rather habitat loss from development. Believe it or not there is a coyote problem in Portland Me, like any animal they follow the greenbelts into the city where food in plentiful, it just happens to be pets. I lived in Portland and there was a coyote den not a half mile from apartment. I actually enjoyed spying on them and yelping back when they knew I was there. Make no mistake though when I went out to watch them I carried a 9mm, six or seven coyotes is not something you want to be casual with. In Maine we have a very well managed deer hunt but lacking natural predators due to killing them off it is now up to us to manage that herd to prevent things like disease and starvation. I’m guessing that there is not a lot of ranching going on in AK so there goes the argument that is used around the Yellowstone area. I haven’t heard of a sharp decline in caribou or deer or moose populations in AK so what is point of this hunt? Most of AK is unpopulated and I can’t think of one good reason to kill wolfs in this manner other than the thrill of killing something which is not why I hunt. Killing a wolf that can’t hide or outrun a plane is disgusting and cowardly, I say drop Palin off with a .22 and a knife and see how she does against a pack of wolfs. She’d have about the same chance as the wolfs being chased by planes do. Slim to none.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

Maybe all you people that would like to blame Sarah Palin should go and complain to the Alaskan Wild Life Agency, since that would be the proper Authority to complain to. How Gov. Palin is involved is beyond me and she does not, or ever has shot any wolf, so at least get the facts straight. Now I live in a state that has deer hunting, should you notify every state and blame the Govs. of those states, no I just think it is all the paid obots who write these little posts, how much they pay you might be in jeopardy because of pay caps. Socialism is just around the corner, and Iran is shooting of missile’s and North Korea is getting ready to fire one off that can reach the USA, thanks for voting for someone who will get us blown up! And you worry about wolves?

Posted by IronJawAngel | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is only trying to move her name forward for political aspirations. When is she going to figure out Republicans and Democrats won’t consider her with a 10-foot pole? Rather than waste her time trying to defend killing wildlife not allowed to hide or defend themselves, she needs to get her dropout daughter and daughter’s lover back in high school so they can support their child.

Posted by Shespathetic | Report as abusive

It is obvious Sarah Palin is a threat to the liberal democratic agenda. So, they find issue after issue after negative story and on and on and report it front and center for all to see. They are digging deep and enlisting celebrities in their cause.

Interesting how they use the “failed” Republican vice presidential nominee. One thing is for certain (and I don’t really care either way) is that she is a force to be reckon with and the liberals are going after her to try to eliminate her as a threat. The thing about it is, when that happens, it usually only strenthens their appeal.

Better to just leave her alone, if everyone thinks she is just stupid and not a factor. Then people would forget about her. It is actually funny to watch.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

Says it all Govt NGO’s and monority action groups based in cities through pure acts of random boredom choose to persecute people who live free independent lives in the wilderness and actualy do something in there spare time rather than plot and scheme

Posted by simon | Report as abusive

here we go again eric you are attacking this women personally,if she fitted into your ex portland sp liberal agenda she would get a free pass.i wonder how you would feel making these comments standing in front of her husband?with a 22 or knife in your hands.reports suggest that he not a hide behind his comments type of guy.get over this fixation please eric.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is dangerously out of touch with the world, no matter your views on this particular subject. She is the paragon of political hype and rhetoric that has devoled BOTH parties over the course of American history.

On to the topic: Nature knows how to balance itself, whether with starvation, famine, disease, the population of species in an area cannot overcome this natural mechanism; humans can because of technology, but we’ll see how long that can protect us. As far as problems with wildlife entering cities, it is the fault of the cities. If Colorado Springs, or Denver, or wherever, had not expanded into the mountains and parks, there would be much less conflict. Nearly all modern environmental problems boil down to one thing HUMAN OVERPOPULATION.

