Where’s the money?

February 17, 2009


Want to know what the government is really doing with the $787 billion in the new economic stimulus package?

Turn to www.recovery.gov and start surfing. The newly launched website, run by a team of representatives from various federal agencies, was set up to track the money approved as part of the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act”.

One link takes you to a U.S. map and by moving the mouse and placing the cursor over a state, you can see how many jobs are supposed to be created. Right now the map has an “estimated job effect” for each state but it will be updated as jobs materialize.

Republicans, who have criticized the stimulus measure as “pork laden” and subject to little public review, might want to log on.

In a video introduction President Barack Obama said the recovery.gov site was set up to prove the government could be transparent as it undertakes this massive effort to boost the sagging economy.

“Instead of politicians doling out money behind closed doors, the important decisions about where taxpayer dollars are invested will be yours to scrutinize,” Obama said.

The site currently gives projections for money earmarked for things like “tax relief”, “infrastructure and science”, “health care” and “energy”. Once the money starts to go out the website will give details on how, when and where it was spent.

According to the FAQ, detailed state maps will soon be available on the site to track how much recovery money is going to each community.

“Take a look now. Come back often,” Obama urged in the introductory video. “We’re counting on your participation.”

Want to participate? The site wants you to share your story about how you have been impacted by the economic crisis.


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Congress and the President are doing a wonderful job of trying to fix this catastrophic mess we are in. The only thing that can really bring the economy out of a recession is the government. Now I hope that the focus of the administration will turn to global poverty. The Borgen Project (www.borgenproject.org) has some great facts about global poverty and the economy. 43 of the top 50 consumer nations of American agricultural products were once U.S. foreign aid recipients. The annual shortfall of eliminating global hunger was $30 billion. I think it is time to help the 800 million people that go to sleep hungry every day.

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I think that the stimulus plan is a good first step though I think that it probably isn’t quite enough. There is also a need to do something about home foreclosures and toxic debt.

From August 1 to December 1 I was out of work which is the longest time ever for me. During the time I was out of work I made an effort to continue deleveraging. It was a good move because in four months I will have one student paid off finally after many years. I will never get as much into debt again as I was.

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couger, your first sentence ,how do you know they are doing a wonderful job?have you got a crystal ball?i know they are doing something but at this stage a wonderful job ridiculous.this is the blind euphoria that seems to surround obama ,the press have created this,and unfortunately if there is a realization that indeed he is like every body else only human ,can you imagine the desperation among his disciples.for every bodies sake i hope that he is successful because he has not many bullets left in the gun

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Aren’t we good little boys and girls.

I think that the website is a probably a sham that we’ll all adoringly embrace as we all march trance-like towards our doom.

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Here is the truth if you are ready to face reality. There is no fix for this economic problem that we all created. The stimulus is like the people who are foreclosing their houses because they bought a house they cannot afford. They are bankrupt and do not have a job. The solution, borrow more money to spend to get out of debt. That is what we have been doing for the last few years and then some. Do not ask me for any solutions because I don’t have one. That question is for the people we just elected and they better have a better idea than this stupidlus they are doing. They promised to solve all the problems if given a chance. So, here is their chance. Doesn’t look good to me. Coming soon, more unemployment and higher taxes. Hurray.

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honest man dan ,i read some of the posts and there is so much expectation that obama has a magic wand.i checked out some of the harry potter movies to see if i could see him sitting at a desk at that school.thats how crazy it is, and that stupid politician saying if you don,t agree with the spending bill you are a racist,trust me dan it is going to hit the fan.the biggest problem is, americans have an addition to spending ,they go out and spend for the sake of it,it is some thing to do,this might break them off this habit.

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