Everything old is new again

February 27, 2009

Some things never change. Take, for instance, the fact that a president does not make decisions based upon the polls.

Polling seems to be a flourishing business. Pollsters survey us on just about anything. Click on the Pew Research Center’s website  and you’ll find polls on such issues as our views on torture and warrantless wiretapping, or President Barack Obama’s skills as a communicator.

George W. Bush said over and over again he did not make decisions based on polls. So we wanted to point out that Obama borrowed some of Bush’s phraseology in talking about polls with interviewer Jim Lehrer of PBS’ “Newshour.”

He was talking about his decision to remove most U.S. troops from Iraq over 18 months while leaving up to 50,000 troops there with all to be out by the end of 2011. USA-OBAMA/

Roll the videotape:

MR. LEHRER: You’re not the least bit uneasy over the fact as John McCain and John Boehner, the Republican leader of the House, have praised your plan while the Democrats are criticizing it?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: You know, I don’t — I don’t make these decisions based on polls or popularity. I make the decisions based on what I think is best. This is consistent with what I said during the campaign. The fact — if anything I think people should be interested in the fact that there’s been a movement in the direction of what I thought was going to be the right plan in the first place.

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Photo Credit: Reuters/Jim Young (Obama at Camp Lejeune talking to Marines about Iraq plans)


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It is the same old politics, nothing changed, just the people running it. It is the same phrase Bush used all the time about his policies. What I see coming is a massive government and waste of peoples money. When government is in charge, corruption is guaranteed to ran rampant and spendings are consistently wasteful. Less government intervention, less corruption, less wasteful spending. I know it by heart, I used to work for the government. This fiscal responsibility they are talking about is a sham.

Posted by Teresa | Report as abusive

Is anyone else as underwhelmed as I with this president? In his first two months in office he’s overpaid for a bankrupt bank; retreating from a war we’re winning in Iraq; and asked for about a trillion dollars a week. And, to think…no, it’s better not to think about it.

Posted by Ryan | Report as abusive

We have become addicted to a culture of critique and destroy followed by public retribution. Much to much of our daily news experience is directed to critique,criticize, and pull down others. It’s as though we need to justify ourselves by participating in the public lynching of others. We are obsessed with making public personalities appear as though they are somehow evil and don’t deserve to be where or what they are. We quickly get embroiled in the attack on the actions of those we put in office, or see in the press. Is no one worthy of our respect and support. Maybe we should walk in our own shoes for a bit before we succumb to mob rule, and run to get the rope. We gave GW eight years to prove himself, but now we are eager to destroy Obama within weeks of his taking office. Lighten up yall.

Posted by William Snyder | Report as abusive

Thats the problem with presidents( and elected officials… they do what THEY THINK is best.

Posted by jason | Report as abusive

You cannot lighten up if your future is being decided by incompetent people in the government. We have the right of free speech on things we see as wrong. Critiques are part of a free government, we are not in a dictatorship, are we? Obama’s plans are quite fiscally irresponsible and dangerous. I do not want it and I have the right to say it. This is not a public lynching, but a disagrement in fiscal responsibility. I do not follow blindly anybody who is leading me to a destructive path. So, you are the one who need to lighten up William!

Posted by Dan | Report as abusive

people are being asked to take obama on face value,but because the majority of the people still don,t much about him, thats a problem.the press were so against bush they let the american public down shamefully,by actually protecting him from regular scrutiny.all the shouts of the chosen one and the rest of the fan fare had people jumping on the band wagon with out any real judgment.he might be what the blind swooners think he is, but we are not sure yet.what is so scary is when he is standing there, and you look at the people standing behind him,these people in congress have very little creditability among the average american.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive