The First Draft: Easter roll

April 13, 2009

USA/With the Somalian pirate adventure concluded and Congress still out of session, the White House Easter Egg roll tops the agenda in Washington today.

In addition to hosting thousands of schoolchildren on the White House South lawn, President and Michelle Obama will also likely spend time with their new Portugese Water dog, Bo.

Those nostalgic for the Bush administration might want to head over to the American Enterprise Institutue, where former officials John Bolton and Paul Wolfowitz discuss China Policy at 9:15 a.m.

photo: President Obama pets Bo, a Portugese water dog, as daughters Sasha, Malia and First Lady Michelle Obama look on in this White House photograph released April 12.


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Obama is reaffirming Bush’s position that detainees at Bhagram Prison in Afghanistan have no wright of habeus corpus or any other due process rights even though a federal court has ruled otherwise. It has been suggested that Guantanamo can be closed by moving detainees to Bhagram Prison. Only 50 billion dollars of the 787 billion dollar stimulus is going towards rebuilding infrastructure. Senators Rockefeller and Snowe have introduced a bill giving the president the authority to shut down the internet for any declared emergency. And we were condemning the Chinese for restricting internet use? The Treasury Department has asked for sweeping powers of operational management over finance and insurance companies not under the FDIC umbrella. Once a corporation is in TARP it is very hard to pay the money back and get out. The government simply won’t allow it. The president has stated the Patriot Act gives him authority to read our mail, e-mail and listen in on our phone conversations and we cannot sue the federal government unless they make such information public. What happened to ” The people shall be secure in their papers”?

Am I the only one alarmed by these developments? Are we more interested in Easter egg hunts at the White house, Bo and the wax figures of the the First Couple? Each successive President expands the power of the office over his predecessor. “Those who will be governed like sheep will be ruled by wolves”.

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I love the stories about the Obama family.
What they are doing, how they are adjusting
what they think about the White House..Washington,
school etc.Please include some of this from time
to time.

The Rev. Mary Margaret Mueller

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