First children get new swing set

March 5, 2009


A puppy isn’t the only thing first children Sasha and Malia are getting to ease their transition to White House life.
A well-equipped playground set appeared outside the Oval Office Wednesday, complete with swings, slides, rope ladders, climbing slopes, clubhouse and crawl spaces.
The playground set was designed by Rainbow Play Systems.
The positioning should let President Barack Obama keep an eye on the children while working.
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Photo credit: Reuters/Larry Downing (New swing set erected near Oval Office)


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There are so many firsts with President Obama in the
White house.

The wonderful is seeing a loving family. A loving
father loving his children along with his wife.

Genuine love is something I have not seen in the “White

Most presidents have had their “eyes wonder”.

I am very proud to be an American.

Posted by Constance Muldrew | Report as abusive

Don’t go blind just because it is Obama. Bush was an honorable man with a loving Christian family who showed genuine love for each other.

Regarding firsts, they were saying the “first” children got a swing set. The writers weren’t referring to any record being set.

I don’t understand the infatuation with Obama, but please don’t let your eyes go blind. He is proving to be just another politician who makes mistakes just like those before him. Right now, he has a lower approval rating than Bush did in the first month in office. He really isn’t what he was elevated to be.

I am very worried about our future as a country because of the decisions he is making. In the end, he will likely go down as one of the worst presidents because of this.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

I am delighted to see that the girls have appropriate equipment to play on outdoors at the White House in order to have some fun exercizing and using their imaginations. However, in order to keep them physically safe, there needs to be some resilient surfacing placed underneath the equipment to protect them from a serious injury in case of a fall. This would also send an important safety message to others (parks, schools, parents) who install ourdoor play structures for their children.

Posted by susan miller | Report as abusive

WHO cares that Barack Obama’s children got a swing-set! Good grief! Good for him! That was at least ONE good decision he’s made since he became President!
People who report such pathetic incidents as this need a REAL job!
I’m curious to see if “this” one gets published! haha
Rush Limbaugh for President 2012!!!

Posted by TJ | Report as abusive

My question is – who paid for the darn thing? Honestly, in these struggling economic times, the Obamas would be wise to be setting an example of watching their and OUR spending! Don’t know of too many other families splurging on a new WOW swingset these days. Obama is a fraud – just look at the ridiculous amounts of money this man spent on his campaign, the Denver spectacle, and the inauguration. He just can’t stop the spending spree – now he’s getting at your pocketbook.

Posted by Joy | Report as abusive

Joy. But look at many of the stories on here. The Obama’s are living the good life while 7.6 percent of the working force is out of work.

It would be better if those things were reported because it looks bad to live like a king when there is a “crisis” at hand.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

come on now what is so wrong with the children having a swing set. I mean afterall their parents made good money before moving in the white house and i’m almost certain that they had a little money set aside where they could afford to purchase the children a swing set. Enjoy the ride kiddies. There are too many people hatting on the Obama’s that have of them can’t even address the president properly “He is President Obama” like many tv anchor women and men call him Mr. Obama, it’s President Obama. Give the man his well deserved r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

Posted by danity98 | Report as abusive