The First Draft: chilly winds and hot air

March 3, 2009

There’s a cold wind blowing in Washington on Tuesday morning, one day after a late-winter storm dumped up to a foot of snow on the region. DC residents anticipate a thaw when our national leaders provide their daily dose of hot air. WEATHER-USA/SNOW

President Obama meets U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the White House at 11:30. They are expected to discuss their efforts to revive the global economy.

After that, Obama meets with Boy Scouts at 3 p.m.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke testifies to Congress about the economy starting at 10:00, and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner testifies about Obama’s budget proposal at 12:30. Markets are continuing to swoon after yesterday’s plunge; will their testimony spark a rally?

At the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Robert Gates will meet his French counterpart, Herve Morin.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in Jerusalem, pledged to push hard for Palestinian statehood and said the United States might seek to improve relations with Syria.

The Senate begins debate on a $410 billion spending bill that would cover government operations through October. Obama’s former rival, Republican Senator John McCain, is upset about the earmarks contained in the bill.

The House may vote on a housing bill that would let bankruptcy judges reduce mortgage debt.

Photo credit: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque (A worker clears snow from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington on March 2)

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They are not talking about Solar systems, Wind and Wave Turbines or advanced Batteries and Fuel-cells, nothing !!!

The Media these days in the USA , on TV ,Radio and Print is only talking about gossip, rumors and potential failures of the Obama-Biden Administration, that’s all they talk about, to see where there is maybe a mistake, a problem, a disaster, a division, a conflict , a hole, anything to sell fabricated bad news …. just like Rushy ” “HGH-Steroid-Speedball” Limbauphoma and his minions , they only talk about failure of the President and America…the ” i told you so patriots “, isn’t wonderful ? what a pack of corrupt traitors !

a) The Health Care Lobby is launching , for starters, a 30 to 50 million dollar lobby-media attack against the Obama-Biden Administration push for reform , so we’ll see all the neocon pundits on TV and Radio finding excuses for not changing anything, the good news is that the Obama-Biden Budget does not cut any money for Doctors from Medicare , so far so good, and as many agree with President Obama , one big problem is that Medicare and Medicaid have become a huge ATM – cash machine for the Pharmaceutical-HMO and Insurance machine and they don’t want to give up the free fat,and that’s why is so important to keep all the neocons away from the FDA,FTC and the FCC, the content and the medium.

b) One idea at the Congress Hearings last week about starting a 1.000 dollar a year retirement fund for every worker to complement Social Security and 401k’s is a good one,according to the Hearing he average worker has only 60.000 dollars for retirement, not enough !

c) The news that a movie studios lobby’st ultra-neocon operator like Leibowitz is going to head the FTC is a mayor disaster for the Culture, Education and Healthy Foods of America, they will impose their “taxed ” foods and their corrupt , colonialist and incompetent vision of America, this is a big win for the neocon lobby of Murdoch, Kravis, Schwartzman ,Diller and the ortodohox group of Leibowitz’s wife, the ultra-neocon writer Ruth Marcus, it’s like going backwards to the orthodox fanatics of the XIX Century, what a disaster ! , they are putting in power the same people that will later try to bring down the Obama-Biden Administration, a re-run of the “Monica-Philip Morris” nightmare of the 90’s , so we will have to deal with the nightmare …what a setback ! , this means that the Emanuel lobby from the “Hollywood-Nicotine-Hard Liquor-Warmongering-Junk Food-stupid TV ” studios is really taking over !

d) Some of the most valuable employees of the Hedge-Fund Lobby are the workers inside their targets, be corporations to be taken over or federal agencies – like FTC,FDA,FCC and the Cabinet Departments – per example take the vital Energy Dpt. where since the late 60’s many scientists have been trying to pass NASA fuel-cell and battery technology to Detroit and the Auto Makers, and always the neocon in charge would say : NO ! LET’S USE ONLY OIL ! …and this critical technology would stay at NASA and only for shuttles and space stations, never to be used in the consumer – auto – motor sector, so I wish the best to the Energy team, to Secretary Chu, Presidential Advisers Holdren and Browner, EPA’s Jackson as well as Secretary Vilsack,Salazar,Solis, Donovan ,Duncan and General Jones, good luck to all of you breaking free from the neocons in the Energy -Jobs sector and bringing down to the consumer all the great technologies kept away from them for so long , good luck !

