Good Friday: Obama discusses economy

April 10, 2009

It’s Good Friday and U.S. financial markets are closed, but the government is open for business.

President Barack Obama will discuss financial conditions in a meeting this morning with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp head Sheila Bair, Securities and Exchange Commission chief Mary Shapiro and Comptroller of the Currency John Dugan.

Obama is expected to make some brief public remarks at the end of the meeting.  The White House session comes amid tentative signs of recovery in ailing financial and retail sectors, according to a front page story in the Washington Post.

bainbridge1The standoff between a U.S. warship and Somali pirates continues in the Indian Ocean. Pirates were able to recapture Maersk Alabama Captain Richard Phillips after he tried to swim to safety in an escape attempt on Friday.

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Photo Credit: REUTERS/Ho New  (U.S. Navy destroyer Bainbridge in Jan 2008 file photo. The USS Bainbridge arrived on Thursday off the Somali coast)


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to reuters,to try and present the conservative point of view through your organization is like being a christian in china ,you can participate providing you register, or follow the party line.the alternative to the liberal agenda is only tolerated with you, providing if it is only a small percentage of the total posting.this is obvious if you analyse recent contributions to the blogs ,that is why organizations like the new york times are becoming extinct,a one sided argument is cut down on the censorship of legitimate conservative debate.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Exactly Brian! I notice how anyone with a far left viewpoint can say what they want about someone with a conservative viewpoint. However, when I try to provide a conservative counterargument, it often doesn’t get posted.

In a free society, that is a travesty.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

TC and Brian, the New York Times beat the drums for war after 911. This is hardly a left leaning position. The previous right leaning government we just replaced had prosecutors withholding evidence and put known liars on the stand in the Ted Stevens trial. The same group of attorneys did the same thing in a dozen Guantanamo trials. I would ascribe such behavior as a product of Despotism, not conservatism or liberalism.

I believe the U.S. is a fascist/oligarchic state. There is no far left in this country. (I sometimes think there is no right, just authoritarian rule) Reuters is an international news service so it should be no surprise that the blogs and their content reflect more liberal positions as the world is far more liberal than the U.S..

Now to the point, what does either of your commentaries have to do with with the article titled “Obama discusses economy”?

Posted by Anubis | Report as abusive

You missed the point Anubis. However, it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, our comments have as much to do with the article as your comment.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive