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Subject: The Date

First, let me say that I’ve moved three presidents up to now and I’ve seen incredible waste. But, the “new” guy really takes the cake. I don’t have an issue with the President promising his wife dinner and a show or that he even takes his wife out.

But, when I saw the news say that the date cost $24,000, here’s what you DON’T know.

Three days before “dinner” a C-17 flew Marines and the helicopter maintenance equipment to JFK Airport .
The day before “dinner” I flew the USSS and the motorcade to JFK Airport

Our crew of 5 spent two days and nights at the Hilton in Times Square .. My hotel bill: $621.66 plus $64 a day in per diem. The USSS guys were at a different Hilton in NYC, so figure that cost another $14,000 (or so) plus per diem. The Marines had to have cost as much and were there four days, so figure another $55,000 plus per diem (for 44 Marines).

We were supposed to fly the motorcade back and go home, but the Air Force was so short C-17’s that we were re-tasked to take the motorcade back, return to JFK and take the helicopter back to Quantico

When we got back to JFK, while the pilot was turning the plane around to park, he noticed a rotor blade sticking out of the hangar where the helicopter was parked and informed me that either it wasn’t ready to transport or it was flying home. After shutting down I walked over to the hangar and to my surprise I find FIVE helicopters, not ONE.

We’re obviously not transporting five big helicopters. I went and talked to the Marines guarding the “fleet” and found that they were flying all five helicopters home and we were only transporting the Marines and the maintenance equipment. After talking to the Marine(s) in charge, I was told that the White House requested FIVE helicopters. The Marines told me that they spent all morning trying to figure out how much it cost them to come and said they figured it cost them $140,000 to stay there (I don’t know where they came up with that)and the trip’s total had to be bout $1,000,000.

We heard that the President didn’t use Air Force One (the 747) so I asked if he came in on one of the 757’s. I was told that he came in on THREE Air Force Lear jets. So, date night consisted of: 2 C-17’s flying three missions, 3 Lear jets, 5 Helicopters, Presidential Motorcade, 44 Marines, more than 20 USSS personnel on our plane. Who knows what it cost the NYPD and NY Port Authority (at the airport) in overtime.

These are the same people that chastised the automobile CEO’s for using their aircraft. It further proves that the media only use the facts that make the President look good and hide any facts that will detract from his persona..

By: Alpha_Blogger Tue, 02 Jun 2009 21:22:53 +0000 Obama is the worst hypocrite since Woodrow Wilson. This guy slams Las Vegas, telling people they should not spend money there. Then he turns around and does the exact opposite thing with an extravagant trip to New York. This guy says everyone is going to have to suck up the economic down turn and then he uses an air wing to take his wife for an expensive jaunt to New York. Everyone is sucking up the economic down turn but Obama. The Democrats criticized Sara Palin for wearing expensive clothing but praise Obama for flaunting wealth in the face of every American that is out of work plus those paying taxes for this disgusting display of arrogance. There is something in play here; we supposedly elected a president, not a king.

By: Anne Cramer Tue, 02 Jun 2009 17:04:16 +0000 Let’s get real about the “high cost” of the Obama outing.
Marine One costs us money whether it flys or not; only the fuel is extra. The security men are on the federal payroll no matter if they go to New York or stay at home. OK, I guess the hotel was extra. Most of that “high cost” is an exercise in “cost assignment” as practiced by the accountants, and is a subset of the base cost to maintain a president. Am I right? If this excursion helps our President keep his sanity in these crazy times, then I am all for it.

By: worldcitizen09 Tue, 02 Jun 2009 16:30:50 +0000 Jeannie,

I could not agree with you more about the outing but, in comparison to the big picture, this is a drop in the bucket. Present government has placed us in so much debt that our children will be responsible for many generations to come. This is only an extension of the corruption of the bush era. Personally, I have been out of work for over a year and half and pretty much have lost everything and we lived well off however, I have not been able to find work and if it wasn’t for my family we would be homeless therefore, please do not preach the hard times to me because my family and I are living the nightmare first hand while obama goes to NY on tax payer money. Don’t forget bush was even more useless therefore, it is not bush bashing but, bashing of corruption and waist which is still continuing with the new administration. Just look at the news now, GM is out and we will never see that money as tax payers ($70B so far), the unions got a big chunk because they supported obama and now the Chinese are buying the Hummer division, just announced. We have sold off the manufacturing sector to pretty much the Chinese, the IT sector to the Indians and so forth and only a few are making billions in the middle of this nightmare for most of us. Remember, the financial meltdown, guess who is making money now? What about all of the Americans to include my family that have lost their homes and more to come? The ridiculous program to attempt to salvage home owners in trouble, what happened to that? I can go on and on? Upon the government taking over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, our government has become the biggest land lord in the world. Just think about it, could all of this have been planned? As Arsenio Hall use to say, “things that make you go Hmm”

