The First Draft: The environment’s in the air today….

May 19, 2009

The environment is front and center – at the White House and on Capitol Hill today.

USA/President Barack Obama will propose an aggressive new plan to directly regulate fuel emissions for the first time. Under his proposal average fuel standards for all new passenger vehicles — including the large, gas-guzzling SUVs filling American streets — would rise by 10 miles a gallon to 35.5 miles per gallon between 2012 and 2016.

White House officials say the new fuel emission standards will produce a 30 percent drop in climate-warming carbon emissions over the life of the program.

Ten auto company top executives will be on hand as Obama makes the announcement at 12:15 p.m. EDT at the White House.

Also on Tuesday lawmakers will start debating a climate change bill aimed at reducing carbon dioxide and other pollutants. Republicans object that the legislation will burden the struggling economy with higher energy costs.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee will start what is expected to be days of arduous debate over the Democrat’s climate change proposal. Republicans are expected to try to remove a key element — the “cap and trade” system that would gradually reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that companies can emit.

Obama will switch gears in the afternoon to talk with former Secretaries of State and a past Secretary of Defense about U.S. non proliferation policies.

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The news that green energy producer Pacific Ethanol likely needs to file for bankruptcy is not a good start for this plan, maybe the president should consider some kind of financial support. Green cars need green fuel.

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Middle Class will get hurt once again. But this middle class person has had it. I am going to calculate the amount over a years time how much the government will directly and indirectly increase my cost of living through gas taxes (I cannot afford a green car) Increased utility bills and indirect cost to my groceries. I will also include local tax increases which they are debating now. Once I figure about how much, I am going to start a business, do a little commerce but write off everything I can write off including my commute to my current job (40 miles) I will make a stop each day related to the business. I should be able to show a loss for next 5 years (IRS Rules) and then close that and start a new business and repeat the cycle. My losses will equate to about 3x my increased carbon costs (33% tax bracket) most of it will be paper losses but some personal items will now become business expenses to achieve this goal. I am going to exact my money back one way or another and only way I can figure is through the IRS. I have had it and not afraid to post this. This really won’t be any extra work other then at tax time so take my advice and run with this idea. POWER to the People and down with the green weenies.

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