Obama already getting gray hair

March 5, 2009

OBAMA/ECONOMYWell, that didn’t take long. President Barack Obama is already showing signs that the White House is aging him six weeks after he took office. He is getting gray around the temples.

The New York Times and the Washington Post seem to have discovered this at the same time. The Times had a front-page story about it. The Post ran a story on the front of its Style section.

Time seems to run faster in the White House than everywhere else. A president can enter the place looking youthful and vigorous, and come out four or eight years later looking worn down, hair turned gray or white, back bowed. The job does that to them, all the life-and-death decisions that are made, the long hours, the political battles.

George W. Bush looked boyish when he entered, and came out with a wrinkly face and whiter hair. And look at photos of Abraham Lincoln at the end of the Civil War — absolutely exhausted.

As for Obama’s patches of gray, The Post quoted an expert, Karin Schallreuter of the University of Bradford in England, as saying that high stress affects the hair follicle, and that this could explain Obama’s hair.

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And he still looks good …

Posted by blue native texan | Report as abusive

They used this same techniquie on Quayle….a little coloring to make him look old and wise…did it work?

If these stated facts are true…all combat vets would be gray.

Posted by dani quall | Report as abusive

Old news.
He had the gray at the temples during the campaign; at least the latter part.

Posted by Jayne | Report as abusive

Perhaps he just stopped dying it. Any journalists consider this as a possibility? Weak article.

Posted by darskar | Report as abusive

Bah! Who cares about the man’s hair?
His approval rating is high, his job performance is stellar compared to that other guy (what was his name?) who is thankfully GONE!
And if the GOP ever pulls their heads out of that dark place, we’re gonna be back on the road to stability, prosperity, and integrity.
He could dye his hair pink for all I care,….

Posted by RealNeil | Report as abusive

he’s the Hugo Chavez of the northern hemisphere….all that wednesday partying is making him tired….as soon as he nationalizes the food sources we’ll all be gray and skinny like the rest of the socialist countries

Posted by getaclue | Report as abusive

RealNeil. Just wait until Obama is finished, you will wish for that “other guy” back. Obama is doing nothing to help matters.

He even wants to nationalize health care with no way to pay for it. While health care might not be what some think it should be, we “still” have the best health care in the world. Nationalizing it, will weaken it and force everyone to have sub par care. It will be rationed and when you get older, you will get less care when you need it most. Not a very good plan for us at all.

But don’t worry, our elected officials in congress won’t have to wait a moment for their care. They just want us all to wait.

No wonder Obama is getting gray hair so soon.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

tc i wish i could agree with you, my wife is a registered nurse here,USA, has been for 16years.before that she was a “sister”(supervisor)in charge of a operating theater,in england.sadly she agrees with me this system is not as good as people think it is.the people i hear criticizing the british health service are just doing lip service,they have not experienced the difference.it would probably not work here, people are to polarized,and the amount of corruption would be uncontrollable,plus of cause the insurance lobby as well.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

He is lucky to have hair.

Posted by Victoria Blewer | Report as abusive

[…] have been a fair number of news stories recently about how economic pressures have coaxed a few gray hairs from […]

Posted by The graying of America – John Cole Cartoons – TheTimes-Tribune.com | Report as abusive

Steve…you’ve been around Washington a couple of years covering various Presidents. Now, you tell me, when was the last time Air Force One taxied, passed gas, or let alone, got airborne AND THE PRESIDENT DIDN’T KNOW??? That doesn’t happen unless you have ‘inexperienced’ people working for you. He has a press secretary who states that he has to check with the White House when questioned by reporters. But wait, the press secretary is the White House…at least it was with the last administration. Yep, Barack is going to get a lot of gray hair…I’m just praying for 2012…

Posted by Jerry | Report as abusive