First Draft: royal iPod

April 2, 2009

President Barack Obama gave the Queen an iPod filled with show tunes and pictures from her visit to America. Now watch for those tell-tale ear buds under Her Majesty’s crown.

“I think it was a fun gift for the Queen,”  White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told ABC’s “Good Morning America” from London where Obama is attending the G20 summit. “I think it was a real treat to call back and tell his kids that he’d met the Queen.” G20/

Obama apparently came away with warm feelings for the British royals after his private meeting at Buckingham Palace. “The president remarked to me this morning that her sensibilities sort of reminded him a bit of his grandmother, only with a much bigger house,” Gibbs told NBC’s “Today.”

While salvaging the world economy is on the plate at G20, closer to home there’s more bad news on unemployment as U.S. jobless claims unexpectedly rose to a 26-year high last week.

A record 32.2 million people — one in every 10 Americans — received food stamps at latest count, the government said.

Congress moving toward passing slimmed-down versions of Obama’s $3.55 trillion 2010 budget plan.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Pool (Obama and the Queen)


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obama loaded all his famous speeches on the ipod he gave the queen i am sure she will be thrilled.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Now, let me see, what is the most appropriate gift we can give to the Queen of England from the newest President of the United States?
Oh, I know, honey, how about an iPod filled with show tunes and photos.

Posted by D LeRoy | Report as abusive

Anybody can give something boring(used up gift ideas) such as a vase or a copy of our constitution. An i-pod is brilliant! Very personal. A gift from him to her – not from country to country. Excellent choice! I’ll bet the Queen loves him and will do whatever she can to work with him. NOW, isn’t what we want and NEED?? My only wish is that he has something equally wonderfull for Merkel and Sarkozy.

Posted by Eloise | Report as abusive

It is a 100% American product. Why not? It is a fun gift. Live a little people. Instead of a boring vase, they gave the Queen something entertaining. People in positions of power are also human…

Posted by Luz | Report as abusive

hey Luz, Ipod’s are not 100% American, its designed in California, made in Taiwan, and assembled in Mexico. I think I am going to puke.

Posted by usa | Report as abusive

I’ll bet she went to bed with it last night! What a great gift idea. And, now we’ll know of at least one thing she has in that handbag she always carries!

Posted by Sue | Report as abusive

All I can say is that I’m embarrassed that someone who represents my country would give such a cheap gift to the QUEEN!!

Posted by Melanie | Report as abusive

Melanie, the QUEEN gave the Obama’s a picture of herself and Prince Phillip. Don’t know about you, but I’d rather have the ipod…. just sayin’

Posted by Sue | Report as abusive