The First Draft: Obama heads for the Hill

February 24, 2009

It’s not an official State of the Union speech, but President Barack Obama’s Tuesday night address to Congress is showing all the signs of a major event. The pre-game show started late Monday, with an extraordinary free-wheeling question-and-answer session at the White House with U.S. senators and members of the House of Representatives. It continued on morning television, where Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs managed to hit ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN.


Obama plans to offer “a sober assessment about where we are and the challenges that we face,” Gibbs told ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Does Obama favor nationalizing U.S. banks? No, he told NBC’s “Today”: “Our banking system has always been private but regulated.” To all questioners, he gave some version of what he told “Today” — “We understand there are brighter days ahead.”

Before he heads for Capitol Hill for the 9 p.m. EST address, Obama has a morning meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso. The global economic crisis tops the agenda, with other key topics expected to include Afghanistan and North Korea.

Elsewhere in Washington, NASA announced that a satellite meant to monitor global climate-warming carbon emissions failed to reach orbit after a pre-dawn launch from California.

Not much of a Fat Tuesday visible from the Front Row.

Photo credit: Reuters/Jason Reed (Combo image of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs at January 23 White House briefing)


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eric h,i will take back what i said in a previous posting, giving 900 000 000,dollars to hamas ,brilliant move by obama,s team. best job creation scheme up till now, provided of coarse we stipulate that they buy american weapons and not russian ones. only possible set back if by chance they do spend it on rebuilding,then israel will knock it down again then another 900 000 000 dollars with out the jobs bonus.

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Looks like Obama forgot the part about the incompetence of the federal government to do anything correctly.

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Brian what are you talking about? I haven’t seen anything about money for Hamas, but I’ve been busy working and snowboarding so I might have missed it.

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yes i saw your lack of activity ,i thought you might have been out planting the blue berry plants?i was thinking at least the spend plan has given eric some work.if it had not been true about the money for hamas, do you think the posting would have through?this is a main stream news organization only liberal propaganda.incidentally in case you don,t know blue berry plants for maine ,a sample of the pork that got past the master of change.i hope you take some berries round to the 2 demlicans.the 900 000 000 for hamas could create some work out there for american workers ,but there again i think heads might roll.

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