Congressman blasts media over Michael Jackson coverage

July 7, 2009

It’s one thing for fans gathering in Los Angeles to go ga-ga over the late “King of Pop,” but the  extensive media coverage of  Michael Jackson and his death has one Washington insider screaming “ENOUGH ALREADY.”

Well, not exactly in those words. But Rep. Pete King expressed outrage at the coverage and blasted the media in a video posted on YouTube over the Independence Day holiday weekend by the congressman’s campaign staff.

King, a New York Republican, took issue with coverage he says glosses over the controversy in Jackson’s life.  And he filled in the blanks with some commentary of his own, among other things calling  Jackson “a pervert” and “a pedophile.”  On Monday, King explained that he was merely  expressing what he believes a lot of  people really feel.

Here’s the video:

King’s hometown newspaper, New York’s Newsday, asked readers on its web site whether the congressman should apologize. About half of those responding said “No, King has a point about the excessive media coverage of Jackson.” The other half said “Yes,” bad timing. Our favorite response — “Who cares?”
Newsday points out the results are not scientific.


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Good to know that an elected official does not believe in our Judicial system.

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Is King running for re-election. Sure looks like he is seeking media attention. His rant was over the top. There is a related post at

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Pete who? Another media hound who is desperately seeking attention!

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Peter King is exactly right! The hysterical emotional frenzy displayed by some people in this country is absolutely unbelievable. Some of these celebrities may have talent of one kind or another, but they certainly are not anyone to hold up as a role model or example of values or true character. Most meet their end in a very pathetic way, in some seedy situation, taking their last breath bombed out of their skulls on drugs, laying in their own vomit, and you expect others to share your warped sense of worth of a person of that level? Pardon me, but I would much rather give my respect to the two soldiers who gave THEIR lives on Independence Day, fighting for this country. My tears are spent on them and their families, who have to tolerate the ignoring of something really meaningful, while they see those their sons died for worship at the feet of hedonism. What a waste of humanity! And, the sad part is these people don”t even know what they are missing in life. Pathetic!

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Peter King is a mediocre Long Island politician who makes these occasional outrageous statements whenever he feels he’s being ignored by New York media outlets. Sadly, his comments seem to ignore the findings of the jury that exonerated Mr. Jackson of child molestation charges and the investigation of the 1993 charges that found no credible evidence to support accusations of child molestation by the late Mr. Jackson.

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Dear Congressman King, if you were accused of a terrible crime you did not commit and there was substantial evidence your accuser lied for profit, yet the media wanted to see you convicted and did everything in their power to ignore the truth, what would you do?

Before you make such terrible comments about someone greatly abused by our media and a materially corrupt system, please do your research and do not allow your beliefs to be formed by presented information that ignored the truth around Michael Jackson’s child abuse accusations, and persecuted him relentlessly for profit. Look at who had what to gain.

Many people who previously took the soundbite coverage to heart and joined the witch hunt to find Michael guilty later realized they were wrong, including members of the press. I believe you would feel remorse for your unfair comment and for what Michael suffered if you knew the truth.

Did you condemn the media for the years of endless coverage whereby they convicted Michael before, during and after his trial in which he was proven innocent and acquitted on all counts? What about that excessive coverage, that actually was damaging and ultimately destroyed Michael’s life? Where was the white flag then?

Michael suffered enormously at the hands of ignorance, prejudice and greed.He was the victim of a huge extortion plot by a man accusing him of abusing his son, when in reality this man was the abuser of his own child. What a twisted reality we live in.

Why can’t we allow the world a few measly days to celebrate one of the greatest people to ever live? It is estimated that up to 2 million people will gather today to honor Michael Jackson. This celebration of his life in no way takes away from the goodness and should make no threat to reduce the importance of what every day people give or do, but allows us all to stop for a minute and realize how uniquely special one individual was during our lifetime. To only dream of being as selfless as Michael.

