First Draft: Afghan plan

March 27, 2009

President Barack Obama to announce plan to send more troops to Afghanistan to help stabilize the country after Democrats for years criticized his predecessor, George W. Bush, of ignoring that war because of Iraq.

But the plan won’t overshadow White House focus on U.S. economic issues always lurking in the wings.USA/

Obama to meet with bankers and talk about regulation. Sort of like a doctor meeting with a patient and talking about medicine that is not going to be very pleasant.

Red River rising forced parts of Fargo, North Dakota, to be evacuated.

Even with the dire economic times, Spring still manages to bloom. Washington’s annual homage to new beginnings, the Cherry Blossom Festival, starts this weekend. 

Happy Friday.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Yuri Gripas (cherry blossoms near Washington monument last year)

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There will be no meaningful draw down of U.S. military presence in Iraq. Troop levels will be increased in fossil rich Afghanistan. Securing crude oil and natural gas is crucial for the U.S. economy in the absence of any substantive and large energy plan at home. The destabilization of Pakistan looms ominously potentially making their nuclear arsenal available to those who would use it to confront U.S. hegemony in the region. Conflict appears unavoidable.

Focusing on the global banking system ills in an attempt to prevent this recession from becoming a depression, will probably yield few results as there is no global consensus on implementing regulatory and fiscal policy amongst nations. Precious time is running out. Free markets will not solve the troubles facing humanity. The key to solving the many crisis’ facing civilization is implementing the sustainable use of resources. The alternative will be war. Tremendous amounts of treasure and human capital will be expended in armed conflict. That cost would be better spent making all nation energy independent. In the bargain we might might avert war as we are no longer concerned with other peoples resources and keep Earth inhabitable too.

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