Biden on Palin: respect her decision

July 5, 2009

USA-POLITICS/DEBATEVice President Joe Biden says he won’t second guess the decision by his former political rival Sarah Palin to resign as Alaska governor, because in politics sometimes it is just about the personal.

Palin, who famously greeted Biden with “Nice to meet you. Can I call you Joe?” at last year’s vice presidential showdown debate, has seen her political fortunes rollercoaster after John McCain plucked her from relative obscurity to be his Republican running mate.

 She once again surprised everyone on Friday at a news conference in her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska, by announcing she would resign this month. The unexpected move raised speculation that perhaps she has her eye on running for higher office.

Biden said he took her decision at face-value,  saying in an interview with ABC’s “This Week” that people deeply involved in politics “know at the end of the day it is really and truly a personal deal.”

“So I’m not going to second guess her,” he added.

But when it came to Palin casting herself as a victim of “political blood sport,” Biden disagreed.

“I don’t know what prompted her decision … And I take her at her word that had a personal ingredient in it. And you have to respect that,” he said.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Larry Rubenstein (Palin and Biden at October 2008 vice presidential debate)


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the treatment sarah palin and her family received from all sections of the progressive left,has encouraged conservative people like me.i am grateful that on the basis of the saying”you are only as good as the company you keep” would find it very difficult to have any association this mixed bag of hate mongers,whose only apparent motivation was that unfortunately she had a different point of view to them,shame on you.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

No hate here Brian just the belief that Palin was and is unqualified to be in the executive branch of the US government. She was not qualified to be VP and is certainly not qualified to be POTUS. The only issue I had with her family is that she was preaching abstinence only birth control while she had the proof at home that it doesn’t work.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

“Hate mongers”? I thought Joe B was quite gracious in his comments.

Posted by Dan W | Report as abusive

She only got the treatment she deserved

Posted by Axel Springer | Report as abusive

Shame on the progressive left? She did not belong in politics or public service from the beginning. She is shortsighted, uninformed, uneducated, and damn near illiterate. She used lies, misdirection, and misquoting to attempt to win the presidency, and now is finally fading into the darkness where she and her kind belong.

She is the exact sort of problem in politics today (and don’t get me wrong, Obama and Biden aren’t much better).

I hope to god that she stays out of our political future as well.

Posted by Aaron | Report as abusive

Unfortunately for Sarah Palin, she did not have the necessary qualities to be a good Vice-President. John McCain made an error in choosing her as his running mate. It would have been a closer contest had McCain chosen a more knowledgeable VP running mate. As Alaskan Governor, Palin performed reasonably well but she was not ready for the Vice Presidency nor is she ready for the tough job of President. She has made far too many gaffes. President Obama will be elected for a second term for he has the brains, the guts, the charisma and above all the empathy to command the support of fellow Americans.

Posted by Pancha Chandra | Report as abusive

I remember watching her on tv during the debates, and cringing at her answers, I mean non answers that she would give. It was very disturbing.
Is this what we want for the future of this country?
I would hope not.

Posted by John Kiernan | Report as abusive

thanks aaron for validating what i am saying.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Conservatives are big proponents of people taking responsibility for their actions. People are blaming you for something? Maybe there’s something wrong with you. For example, whenever they hear minorities complaining about their condition or that they are being treated unfairly, you’ll hear on talk radio that the minorities, especially blacks and Muslims, need to behave responsibly. Don’t have a fair share of the pie? You didn’t work hard enough for it. I find all of this reasonable.
But with Palin, all of this reasoning is ignored. The conservative belief is that Palin cannot do anything wrong. She’s being attacked by the mainstream media, which is everything but Fox, talk radio, and the conservative blog sphere, just because she is a woman with conservative principles. Her behavior had nothing do her with her perception with the mainstream media.

Posted by Cris | Report as abusive

Palin’s a quiter and soooooooo unqualified for the executive branch or any branch of government for that matter. Her fellow Alaskan’s are GLAD to see her go.

Posted by DonnieO | Report as abusive

i am sorry but palin was the one that threw out the hate, her comments on obama’s being a terrorist, hanging with them, he’s a socialist etc. her not stopping the hate comments when she spoke…those where hate.

palin became a what she is, by taking advantage of all the “talking points” that the mccain people gave her. she is what she is.

if your going to become a national figure you have to take the heat. i didn’t hear clinton complain when rush L, compared his daughter to a dog.

Posted by hobbes | Report as abusive

Brian, there’s a difference between hating and speaking the truth.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

Let’s all be honest. The media and the progressive left and the “hate mongers” never needed to open their mouths.

Sarah Palin is a self destructive force who almost became one seat away from the most powerful position in the world.


Posted by Rick | Report as abusive

Interesting dialog. For all the people who criticize Sarah Palin as being inept, unfit to govern, etc, she hasn’t exactly faded into being a footnote from the last campaign.

The fact of the matter is she is a real threat to the liberal left. Someone who is not a threat is ignored, she is not ignored. In the meantime, she is becoming more of a threat so the liberal left has turn up the volume on the attacked, even to go after her family (which is disgusting). These attacks only validate she is a real force in politics.

No, I am not saying I am her supporter for president (I am of the opinion she probably won’t run, but no one knows that card). However, she is a galvanizing force to the majority of Americans who are conservatives in this country. She will help the party immensely. Don’t take my word for it, just watch it happen.

For being a dummy, she has all her detractors scared.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

eric h i think i know you well enough to know that you are fair minded,but the personal attacks on her family?yet have you ever even considered that there should have been some sort of investigation in the loan that obama got off the convicted criminal? sarah palin has had 20 accusations of corruption to deal with,and all have been dismissed.when we have such a disparity in fairness it puzzles me.i know that if the same situation was reversed i would not be silent.if this represents liberalism then i am so pleased that i am not on the same page.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Brian go back and read Aaron post again. Not one word about her family and the fact is she did use half truths, distortions and misdirection in her speeches while running with McCain. Aaron acknowledges that “Obama and Biden aren’t much better” and I’m sure all politicians are involved with someone shady at one time or another.
Like I said before my only issue with her family is that she had proof at home that one of her big talking points, abstinence only birth control, didn’t work.
Corruption charges- where there’s smoke there’s fire Brian, just because it can’t be proven doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.
Finally, this doesn’t represent liberalism it represents the state of politics in this country, sad but true.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

The conservatives crack me up talking about the left being afraid of of Sarah Palin. Her running for president would be a dream come true! The Dems would have a field day with her! No one…I mean no one on the left is afraid of Caribou Barbie. All we would have to do is ask her a question and let the fun begin. Typical conservative hype – just because you say it doesnt make it true.

Posted by Pamela | Report as abusive

Pamela. Then just ignore her if she isn’t relevant.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

i tried to respond eric but with reuters conservative blogs are limited ,could you imagine me or tc being allowed to post a blog like aaron attacking some one personally on the left like his blog.probably a message you will not receive.brian

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Brian. I have done that, but it is never posted for all to read. And that is the rule, not the exception.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive