The First Draft: The president keeps campaigning

July 17, 2009

Back from his overseas trip, President Barack Obama has spent this week as campaigner-in-chief.

OBAMA/Every day Obama has pushed lawmakers to approve an overhaul of the healthcare industry — the president’s top legislative priority.

And last night he made a quick trip up to New Jersey to do some political campaigning and inject some presidential charisma into Governor Jon Corzine’s struggling re-election campaign.

While Obama was stumping for Corzine, his vice president Joe Biden was on a similar mission — campaigning for the Democratic nominee for governor in Virginia,  Creigh Deeds.

The Virginia and New Jersey governor elections in November are among the first major contests since Obama took office in January and could be seen as barometers of his success in achieving his agenda.

Obama is also pressing Congress to pass healthcare legislation before its August recess.

After meeting Obama at the White House on Thursday, moderate Republican Senator Olympia Snowe said she urged the president to be patient. She told him it was “overly ambitious” to set an August deadline for Senate passage of the massive healthcare overhaul.

On Capitol HIll today, lawmakers keep pushing forward to make progress on their various healthcare bills after some late-night sessions yesterday.

Obama doesn’t have any public events on his schedule, but you never know…  

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Photo credit: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque (Obama speaks at rally for Corzine)


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How to cut healthcare costs? Easy – HBOs, insurance companies and all those other big business parasites in their shiny new office buildings who don’t actually treat patients or provide medicines but who are making billions off
of the health care of American citizens should be eliminated – or taxed at 90% to pay for universal health care for all citizens.

Healthcare in the US is controlled by greedy un-regulated (“free market”) big business profiteers like HBOs and insurance companies who are only interested in making lots of money for their bottom lines and pay-checks and to hell with stupid US consumers.

Posted by w smith | Report as abusive

another very unpopular democratic politician having to get obama to try and bail him out. his trip to nevada to try and rescue harry reed did not make a lot of difference. this is now a one man party as the popularity of the democratic congress sinks even lower,they have built this man up, now if it is all a ruse and he does not live up to the great expectations that people were lead to believe was a certainty ,then these are going to be interesting times politically,particularly if in two years we are bleeding taxes and unemployment is about 13%.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive