First Draft: Heeeeere’s Barack!

March 19, 2009

OBAMA/As the AIG ire continues to bubble, President Barack Obama is in southern California, touring an electric vehicle plant, holding a town hall meeting with Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and finally taping an appearance on NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” He’s been on the show before, back when he was campaigning for the White House, and he’s hardly alone. Aspiring presidents from John F. Kennedy to Richard Nixon to Bill Clinton have found late-night TV audiences alluring. But Obama is the first serving president to sit on the “Tonight Show” couch.

It’s expected to be a chance for Obama to push his stimulus and recovery packages, and channel the outrage over taxpayer funding for troubled companies like AIG.

USA/Back in Washington, first lady Michelle Obama celebrates Women’s History Month by touring a school in the city’s Anacostia section and sponsoring events at 11 other schools around the area with other women accustomed to the public eye — singer-songwriters Sheryl Crow and Alicia Keys, gymnastics star Dominique Dawes, actresses Phylicia Rashad, Fran Drescher and Alfre Woodard, Google Vice President Marissa Mayer and Army Gen. Ann Dunwoody, the nation’s first female four-star general.

Photo credits:
U.S. President Barack Obama at a town hall meeting in Costa Mesa, California, March 18, 2009. REUTERS/Larry Downing
U.S. first lady Michelle Obama reads to children of military personnel at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, March 12, 2009. REUTERS/Ellen Ozier


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We love him! He is our asset in this world

Posted by Heidi Morgan | Report as abusive

the democrats drafted the aig bill, and apart from the two republadems from maine they voted for it with out any bipartisanship and obama signed it.all their baby,look at the scramble,i am loving it,and now that bush is out the anybody surprised?i am waiting to see the blogs appear though,bush,bush bush,bush,bush,bush,bush.get ready to ponce,tc,eric h were are you?under the bed?

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

We need to get behind President Obama by encouraging our congressmen/congresswomen to support his budget. He is sensible and making far more effort than any previous president would dare. This man is smart, and unafraid. His wife is thoroughly decent. Let’s support these two REAL leaders.

Posted by J. Stoesz | Report as abusive

“We need to get behind President Obama by encouraging our congressmen/congresswomen to support his budget. He is sensible and making far more effort than any previous president would dare. This man is smart, and unafraid. His wife is thoroughly decent. Let’s support these two REAL leaders.”

His budget helped banks to deliver huge bonuses to those, who even didnt pay taxes, and yes fellow americans with YOUR money.Is he a REAL leader or…

Posted by grega | Report as abusive

“Let’s support these two REAL leaders.”

Are you kidding me? These clowns are no better than the previous losers that were mucking up the country. Idiots. I’m surrounded by idiots…

Posted by Jonathan | Report as abusive

Look at her, reading to kids at a school she would never dare to send her own kids to. What a sweetie!

Posted by Dan | Report as abusive

Obama is going to take this country down!
Not one person should get behind him in his quest to get this budget past until it is read word for word from beginning to end.
As we have all seen over the past few weeks Obama has become the master of disaster. As the smoke gets thicker and thicker from things like AIG he uses that smoke to hide the changes to our laws from the American public.
It is time to put a stop to Obama, Pelosi and Reid and that time is right now before it is too late.

Posted by A Real American | Report as abusive

Well Dubya spent the last year of his term essentially sitting on his hands waiting for the clock to run out so I don’t know where any of his acolytes get the gall to gripe about someone who’s trying to fix such a huge problem on top of all the other huge problems Dubya left behind.

Posted by borisjimbo | Report as abusive

President Obama is doing a good job. Everything he does that undoes what Bush did is good news for me. Obama was left by the incompetent and greedy republicans with so many major crisises that it is amazing how much he is getting done so well. I am so thankful that we have a smart, caring, hardworking president instead of the incompetent and criminal Bush & Cheney.

Posted by Vicki | Report as abusive

exactly, when was bush on the j leno show?

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Vicki. Repuplicans greedy? Republicans give a lot of their money to charity, Democrats don’t (they take your tax dollars to dole out). It’s a fact and you can check out the history of giving of the Clinton’s, Gore’s, Obama and Biden as a start.

Also, have you watched the news at all? There are several democrats that don’t pay their taxes. Geithner, Daschle, and several formerly potential Treasury department appointees (who withdrew) when it was found they didn’t pay their taxes either.

Where do you progressive liberal democrats get off accusing the republicans of being greedy when those democrats never use their own money for anything good except for themselves?


Posted by TC | Report as abusive

Vicki is absolutely right. TC, did you read a newspaper or watch anything other than Fox news during the 8 years of the Bush administration? All the Republicans seem to care about is getting back in power, without any real concern for the average American.

Posted by SA | Report as abusive