The First Draft: Ghost Town

February 17, 2009

On the day that the government gives itself $787 billion to hand out, turns out there’s nobody in Washington to print it up and hand it out.

After a long Presidents’ Day weekend, President Barack Obama will load the 1,000-page stimulus bill onto Air Force One today and fly it to Denver to sign it into law.USA-STIMULUS/

Congress has adjourned for the week after passing the bill on Friday, so lawmakers are likely back home taking credit for — or distancing themselves from — the record-setting spending package.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has ditched town as well, on her first foreign trip. She’s in Japan today, before continuing on to Indonesia, South Korea and China.

Automakers hope that the $787 billion isn’t the end of the story. General Motors and Chrysler will submit their restructuring plans to the government today with the hopes of securing additional billions in government aid.

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Photo: REUTERS/Larry Downing (Republican Minority Leader John Boehner and House Minority Whip Eric Cantor look on following the passage of the stimulus package in Washington)

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people should think through why they are for this spending bill,a lot of posting that i am reading suggests that they have not a clue what is in it,but they are for it because the republicans are against a republican i honestly believe republican opposition is because of the size of the money involved,and because they have some check how obamb,s cabinet wanted it pushed through with out the necessary scrutiny. is the recklessness because their expectations of obama is so great? that they are prepared to throw all caution to the wind?and the reality is that the people who drafted this bill in congress,have proven they are not the smartest guys in town.

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