For all of those people who are basing their negative judgments on Michael Jackson solely on the one sided coverage that was geared to ignore the truth, please take the time to do your homework, read, research and learn the whole story. Educate yourself, then decide what makes more sense. You too may be truly saddened to realize how deep the ills of our society go. And maybe you will want to do something about it.

Rather than spend one minute complaining about the media giving something back for the life they sucked out of Michael, I would ask you Congressman King to look into the need for serious revolution in journalism ethics, if that still means anything. I’ve included a couple of eye and heart opening articles that may expand your consciousness on this matter. Read it if you care about truth and justice. It is my hope that one day, the media will apologize for contributing, if not causing Michael’s death, do a real story on what really happened, let the world know an innocent man was framed for millions of dollars, and give Michael the dignity and respect for the global contributions, love and talent his inspiring life shined on a love starved world. It’s sad he had to die for them to find good reason to get started. Wake up world. Stop the persecution of an innocent, and now deceased man. Demand justice for Michael Jackson.

This is an article written in GQ Magazine, Oct, 94 titled, “Was Michael Jackson Framed.” ad477059/pg1 sexual_abuse_accusations_against_Michael _Jackson#Allegations_made_public.2C_inve stigation_and_La_Toya_Jackson

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Another pseudo-republican political hack trying to appear relevant
and demonstrating no class whatever. He should be voted out of office
if for no other reason than bad judgement and insensitivity.

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Considering that Mr. Jackson was acquitted on all charges, I think the Congressman does owe his family an apology. Unless, of course, ‘innocent until proven guilty’ is just another meaningless phrase to Rep. King.

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This guy appears to have a real problem. We’ve got two divisive wars in progress, North Korea and Iran stirring the pot, a huge fight over healthcare and energy/globalwarming, yet Representative Pete King (R-NY) has TIME to rant about . . . Michael Jackson and his fans? Maybe the Good Representative doesn’t have any Michael Jackson dyed-in-the-wool fans in his district . . . or, more likely, they don’t vote, or don’t vote for him, or don’t contribute to his war chest, or don’t vote for him but *do* vote for his opponent, or — worst of all, vote for his opponent, or vote for his apponent AND give to his opponent’s war chest. Anyway, any truly devoted fan of Jackson clearly isn’t on Rep. Kings birthday-card list.

I watched the video, and it’s sickening, but worse still, it’s especially an insult to our firemen and the American Legion, given that he bracketed his “statement” (read: “wild rant”) with the American flag and a statue of an undoubtedly honorable fireman’s statue at the start, then stood in front of an American Legion hall throughout his rant, then bracketing at the close with the wall of honor plaque. What a disgrace.

Almost as bad was his invoking our fine personnel on the lines in Iraq and Afghanistant. Thank heavens he didn’t loop some of them into his video.

I wonder if Rep. King ever so publicly called Jackson “a pervert” — while Jackson was still alive and could have SUED him for it. Too bad Jackson’s heirs can’t, since we can’t slander the dead.

An open comment to Rep. King:

Mr. King, I’m tired of all the hoopla, too — but I understand that for better or worse, the media is responding to what people want. Why don’t you get a life and do the same?

Oh, by the way — do you seriously believe there is not a single cop, fireman, soldier, sailor, marine, airman, or goast guard troop who *doesn’t* like Michael Jackson, maybe as much as the fans you so roundly criticize? I guess you would have the cops and firemen fired, and the military folks court-martialed.

And don’t make me laugh: so who gives a hoot if you walked in Fourth of July parades? That give you a seat next to God, does it, Representative?

Jackson’s not even in the *ground* yet, so why don’t you just can it. Oh, I forgot — politicians are incapable of shutting-up. “Sorry.”

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[…] york congressman telling the people how he feels about michael jackson "he was a pedophile, lowlife". i couldn’t agree more! […]

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Considering Mr. King’s past associations with the IRA, he should not go around throwing glass at other people’s windows. You can get the sorrid details here for starters: nd-the-ira-the-end-of-an-extraordinary/1 5853/

Of all the things Mr. Jackson had been alledged of doing over the years, at least he was not responsible for the deaths of 3,600+ people…

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I wonder if he spoke out 20+ years ago when a drug addicted, domestic abuser was mourned and then some years later they gave him a US postage stamp. Elvis was a king to most, yet he was idolized just as much.

