Oops, there goes the teleprompter…

July 13, 2009

President Barack Obama was just warming to the topic of the challenges facing urban America on Monday when disaster struck.
OBAMA/Off came one of his teleprompter screens and plummeted to the floor with a crash and shattered.
“Oh, goodness,” the president said to laughter. “Sorry about that guys.”
Obama, an eloquent speaker who has been criticized for relying too heavily on his teleprompter for routine remarks, made it through the rest of the address on one screen.
He didn’t seem to suffer for the want of it — letting his gaze scan the audience as he spoke while glancing back from time to time at the lone remaining screen.
The mishap came during Obama’s remarks at the daylong Urban and Metropolitan Policy Roundtable held at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next to the White House.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Larry Downing (Obama speaks with one teleprompter after the other fell and broke at the Urban and Metropolitan Policy Roundtable on Monday.)


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Sounds like he handled it with grace as he does everything else! Good for him! Proves he really does not need the teleprompters; they are, however, easier to read from than are notes. Still, sounds like he carried on with grace and confidence without missing a beat. Way to go!

Posted by NinaK | Report as abusive

So now we are on the hook for a new teleprompter, huh? The bills keep piling up, but he sure does look good in front of the camera, doesn’t he?

Posted by Patrick | Report as abusive

That’s so funny. And I have to check back for the comments. They’ll be priceless. I already like the second one. :)

Posted by Bluejeans | Report as abusive

Just another talking head! It proves he does not write his own. He needs other people to write for him.

Posted by DAVID | Report as abusive

Hilarious! I’ve seen Obama speak many times in press conferences wihout the teleprompters, so it’s not surprising he was able to complete his remarks. Nice to see he had a good sense of humor and just carried on. I think all the hoopla over his use of teleprompters has been much ado about nothing. I have hardly ever seen any leader make a speech without either notes or a teleprompter…..all except Sarah Palin and after watching her ramble for about six minutes in her resignation speech, she should certainly use one. But then, I realize-she’s no leader.

Posted by GEM | Report as abusive

President Obama usually has his facts at his finger-tips. So when a partial disaster strikes, he has the presence of mind to regain his composure and think on his feet. America is fortunate in having a charismatic leader with brains and humour.

Posted by Pancha Chandra Brussels | Report as abusive

I’ll cling to my guns and religion, Mr. President, while you cling to your teleprompter.

Posted by fish | Report as abusive

And the “SHOW” goes on!

Posted by billybob | Report as abusive

To NinaK, Pancha and GEM –

Did you read the article? He still had one working teleprompter to complete the speech – so this episode proves nothing about his ability to speak extemporaneously.

Posted by FastEddie | Report as abusive

I am so happy to hear that we have a president who knows how to read aloud!! Not only that, but he manages with only one screen. Wow! That sure takes a lot of skills!

I cannot wait for the day that both teleprompters go out and screw him over. Let us see how eloquent he is when that happens.

Posted by Appalled | Report as abusive

Obama and Bush sound just alike without their teleprompters.

Well I guess there’s another similarity to add to the list of thousands of these mirror image presidents.

Posted by Michael Ham | Report as abusive