Obama walks the blue carpet

February 25, 2009

Hollywood had its red carpet Oscar night for stars on Sunday. Washington followed two days later with President Barack Obama’s walk down the peacock blue and gold carpet of the House chamber for a speech to a joint session of Congress.

OBAMA/Candycane was the power fashion statement. Obama wore an eye-catching red tie with diagonal white stripes, Gov. Bobby Jindal giving the Republican response wore a red and white tie but his stripes were bigger. (The designers could not be determined by the untrained eye).

But the standing ovations preceded Obama’s entrance into the congressional chamber. First for US Airways Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger who has become a national hero for safely landing a plane in New York’s Hudson River with no fatalities. The simple jewelry of his pilot wings adorned his uniformed breast.

The next power celebrity to get a rise out of fans was U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who appeared frail after her recent surgery for pancreatic cancer, wearing a delicate white collar around the neck of her black judicial robe. She got a warm hug from the president.

First lady Michelle Obama was a vision in a royal purple sleeveless dress (again the designer could not be determined by the untrained eye) but it was pretty. She blew a kiss at her husband.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wore bright rose and gave out lots of diplomatic hugs and kisses.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in olive green, wielded the power gavel as she presided over the event. Vice President Joe Biden, in light blue tie, was seated next to her behind Obama as he spoke.

“Nobody messes with Joe,” Obama said to laughter all around, looking back at his consigliere.

Obama used a lot of hand gestures while he spoke: the finger-point, the two-handed bookend, and the hand chop.

And at the end of the evening he used his hand to sign autographs on the way out of the chamber.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Pool (Obama addresses joint session of Congress)






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They better enjoy it now because Obama will be a one term president just like Carter. Move over Obama, Gov. Jindal will be the next president who will say that he will fix the deficit that we inherited from the Obama administration because of the failed stimulus policy copied from Bush. These are the future after the one term of Obama administration, new and higher taxes for everybody, inflation due to budget deficit, massive government and high cost of living.

Posted by Dan | Report as abusive

I just don’t know what is wrong with the republicans. If they can’t have it their way, just like little kids, then they pout and cry and get negative. I thought PRESIDENT Obama’s speech was very good and said a lot of things that needed saying. Tough love is what this country needs, not more of the Republicans usual business.

Posted by Richard Hughes | Report as abusive

At last, you have an inspired President. He could lead you to a better world if you let him. If you keep setting up obstruction like in the past, you’ll get what you have enherited so far, pain for the smaller. of course the Fat ones can may be keep getting fatter, but that does not inspire anyone and will not set the country back on track. The whole world backs your President’s Plan. Your country put the world in pain and we are expecting you to move ahead and lead the world out of pain.

thanks for the support

Posted by Elaine Bissonnette | Report as abusive

phantasm at it,s best elaine,sorry i do not support socicalism,and i think that what he is doing is creating a mentality of entitlement,something from the government,a freeby,a hand out,little bit of help,the wealthy have too much,i need it more than them,all platitudes,that i have heard expressed lately,this going to come back and hit him hard.i have heard people now saying why should i bother paying as i do, nobody does now. the incentive has gone ,read some of the recent blogs posted here.this is dangerous because when the entitlements dry up then he will see,as crime soars.i have seen it all before.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive