The waste not, want not, method of crisis handling

March 9, 2009

So, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton created a stir last week by telling Europeans “never waste a good crisis” … which apparently reached the ears of everyone but the White House.

“I did not see Secretary Clinton’s comments,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said.

EU-USA/But he went on to describe the “mindset” of the Obama administration as “for far too long, many of the problems that we understand undermine our potential long-term economic growth, whether it’s dealing with our health care crisis, whether it’s our increasing dependence on foreign oil despite president after president after president discussing the dangers.”

And he went on some more: “Unless or until we meet those challenges and take those steps, we’re sort of muddling around the edges, that we have to take some concrete, bold action to deal with the many challenges that we face, that our economy is not likely to grow in the long term unless or until we deal with it. ”

Talk about muddled.

All of that was in response to the question: “During the transition, the chief of staff said you never want to let a crisis go to waste.  The secretary of state said that on the road last week.  As a governing philosophy, what does that mean?”

Let the deciphering begin.

Clinton’s point was apparently that it presented an opportunity to make positive changes in areas like climate change and energy security.

Photo credit: Reuters/Yves Herman (Clinton at a news conference in Brussels on March 6)

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It means jam there agenda down there throats while they arent watching because there working to pay the 100s of taxes we already have on the books.

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if gibbs is correct in what he said ,that they had no idea what hillery was going to say,validates what were the misgivings about her selection that she would be the 800 lb gorilla in the remains to be seen if president obama has the back bone to reel her in, when she tries to usurp power which she obviously will.

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