The First Draft: It’s healthcare and Supreme Court – again

July 15, 2009

Today seems a bit like a repeat of yesterday, just with a bit of a twist.

On the healthcare front, action moves to the Senate side with the Health, Education, Labor and CONGRESS-HEALTHCARE/Pensions Committee due to finish work on and present its version of the healthcare bill . The Senate Finance Committee is still hammering out details on how to pay for a massive healthcare overhaul and holds a closed door meeting before it presents its version of the bill next week.

President Barack Obama will increase his pressure on lawmakers to reach agreement with a Rose Garden address at 1:05 pm EDT/1705 GMT on the need for health care reform. Obama, who has made the healthcare overhaul his top legislative priority, on Tuesday voiced support for a House of Representatives proposal that would pay for the reform by levying a new tax on the wealthy.

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor heads back to face the Senate Judiciary Committee at 9:30 EDT/1330 GMT for the second day of questioning in her nomination hearing.

Republicans will likely keep grilling her on issues they see as signs of her “activist” tendancies. In a series of calm and measured responses on Tuesday,  Sotomayor promised to rule on law, not racial bias and explained some controversial comments made in the past.

The Democratic majority in the Senate means Sotomayor’s lifetime appointment on the high court is all but assured. But Republicans are seizing the moment to question Obama’s first nominee, who could influence the direction of the Supreme Court.

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Photo credit: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst (Experts testify before Senate health committee)


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First of all, Government run healthcare (ie medicare) is an underfunded disaster, and so will this, making taxes go up for the middle class too. And Sotomayer has shown her racist tendancies already, so I’m sure she is a shoe-in for the nomination of the left.

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Republicans don’t want a healthcare plan. Just playing obstructionists. There is a related post at

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