By: Jeannie Tue, 02 Jun 2009 16:01:54 +0000 Excuse me, Do those of you who applaud this little outing by the Obamas recognize that this country is buried in debt? Are you living in a state of complete denial? Condoning this is a perfect example of “liberal blindness” a disease that has infested this nation comparable to Swine flu only worse.
You’ll have to do better than Bush bashing to justify spending taxpayer money for this unnecessary exploit. I’ve been to Washington, there are very nice places to go on a date which would eliminate the expense of more than an estimated quarter of a million plus in taxpayer money, money we don’t have. Remember? Last week Obama said “We’re (The US) out of money”!

This folly is a slap in the face of the American people. Those who are struggling to pay bills, find any kind of work to keep their families fed. clothed, pay medical bills are surely very, very angry. I am.
I question what moral standards the “first couple” live by.
To me this is the ultimate example of self-interest. Talk about narcissistic behavior. Their message to the American People? To paraphrase a well known line in Gone with the Wind, “Frankly my dears We don’t really give a damn”.

By: worldcitizen09 Tue, 02 Jun 2009 15:39:57 +0000 Dear Bill Wyer,

Actually, I do not at this time Bill and the reason for that is simple. Although, the war in Afghanistan was unleashed on the Taliban after the horrifying events of 9/11, we could have dealt with the Taliban by pursuing other avenues. Unfortunately, we had a deceitful president in the Oval Office that started two wars with one war explicitly based on fabricated intelligence. In accordance, we had one of our most distinguished generals go in front of the world at the United Nations and make the case for war, simply based on lies and by doing so, he became one of the most underutilized Secretaries of State in American history. We pertain the most powerful military in the world and no one even comes close because we are the sole Super Power however, by being bogged down in two wars with no attainable mission at hand, we are simply sacrificing our soldiers on the battle field. What have we achieved in either Iraq or Afghanistan? We have achieved nothing, just a tremendous cost both with lives and funds. By looking at the history of Afghanistan, we should have learned from both the British and Russians that a win in Afghanistan is impossible. I do not believe in wars because one may be able to take over a land but, you will never take over the mind of the people based on war and that is what we are fighting in the region, an ideology. Both the British and the Russians did not have to worry about a nuclear armed Pakistan and that is why President Obama had no choice but, to expand the war in Afghanistan in order to attempt maintaining stability within the region. We should have never gone into Afghanistan or Iraq but, what we should have done was to maintain strategic aerial attacks on the enemy. We did this after the first Gulf War by maintaining a no fly zone in both Northern and Southern Iraq thus, keeping Sadam in check and please do not forget that our own government helped and supported both the Taliban against the Russians in Afghanistan and Sadam in the war against Iran therefore, in a way we are responsible for the enemy to come into power.

By: worldcitizen09 Tue, 02 Jun 2009 01:32:33 +0000 Dear Bill Wyer, yes, I do because it is a no win situation. Just look at history, neither the British nor the Russians could fix the mess in Afghanistan and they did not have to deal with a huge mess in Pakistan which has access to nuclear weapons. Just because Obama inherited the mess from an idiot such as bush, this does not mean that it was right to continue and expand the fight in Afghanistan thus, any casualties of American lives could be considered as murder.

By: dancer Mon, 01 Jun 2009 18:57:51 +0000 double-standard?? “Critics on the Left decry President’s taxpayer funded travels and fundraising?”

By: George Z Mon, 01 Jun 2009 18:29:25 +0000 Message from old Europe. Guys, we all know that your economy (and by the way the whole world) has problems but your President is working his a*s out to solve them for us and it seems to be working. Give him a break and allow him a night out a night out with his wife. You want a President who occasionally is allowed to remember that he is just another human being like you and not a Jedi knight.

By: bill wyer Mon, 01 Jun 2009 17:12:48 +0000 Dear wordcitizen09,

Are you aware Obama has sent thousands of troops to Afghanistan? So, according to your logic, Obama now is responsible for the murder of soldiers and people of other nations? Right???