Clinton finds the jazz in her job, honors King and Gandhi

February 12, 2009

With jazz great Herbie Hancock and Congressman John Lewis at her side, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hosted a State Department ceremony on Thursday to mark the departure of a cultural delegation to India to commemorate civil rights leader Martin Luther King’s trip therhancocke 50 years ago.

King and his wife, Coretta, traveled to India in 1959 to study the life and works of India’s legendary nonviolent independence leader Mahatma Gandhi. King adopted many of Gandhi’s principles of nonviolence to the U.S. civil rights movement in the early 1960s.
Clinton said she was “jealous” of the trip by the delegation, which includes Hancock, civil rights veteran Lewis, King’s son, Martin Luther King III, and Alabama Congressman Spencer Bachus. The group will travel to New Delhi and other sites associated with Gandhi.

Hancock said the philosophy of cooperation, communication and harmony espoused by King and Gandhi “are also essential elements of every jazz band.”

Clinton, meanwhile, said the delegation was “exactly what the State Department should be doing even more of.”

“Jazz is not just about music,” the newly installed diplomat said. “As secretary of state, I’m improvising every day.”

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Photo credit: Reuters/Tim Parker (Herbie Hancock and trumpeter Roy Hargrove play at Powell Symphony Hall in St. Louis on Sept. 28, 2001)


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“i am improvising every day”is a very appropriate statement from hillary.that seems to describe every branch of obama,s cabinet at present,his campaign banner “change we can believe in “is certainly descriptive of the coming and goings.i wonder if one the tunes at the jazz night was”down the swannie river”that typifies, the spending bill that appears to be following the flow?

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Well is this not nice or what? Clinton not only just set in place an already has figured out way to waste our tax monies. God bless her that she sees a need to spend OUR not HERS, tax monies on foolish trips out of this country by people that can afford the trips on there own. If these people can’t afford the trip on there own dime, join the club and stay home. Can someone please tell me how this will put out of work people back to work? Oh well just another politician doing what they do best WASTE OUR MONEY!!!!!

Posted by G.E.S. | Report as abusive

So let me see if I understand the sentiments…it’s ok to spend Billions and Billions of dollars on senseless wars in two middle eastern countries, completely destroy the reputation of the United States throughout the world by proliferating our skewed view of freedom and democracy, and allow the Bush Adminstration to take a budget surplus of close to a Trillion dollars in 2001 and turn it into the largest deficit on record in a matter of a few years, BUT…it’s NOT OK to spend a little money on sending a delegation to promote peaceful dialog and cooperation around the world in order to restore that reputation. Which would allow the U.S. to re-establish needed connections with businesses around the world, who might want or need our products. Thereby creating the jobs we all so much want to get and keep. Your right, stay home, stop spending, and wait for those Bush Tax Cuts to really jolt the economy.

Posted by Bobo B. | Report as abusive