Posted by Zack | Report as abusive

Brian, people who fit my “ex portland sp liberal agenda” don’t do cowardly things like kill defenseless animals from airplanes. When will you get it that everyone who disagrees with you doesn’t fit some liberal profile that you have in your head? You know very little about me or my so called agenda. Palin defends this practice and I, as a sportsman, happen to think it’s wrong. End of story. Stop making SP out to be victim, if she did us a favor and faded away as she should we wouldn’t see these things in the news. She’s not a viable candidate for 2012 and the GOP knows it, who has the fixation more than those who support her candidacy?

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

eric i am not a hunter,i have never even fired a me there are three levels of hunting.1) the ones who hunt to feed their families ,2 the ones who have to unfortunately cull animals,3)and the ones hunt for sport.i) if necessary i agree 2)if no alternative then ok 3) to hunt and kill for sport,disgusting (in my opinion)but that,s not my back ground,when i see the heads of beautiful animals on some ones wall,not the least impressed.i would normally be more passionate dealing with this subject,but if the democratic spending bill fails a lot more of us might have to do what the dems are doing consistently eat our words,as it is a priority to feed our families.incidentally eric i came from a village many years ago people were deported to” van deemans, land” for hunting be careful eric under the liberal dems these days could back.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

So there’s one thing we have in common Brian, heritage. With out revealing my last name I’ll tell you that it is English/Irish in background. Listen man I don’t know if this stimulus package is going to work or not if I did I’d be in government instead of a carpenter. What I do know is that the direction we have been going in hasn’t worked, the details of this new plan haven’t even been worked out and voted on yet so I think we all should take a deep breath and see what happens. Obama is doing what he thinks is best for the country it happens to be different from the neo-con approach that Bush took.
The hunting thing, honestly I’ve always hunted birds I’ve had deer permits and even had one in my scope but couldn’t pull the trigger but at the same time I recognize the need to manage the deer herd. I’m opposed to things like bear baiting and steel traps and I’m not on those hang a head on the wall types it’s just a tradition that I grew up around. I am from Maine after all and I think there are more guns in the state than people. I don’t have a problem with that either.
We have suffered a huge divide in this country and it is due to extremes in both parties, the reality is that except for a few hot button issues most of us are in the middle. I think we all want a clean environment, to get off foreign oil, and be able to save some money for our kids. What I’d like to see is the far right and left politicians get their collective @#%$ together and work out real solutions. No carbon trading (it’s a joke) no clean coal (there is no such thing) and a tax code that works for everybody and doesn’t favor the rich and corporate America, I know I didn’t get a tax break under Bush, did you?

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

Yes, I got a tax break and I’m not even rich (whatever the definition of rich is).

It isn’t just a middle of road issue. I cannot support the progressive liberal democratic agenda, or just democratic agenda. It is all about social issues for me and I have serious problems with what democrats, on the whole, believe in. Not talking economy, not talking foreign affairs right now. Although I have opinions there too, like everyone else.

Like her or not, Sarah Palin kept her downs syndrome baby rather than abort it. If you don’t agree with her on anything else, she should be commended and admired for that one thing alone.

Oh sure, Sarah Palin isn’t perfect, no one is, but she supports values I believe in. It doesn’t matter to me if she runs for president or not. I have others who are more appealing as presidential prospects, so I have no dog in this fight about her qualifications. Even though I believe she could do as well as Obama, which currently wouldn’t require a very high bar.

Palin is a decent and good person who also happens to be ambitious. It is obvious her family is close and all in all, they are doing as well as any other family in America. If anyone can say they have a perfect family, then say so now. Otherwise, stop throwing stones at her.

As for all the fuss about the hunting issues. All that was happening in Alaska long before she became governor. Not only that, unless you live in Alaska, you don’t understand the culture in Alaska. Look within your own state, I am sure there is plenty to criticize, but your governor isn’t on the media hot seat because like she is becuase she is a threat to the democrats. So stop the attacks on her if you think she is so dumb and stupid. You don’t keep giving attention to something that isn’t a threat to you.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive