The First Draft: Downtown Gordon Brown

March 4, 2009

That Gordon Brown, he won’t leave town. The British Prime Minister speaks to Congress at 11 a.m., where he is expected to urge lawmakers to steer clear of protectionism. OBAMA-BRITAIN/

There’s lots more happening on Capitol Hill today.

The Senate Judiciary Committee at 10:00 considers a “truth commission” that would examine the Bush administration.

At 2:30, the IRS testifies to the Senate Investigations subcommittee about its effort to force Swiss bank UBS to disclose the names of its well-heeled clients who may be hiding assets to avoid paying taxes.

Budget director Peter Orszag testifies to the House Ways and Means Committee about, you guessed it, the budget at 2:00.

The Senate continues to debate a spending bill that would fund government operations through October, after defeating an effort by Republican Senator John McCain to strip out earmarks.

In the Middle East, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has criticized Israeli plans to demolish dozens of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem.

And Republican Party head Michael Steele remains on the hot seat, despite patching up his disagreement with conservative radio talker Rush Limbaugh.

“There are a lot of opinions out there. Some come from people who are notable, some from people who are not so notable. My job is to balance that, and I wasn’t so effective at it this week,” he said on NBC’s Today Show.

photo credit: REUTERS/Jason Reed (U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in the Oval Office of the White House on March 3)

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Gordon looked relaxed but he does not have the gift of the gab. However he has his facts at his finger-tips. So while although he is not charismatic, he certainly has brains.His host, President Obama, on the other hand is extremely astute, relaxed and has a persuasive way of presenting his facts. So he beats Gordon hands down. The chemistry between the two men is excellent and there is good bonding between the two. Gordon has come to Washington with an earnest plea: he would like the USA not to go down the road of protectionism. But getting President Obama to give him that pledge will not be easy.

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