New York, California want rejected stimulus dough

February 23, 2009

Watch out Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina, New York and California would love those dollars you turn down from the $787 billion economic stimulus plan.
A few governors, namely Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal, South Carolina’s Mark Sanford and Mississippi’s Haley Barbour, have all said that they may turn down some of the stimulus money for their states, particularly aid aimed at bolstering unemployment benefit programs.
“We can’t pay for the benefits already in the program, but to get the stimulus money, we’ve got to increase the program’s size and scale,” Sanford said on “Fox News Sunday”.
That has some other states hard hit by the deepening recession calling for the money to be sent their way, especially New York where Wall Street has been laying off workers by the thousands.MARKETS-STOCKS/
“If any governor — Democrat or Republican — leaves stimulus money on the table, then we respectfully request that funds be distributed to New York,” the state’s two Democratic senators, Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, said in a letter to President Barack Obama on Monday.
Another New York lawmaker, Representative Anthony Weiner, plans to offer legislation that would redirect rejected stimulus funds to other states. 
“If some governors decide to reject the money, 45 other states should be able to use it to create thousands of jobs. We have plenty of projects across the country that will put people to work and help achieve long term economic growth and stability,” Weiner said in a statement.

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Mike Segar (Wall Street in New York City.)


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Good for them. The states have to quit accepting federal aid that mandates things not prescribed by the constitution. Too long have the feds used this money and the attached strings to over step their bounds into the sates and the peoples affairs. There’s much more than 5 considering not accepting the money. Over 20 states have state sovereignty legislation being drawn up to send a message to the feds that they’ve overstepped their bounds according to the 10th Amendment and that the states will not continue enforcing federal mandates at the states/peoples’ expense.

Posted by jason | Report as abusive

Frankly, I see state government as a dying breed….it only leads to unfair, discriminatory practices as well as educational deficiencies. Federalism is the only way to equality!

Posted by nursehope | Report as abusive

california,needs all the money it can get,this how crazy it is here,we have millions of dollars worth of oil and gas,just off shore.what is in short supply is WATER,AND IT IS GOING TO GET the idiots here are pushing a head with the idea of producing bio fuel.IOOO GALLONS OF WATER TO PRODUCE 1 GALLON OF GAS.YES 1000=I so to make it simpler for our secular progressives to see through the haze, to fill your tank is the equivalent to 20,000 gallons of water.sorry but sadly a wast majority of the people reading this posting have intentionally switched off,because this is liberal idealism,that is why in califoria we are broke.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

It will never happen.

If they turned down the money, the people of their own states would tare them into little pieces,

The public servants who otherwise might have saved them but now face the prospect of unemployment; will be busy saving kittens from trees and such.

In short there would be no safe haven left on this planet, for someone so calous and self centered.

Posted by cyberbian | Report as abusive

Brian, liberal idealism? You have a Republican governor. I’ve never heard of it taking that much water to make a gallon of bio fuel but if that is the case then I don’t blame you for being upset. Why not get Arnold to bring back the electric car that CA helped to kill. Find and watch “Who Killed the Electric Car” its’ available online for free.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

Why don’t all you guys run for public office and prove your ideas; are more than just hot air

Posted by theodore | Report as abusive

The millions of illegal Mexicans overwhelming the state and the stupidity of its Governor have severely damaged the state. In New York, the Governor goes from one mistake to another one and looks confused and apparently does not know what he is doing.

Posted by George | Report as abusive

California does need water but they still have not built a water plant they did it in Europe and Spain and Saudia Arabia but you won’t build in Cal. what is wrong there also you allow illegals in your state to use up your resources and everybodys eles. It time to tell your mayers and senators and congress to stand up for your rights, if you can’t stand up for your rights then don’t ask everyone eles to feel pity for you

Posted by Barbara | Report as abusive

terminator got elected because of his celebrity and because grey davis lived up to his title.terminator is a republican like the 2 from maine ,political correctness is how they survive.i saw a commentator debate with a bio energy advocate last week ,and at present that is the ratio ,but he said they were hoping to developing a crop that would need less water.the progress of the electric car two main hurdles detroit unions and the strength of the lobby killed the rapid transit ideas years ago.probably have to rely on japan.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

theodore, definitely one of your kinsmen eric h,not to happy about opinion,or free speech ,the trends are there every day to see,socialism,s,tentacles are stretching out,it,s like a virus eric head for the hills.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Barbara’s comment is bizarre to me. I have heard of shifting the blame to people you don’t like, but c’mon! You are actually blaming Mexican immigrants for the water shortage? According to Wikipedia, “Deserts in California make up about 25 percent of the total surface area.” Do you think that might be part of the problem?

If you want to stop illegal immigration, it’s easy. Pass legislation to levy a $25k fine on employers for each undocumented worker – problem solved! They come here to get jobs. George Bush knew that & he did nothing.

Posted by Tim Charpentier | Report as abusive

yes tim i hate to admit it, you are correct.i used to work for a company ,and just two examples of many,of what goes on here in ca, one was, one of the workers had acquired a false card(social security no) he was a guy and the card belonged to a lady i think she had died ,not sure, but it transpired that the lady had owed over 5000 dollars and they were coming after him for the money,he complained and they gave him a new number to 2 another guy had a fake work permit and he had paid to much income tax so he complained and they gave him a social security number to get his tax back,this was during the bush term of office ,but that makes no difference, thats what is going in califonia any were else i don,t know.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

You have got to be kidding me…Illegal immigration responsible for water shortage. It is illegal immigration that keeps california runnig. What hotel, eatery, or farm field do you know of where illegal immigrant are not employed? Everyone knows where they are but the harsh reality is that they work for sub-par wages and removing them would be more of a financial burden than it would a benefit. Please tell me this is not breaking news to you Barbara? And just in case you didn’t know your name is Latin..maybe its illegal too?

Posted by Antonio | Report as abusive