The First Draft: missiles, jobs and a soldier captured

July 2, 2009

USA-SUMMIT/PROTESTAs sometimes happens in Washington, much of the news reverberating around town this morning started someplace else.

From the other side of the world, reports that North Korea has test-fired short-range missiles, including two surface-to-ship missiles, from its east coast. From Afghanistan, the Pentagon confirmed a U.S. soldier has been captured, and Taliban insurgents have claimed responsibility. What is not known now is why and how.

There is some domestic news on this getaway morning — the official U.S. Independence Day holiday starts tomorrow, one day ahead of July Fourth celebrations — and it brings some gloom to the picture: U.S. employers cut 467,000 jobs in June, more than analysts expected. That brings the U.S. unemployment rate to 9.5 percent, the highest since 1983.

Jobs are on the agenda at the White House, where President Barack Obama will meet with business leaders to talk about innovation and job creation, and then discuss the same subject at a Rose Garden event this afternoon.

The Michael Jackson saga continues on morning television, with heretofore unseen home videos of the Gloved One and his kids, a look behind the gates at Neverland and parsing of a 2002 will that gives custody of the children to Jackson’s mother, and if she is no longer living, to Motown icon Diana Ross.

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Photo credit: REUTERS/Rebecca Cook (General Motors Flint auto worker Donald Kemp joins other demonstrators in Detroit, Michigan June 16, 2009).


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i was going to buy a new car this week,an american one into the bargain.but in CA almost 10% sales tax and they have increased the road tax 100%and unemployment still on the rise, so i have changed my mind.when are the democrats going to get the message on hiking the taxes.incidentally the value of my house has decreased by about 20%are they going reflect this with a reduction in the property tax ,not on your life.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

The political status quo of the world, and the economic status quo of the United States requires the building of a larger and highly technical U.S. Military offering employment to those young enough and technologically savvy enough to serve. The Republicans penny wise and pound foolish management of our country, and our military has made the world a less safe place in which to live. Like it or not, U.S. military presence around the world has a stabilizing effect on world politics. I cannot understand what Michael Jackson has to do with this news article, but perhaps if Jackson had served in the U.S. military, he would have lived a better life.

Posted by Rattlesnake Bob | Report as abusive