Dear Team : America needs to hear you all talking about new factories of Solar ,Wind , Wave, Geothermal, Synthetic and Bio – fuels Energies, electric-hybrid plug-in cheap good cars and new IT Health solutions, and above all right now : healthier foods and drinks for all, we can’t create a better America with the “fast” junk food available today , we just can’t !!! what we have now is a “feeder” for the Pharmaceutical racket.

e) and here is another huge issue for the Obama-Biden team : as the media has reported, ExxonMobil is getting really dependent on Middle East – Qatar for their gas and oil reserves, this is a disaster, this forces them to push for more troops in the Middle East,against Energy Independence and against getting the USA Troops out of the region, so it’s vital that some one in Congress ( !!! ) tells the neocons running ExxonMobile to switch to alternative energies: IF THEY ARE AS PATRIOTIC AS THEY SAY !!! It’s imperative for America’s Security that a key company like Exxon Mobile ( and the other Big Oil partners in the USA ) becomes Number One in Wave – Current turbines, Wind turbines, Solar energies and advanced batteries and fuel-cells, a vital area where America needs a massive push : the fact is that China today is number one in this alternative energies investments in the world , so why are we behind ? why ? but we know that if we ask this necessary change from the corrupt and incompetent politicians and bureaucrats in D.C., all we will hear is the sound of belts and pants dropping to the floor, we know that much , right ?

f) and as many callers to are asking :”…..why are we giving money to Auto Makers and they spend it on Nascar and other auto races that burn massive amounts of imported oil ? are we stupid or what ? why not demand that Bail-Out Companies use home-grown fuels ? like from algae-seaweed, jatropha, camelina or sugar-cane ethanol ? or why not re-start that plant ( in Montana ? ) to turn natural coal to liquid diesel ? and why is the Army,Navy ,Marines and Air Force also burning oil in these auto races ? people want to know the logic of this , are the ones in charge getting paid by the Oil Lobby ? or by Saudi Arabia ? or by Qatar ? or by whom ? or are they just incompetent ? Civilians and Soldiers are dying in Oil Wars in the Middle East and here we burn imported oil like old paper ? why ? where is the logic ?

President ,Vice-President and Congress : Set C-SPAN , NPR and PBS FREE !!! set them free from the neocon lies ! we only get as guests the same crooks that got us into this financial mess, the same ex-SEC thiefs that fabricated this economic disaster now are trying to tell us that no one saw anything, it was just a mistake, no one to blame , what a pack of lies ! , and they always refuse to talk about who gets the A.I.G. money , about Greenberg and Frenkel, chairman and vice-chairman , and all the Greenberg partners that started with him in 1998 to sell Credit -Default -Swaps , the root of the problem, they refuse to talk about this and about Bernard Madoff and his partners , why ? who do they work for ?

g) Dear President Obama and Vice-president Biden : talk again to the American People:either we change our habits or we go down, and because 40 % of the people still don’t understand the gravity of the situation, we need to switch to 12.000 dollar electric-hybrid plug-in cars with E-85 motors in the millions , and start building WAVE – CURRENT and WIND TURBINE FARMS , SOLAR SYSTEMS and GEOTHERMAL SITES ALL OVER THIS GREAT LAND , we must change or we will go down for a full generation or more !

h) When “some” in the GOP attack the deficits and your Budget, without mentioning the 11 trillion dollar National Debt that your Administration inherited from the previous one, they are un-american and un-patriotic, and they are lying, it’s time to offer new solutions, and one of the first ones is to get all of us, including the USA Oil Industry, out of imported Oil, that’s the real patriotism today.

i) President and Vice-President : about Broadband, so vital for Health Care, students , workers and consumers , we just heard this week that the ex-chief economist of the FCC had a study done about your proposed 7 billion dollar plan and he said that it is a waste of money ( !!!!) , he said better spend the money fighting gangs in L.A….well if we give the kids everywhere some more choices and training with broadband, instead of stupid social sites that steal all their personal data, they won’t join the gangs, that’s what it’s all about ! so as long as these neocons are in the system, they will backstab you and we will never get Broadband for the whole country…I still don’t believe a single word from Summers, Emanuel, Geithner, Bernanke, Bernstein, Orszag and their partners , not a single word, and they are great people but with a very different agenda, they will stab you 2 in the back, sooner or later…let’s hope you 2 see the trick before it’s too late……In the meantime, it’s great to hear that more Community Health Clinics are in the works, that’s solutions for America and the USA media ,of course, will not even mention.

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when the iraq war turned around ,due to the fact that the serge was successful,and it was no longer as big a vote loser, the democrats turned their attention to the economy to attack bush, this was a political decision to distract that time the was no obvious negative news about the economy the dow was high and unemployment was low.i think it was totally irresponsible for them to do this just for votes,i think this has now back fired because it is their responsibility now .the chickens have come home to roost.,

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the money in the spend bill for alternate fuel ,could califoria get some if they make pot legal?the amount that would be grown here, surely it could have another concern, all that smoke going up into the air do think al gore should get involved?

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