First Draft: Obama online

March 26, 2009

President Barack Obama gets a bit of a reprieve from the Secret Service shield on the presidential use of Internet technologies and will answer questions submitted online from the public at 11:30 a.m. today.

The White House Web site has been taking questions in categories that include education, home ownership and jobs.

Activists for legalizing marijuana managed to flood the financial stability category with queries such as: “Has the administration given any thought to legalizing marijuana, as a cash crop to fuel the economy?” Let’s see if that one gets picked for a presidential response.MEXICO/

At the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is yet again at a congressional hearing. Wonder if he’s getting comfortable in that witness chair and at deflecting those probing questions from lawmakers (helpful hint: AIG bonuses bad).

Today’s testimony is before a House Financial Services Committee hearing on financial regulation reform and Geithner is expected to offer up some ideas.

While the Treasury honcho faces a storm of questions on the Hill, there’s real weather happening in the upper Midwest.

The Red River Valley region of North Dakota has been dealing with serious flooding from heavy rains.

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Photo credit: Reuters/stringer (Marijuana plants at greenhouse in Mexico’s Baja California)


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marijuana becoming legalized in califoria could turn into a very profitable industry,unfortunately there is a shortage of water.pity they could not find an underground fresh water lake of the coast and pump it in, providing they don,t interfere with billions of dollars of gas and oil reserves there.can you imagine,they could possibly pay me the back taxes they owe me,no i don,t smoke marijuana,just wishful thinking.

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I want to say I voted for you but I disagree with you on illegal immigration. We all know the Mexican government does not take care of their own people. I also realize that our wealthy business men want cheap labor,I ask you where does it leave American citizens? Most of the gardening, construction, and pluming jobs are going to illegal aliens. The businesses that hire them,don’t have insurance for employees and have them work under someone’s contractors license. This is a lope hole. We cannot at this time allow a million immigrants amnesty. Their are to many American out of work they deserve jobs first. The Mexican government has oil if they want us to take of their people job wise, health wise, education wise we need to acquire some cheap oil from them. They have broken the law to come here first. We need to put pressure on the government of Mexico to take care of their own. Here is General Motors who have provided good paying jobs for our citizens. Payed good health benefits pension for loyal workers These people are not a strain on the health system because they took care of their employees. I do love the Mexican people but lets do it the right way slowly not all at once.

Regards, Cheryl Abbed

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