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No matter which side of the Jackson controversy one aligns, there is one huge culprit: the media. While Jackson stood twice accused of child molestation (admitting he “had boys in his bed” but “nothing sexual happened”), the news media called him then exactly what the congressman called him now, a “pedophile, child molester” and “pervert.” The tabloids dubbed him “Jacko.” Big TV ratings, big newspaper readership = big advertiser bucks for the media companies. Now, at his death, as fans went wah and boo hoo, the media changed it’s tune and called him what Jackson dubbed himself in the 70’s, “The King Of Pop.” Media now blares tributes of his “great contribution” to music (he had hit records and choreographed music videos) and even the five major TV networks ditched soaps and game shows to cover the “global memorial service.” Here we go again. Big TV ratings, big newspaper readership = big advertiser bucks for the media companies. The media cares not about Michael Jackson or the public, only the bucks they can bring in. Someone cracked in an online forum if this were National Child Molestor Day. No, it’s National Media Moguls Get Richer Day.

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I wouldn’t have known someone like this good for nothing congressman Peter King exists if not for the death of the Michael Jackson he is insulting.. He sure did chose a very negative platform to make the world know him. He calls Michael Jackson a pervert and a low-life but the future will soon tell all of us who Peter King really is. Or have we forgotten Gov. Sanford and Bill Clinton years ago? Who is laughing last now? King too is a republican like Sanford, the spirit of prostitution will soon work on him too like so many other Republicans brought down in the past by this same spirit of perverts they insult others with. Let’s just watch and see. Time will tell all.

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i have always been brought up to respect the dead and i pray that michael rests in peace,but now that he is gone do not be surprised if the people who were paid to stay quiet start to break the silence.

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I feel that this is in a very typical thing for a politican to do. How in the world are you going to convict someone of a crime in which they have been found NOT GUILTY! I mean really what is the purpose of having the jurdicial system if we are going to use the media to make a statement publicy that basically say they are wrong and liars or yet and still they ignored the facts. Get a life! Bottom Line everyhting is about ratings and it is not Michael that is asking for all the attention it is the media that is looking for the numbers and the ratings & Michael is the puppet. It’s not like this is something new! They have been expoliting this man since I can remember and it is a shame that a Politician is going to use the death of an ICON to get noticed.

Get A Life!

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Looking at Pete King vs. The King of Pop is a look at the worst of us vs. the best of us. Michael Jackson is newsworthy for so many more reasons than his artistry or his scandals…

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Mr King needs to understand that this is America. In our country you need to be extremely careful what you say. You are simply not permitted to openly express your feelings. You are not entitled to free speech.

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I am a Canadian, and I agree with the congressman.
People forget that Acquitted does not immediately mean innocence. I means that the jury could not determine 100 percent either way of guilt or innocence. The jury did not come back at any time and say Micheal Jackson was innocent, so please remember that. If you think that Micheal Jackson is all that innocent of everything that he was accused of then you best feel that O.J. Simpson was just as innocent in the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. He was “Acquitted” too and what is the general perception of him, most everyone thinks he did it. So just remember that acquitted is not a call of innocence, it just means that you had good lawyers and beat the rap, in most cases.

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Well someone had to say it …
Pete King did.

I’m SICK of hearing about Michael Jackson.

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I think it just shows the mindset of alot of people, just being accused is the same as being convicted ! Every night the TV hosts with a wink mentioning the past payout and then the trial. Alot of companies and stars payoff when not guilty just to avoid a trial. Well we can wait and see what and who the media can find to keep up the MJ hype !! As for me i just say thanks for the great music, videos, and all the money to countless chairites.

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What’s his job again? Oh yeah, he’s a congressman! Then he should know that one is innocent until proven guilty. All these frenzy came from the media. Blame them not Michael. He wasn’t tweeting from the grave asking for attention.

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