Minnesota Democrat Franken calls on Biden

May 7, 2009

frankenDemocrat Al Franken went to Washington on Wednesday — but not to to claim the Minnesota Senate seat Republican incumbent Norm Coleman lost in the November election. Franken, a comic turned politician, called on Vice President Joe Biden at the White House to talk about policy issues and the still-unresolved Minnesota contest he hopes will end with a win for the Democrats.

“Minnesotans are eager to see Congress make progress on the administration’s agenda and I’m eager to do my part in that effort,” Franken said after his meeting with Biden.

He’s going to have to wait a while. A state court ruled last month that Franken should be certified the winner of the Minnesota Senate race.  But it’s far from over. The widely anticipated ruling merely signaled the end of another round in a long-running battle. Coleman’s legal challenge continues — and he has said he may take his case all  the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Hopefully this issue will be resolved sometime in the not too distant future. There should be a mechanism in place to ensure that the public does not have to wait month after month for an election to be decided. Dragging it out in the courts is time-consuming and ridiculous. If a state court ruled that Franken should be declared the winner, so be it. The loser should accept his defeat with grace and stop the nonsense.

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This one is easy. Just recount every single vote, even the contested ones which are driving the court battle right now.

That will solve any legitimate and ongoing legal concerns.

Otherwise, the correct course of action is taking place right now.

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