First draft: Back on the trail again

February 9, 2009

Just three weeks into his presidency, Barack Obama heads back out on the campaign trail today. This time he’s going to a hard-hit part of Indiana where unemployment has soared, to try to build support for an $800 billion economic stimulus package.USA-OBAMA/

Obama, who excelled in the presidential campaign at ramping up support at rallies through emotional speeches, will be holding a town-hall type meeting in Elkhart, Indiana — where unemployment has jumped to 15.3 percent from 4.7 percent over the past year.

The Obama administration is focusing all its effort on getting lawmakers to approve the economic stimulus plan. In fact, yesterday the Treasury Department announced it would delay the announcement of a separate, keenly awaited bank rescue plan by a day until Tuesday so the focus could stay on the stimulus package on Monday.

After Obama holds his town hall he comes back to the White House to face the media in his first formal news conference at 8 p.m EST (0100 GMT).

While all eyes in Washington seem focused on the stimulus bill and the wrangling that’s going on in Congress, the TV talk shows this morning were looking at other stories that have riveted the nation over the past weeks.

ABC’s “Good Morning America” interviewed Captain Chelsey Sullenberger and the rest of the crew from US AIrways Flight 1549. More than a dozen of the passengers aboard the flight — now dubbed the “Miracle on the Hudson” — also appeared in the studio and hugged and thanked the crew for saving their lives.

Meanwhile NBC’s “Today Show” interviewed the mother of the octuplets born in California. The single mother who already had six childen, Nadya Suleman, defended her decision to have eight additional children. But Suleman’s mother, who has been housing and supporting her daughter for years, said her daughter’s decision to impregnate herself again was “unconscionable“.

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-Photo credit: REUTERS/Tim Shaffer (Obama speaks at rally in Wilmington on Jan. 17)


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Obama’s stimulus plan makes me cry. I campare Obama and the democrats to the woman who had octoplets aside from the 6 kids she already had, who is bankrupt, no husband, no job and no plan how to pay for the kids welfare aside from the taxpayers money. Now that is I call hope for the people. That is what the stimulus plan is. Spending that will only result in more taxes and inflation while using people withoput jobs as excuses. This is not a solution but a more problem for the future. Remeber we are 10 trillion dollras in the hole. Wake up and oppose this misleading fallacy. Obama is not an economist and we all know government only complicates economic problems.

Posted by Gary | Report as abusive

Gary I have been reading your posts this morning. I have only one question for you. What is your known solution for what we face? And, I am serious here. I would like to read your options – get a discussion going. Throwing ideas around is the first step in problem solving. Preaching gloom and doom is easy.

Posted by eloise | Report as abusive

Gary, clearly the Bush approach hasn’t worked or we wouldn’t be in this mess. So what do you propose? Enlighten us.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

Keep taxes low and lower spending. That’s what 62 percent of the nation wants.

They don’t want the Obama and congress spending proposal.

Low tax rates the last 8 years worked. Unfortunately spending didn’t decrease.

The Bush tax cuts brought more money into the treasury than at any time in history. That’s a fact. And Obama is when he says otherwise.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

he has never left the campaign trail,if he had done what a president would normally do,let the white house draft a bill.instead he hands it over to nancy perlosi,then criticizes the republicans for not falling in line.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive