First draft: Obama celebrates Lincoln

February 12, 2009


President Barack Obama takes a little break today in his roadshow to sell his economic stimulus package to honor one of his heroes: Abraham Lincoln.

It’s Lincoln’s 200th birthday and Obama will mark it by giving speeches at the U.S. Capitol and at the Abraham Lincoln Association banquet in Springfield, Illinois.

In between the two he will stop in Peoria, Illinois to visit a factory owned by heavy equipment maker Caterpillar, Inc, which may be able to rehire some laid-off workers if the $789 billion stimulus package is approved.

The morning news shows and the newspapers all gave time and space to the deal reached by Congressional negotiators on the package of tax cuts and spending increases. The bill will now go to a vote in the House and the Senate before Obama can sign it into law.

As Congress moves toward passing the bills and Obama focuses on selling it to ordinary Americans, new government data showed the number of U.S. workers filing new claims for unemployment benefits eased last week but by less than expected.

But the new data also offered a faint glimmer of hope  … retail sales unexpectedly rose 1 percent in January, a rebound attributed to post-holiday discounts.

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-Photo credit: Reuters/Jason Reed (Obama greets actor portraying Lincoln during celebration of Lincoln’s birthday at Ford’s Theatre)


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the 12 samali sea fairers,are we allowed to call them pirates?have they been read their rights?are they each going to get a it fair to dump them in kenya?should they not be brought here for trial?has the ACLU been in contact with them?these are the questions that would have confronted bush,i get it ,this the change that we can expect,the new york times turns it,s head the other way.where are the protests now eric?it is laughable.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Wow Brian slow down, as far as I can see the article is about Lincoln’s 200th birthday and the stimulus package not one mention of Somali pirates. On that subject however I don’t recall any US ships being seized in the Gulf of Aden so they can’t be brought here for trial and I’m not so familiar with international law that I can say where they should be put on trial. I would imagine that the ACLU dosn’t have the power to do anything considering that the A stands for American.
Somalia hasn’t had a functioning government is almost 20 years, a ball that was dropped by Clinton and not picked up by Bush. With that long a time of disfunction and poverty it’s no surprise that piracy sprang up in Somalia and the Gulf Aden but I believe this is a matter for the International Law Court and not the US government.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

sorry about the haste eric i am trying to get in before the fairness document shows up.i think i mentioned i used to hang out” in smoke filled rooms”views of the opposition are not what socialist are to known to be tolerant with.the democratic party is in essence two partys in one, example,Kerry ,liberal,Waters socialist,totally different animals,totally different philosophies ,that is why unity will never be complete,which branch is the dominant faction and leading? ,liberals air heads ,socialists dangerous.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive