The First Draft: A Beauty Way to Go

February 19, 2009

Good day you hosers!

President Barack Obama takes off to the Great White North today on his first foreign jaunt as president. Trade will top the agenda in Ottawa as Obama seeks to ease concerns about protectionism. He’ll also discuss the war in Afghanistan and clean energy technology with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Canadian Parlaiment, but the one-day trip leaves little time to get into details. Too bad, eh?CANADA-MOUNTIES/

Obama’s foreclosure plan should start showing results as soon as next month, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation chairman Shelia Bair said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is in Poland, seeking help from allies for the war in Afghanistan. The United States is sending an additional 17,000 troops, but has now lost its last remaining air base in Central Asia after a “Yankee Go Home” vote was approved by Kyrgyzstan.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is headed to Seoul to deal with an increasingly angry North Korea, which has said it is ready for war with South Korean and has accused the United States of planning a nuclear attack.

Unemployment claims are at a record high, according to Labor Department data released Thursday morning, but at least things have leveled off for the moment — the number of new claims was essentially the same last week as it was the week before. Does this qualify as good news?

photo: REUTERS/Shaun Best

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if the debate is going include energy technology,perhaps harper can influence him to be brave enough to hold to his pre election promises about drilling also being on the table , of coarse that was when the polls were starting to get closer. we have the ridiculous situation here in california the county is bankrupt and trillions of dollars of oil and gas just off shore that could be harvested without any more rigs being needed. people are desperate for good paying jobs.that is the lunacy of the liberal mentality.the hollywood elite are frightened that they might have their view spoil at malibu which they would not. if obama could pull this off i would join with eric h and mark and jimbo and the rest liberal puppets on the chorus line chanting the messeiah as come.(ps only kidding eric)

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